6,140 Bursary Applicants In Vocational And Colleges Awarded Across The Country

Government has awarded bursaries to all the 6,140 candidates who applied in vocational and colleges across the country.

Minister of Higher Education Brian Mushimba has disclosed the latest development.

Dr. Mushimba said the bursaries have been awarded at various thresholds as per the vulnerability index.

He has further reaffirmed government’s commitment to making education accessible to all.

“All the 6,140 successful applicants for govt bursaries into vocational and colleges across the country have been awarded at various thresholds dictated by the vulnerability index,” Dr. Mushimba stated.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mushimba has urged students that applied for the bursaries in vocational colleges to check with their respective institutions in the next few days.

He has since congratulated the recipients adding that Vocational and entrepreneurship skills are increasingly relevant and essential.

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  1. Charles chitawu

    Wow this is a very good news to hear in the country we need more of bursarys .


    Twatotela Even Though This Things Are Happening We Without Informing As Fwe Ba Pa Rural Anyway Filacitika Next Time.

  3. Chitimukulu

    We thank you for your concern on Education sector….🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Harry

    It’s good. Though 100 percent bursary is given to only rich pipo

  5. Charles

    That’s wonderful happy are those who applied

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