End Misappropriation And Misapplication Of Public Funds, Order President Lungu.

President Edgar Lungu has told newly appointed Auditor General Dr. Dick Sichembe to end the misappropriation and misapplication of public funds in government institutions.

Speaking at State House this morning when he swore in Dr. Sichembe and his deputy for Corporate Services Ms. Sarah Ross, President Lungu urged the duo to ensure resources are applied for the purpose for which they were appropriated or raised.

He said the government cannot allow the wastage of resources, especially in the midst of austerity measures.

The Head of State said  the Office of the Auditor General should therefore be key to the realisation of the said measures.

“I wish to congratulate you on your appointment as Auditor General for the Republic of Zambia. This appointment is in line with the provisions of the Constitution of Zambia, hence the requirement for ratification by Parliament,” President Lungu said.

“Your ratification is, therefore, a confirmation of the confidence that the people of Zambia have in you to take charge of the office of the Auditor General. Your curriculum vitae is very impressive. I am pleased to also note that your loyalty to the government is admirable, and should be emulated by other public servants who aspire to rise to high positions in government, such as the one you have been appointed to. You are a seasoned public servant, having dedicated over 20 years of your career in accounting, finance and auditing of public sector institutions.  You have worked in various positions in the government rising through the ranks to the position of accountant general, a position which you held until this appointment.”

He said he expects the duo to work as a team as opposed to ‘pulling in different directions’ in the institution’s quest to bring sanity to the utilisation of public resources.

Meanwhile, the Head of State has described Ms. Ross, who has worked in both public and private sectors for 36 years, as a seasoned accountant, economist and business administrator.

He said he confident that Ross will give priceless support to the Auditor General in the execution of his mandate.

“Your experience dates back to the time you worked for Barclays Bank, and thereafter, you moved to Meridien Biao Bank where you rose from being a clerk to the level of manager, banking operations.   After leaving Meridien Bank, you served in several other institutions until you joined the Office of the Auditor General in 2005, the institution you have served to date. During the 15 years with the Auditor General’s office, you have served diligently, having risen from the position of senior auditor, forensic and investigation to the position of director, planning and information until your new appointment as Deputy Auditor General, Corporate Services,” President Lungu said.

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  1. Mukwai

    From ububomba mwibala to warnings against misappropriation of public funds…

  2. Herv Rena

    Surely an auditor can not end the misappropriation on his accord.His job is simply to bring out anomalies which are usually not acted upon.They are simply swept under carpets.

  3. Lukupwa Andrew

    Interesting, we done Mr president,
    Dr I stand for corruption in finding Jobs, Milile issues and Load shedding kanabesa twalilila please take note if this is your Duty Sir..Balolekeshenipo.

    • Frank Chombela

      Auditor General cannot end misappropriation of public funds because he always comes after the money has already been spent.

  4. Nakferd

    Sometimes I wonder how this government operates.this is a clear sign of failure and an indication of how under pressure they are in need of votes after plundering public resources.since when did Edgar started hearing cases of money laundering and yet he could not act untill now there are still rotten eggs in his basket which he can’t remove yet he is instructing someone to do so on his behalf after it’s too late.aba ba sir balibako folokoloko upstairs.and yet we will have unsuspecting individuals who are going to be willing to shed blood on being staunch supporters of such a man.i wonder how zambians think at times.

  5. Philip Ngosa

    Sonta reloaded

  6. mukosa liteta

    This is a clear indication that the president is clueless on the operations of institutions.
    The AG is not a controlling officer.
    Come on Mr president. You are an embarrassment.

  7. Razor

    Yes the misappropriation of funds should end and it should start with the head of state himself.



  9. Sosa

    At the moment he has enough money,but wait after 2021 when his pockets are empty and since it will be his last mandate to be in state house you will see how this man is going to prengendeka our economy.

  10. logo

    lead by example,48houses.riging.coruption,roads are just in lusaka,come u see roads in katondo and makululu.

  11. man of substance

    This is Zambia, when they steal, they go for prayers

  12. Vincent

    it’s chipate pante govt, but 2021 its near to steep down mwe bamukukulu.

  13. Impyakusu ichinyo

    Ba president no comment is supporting you sure I think you are going

  14. SEE MIND


  15. Leon

    Those of you who have not yet stolen hard luck for you because the ubomba mwibala has finally been ended because we are going for general elections next year

  16. morean mukiya

    taletunshinka fye butter uyu why didn’t you show us that you are fighting corruption inthe issue of ronald chitotela but instead u defended him you just talkin nothing

  17. Kelly

    He issuing authority to get the auditor general and her co worker Mrs ross
    If they don’t pull And act with the funds raised by government for public
    They have served well in office and are well experienced,in fact the program should move very smooth
    Or they end up loosing their positions as we Zambians need new and fresh ideas for the development of this country.

  18. Mathews

    Corruption start from you Mr president think about that.

  19. Kcm

    Icalo baliwamya kwashala uku penta.mr.president,so you do not even know whose supposed to end misappropriation and mismanagement of funds,how did you find your self as a president?

  20. Vitwa

    I have read all the comments Mr president no one is supporting you. Zambia is distorted can’t you hear what Zambians are saying?You have failed us with your currjption,ubomba mwibala alya msibala,distribution of money in churches ,unpayable pension to the retrenchees,hunger in rural areas people are suffering and you are busy eating bread and butter,load shedding oh my God!this is the worst,and bill 10.If this bill goes through no one in towns,urban areas will vote for you in fact just step down Mr president.You have failed us in so many ways..

  21. Kay Lee

    Edina Chapwa Zungu is a funny guy.kkkkk he thinks by appointing 2 fellaz would do the job of fighting corruption and abuse of funds? Far from it after all by appointing these guys is another way of mismanagement of funds. Sata was the real man who would personally fire someone performing bad and that a kind of leadership we are looking for not funny statements.A Chinese proverb says,” You don’t have form a commitee in order to kill a snake”. meaning what? you might waste time and the snake would disappear or cause more harm and damage.This is Zambia where appointments a better that action. I MISS Michael Sata mhsrp

  22. Edgery Chancer Lungusu

    For the first time in our history having a dullest president in the world.
    Its like wanting Lake Kariba to be controlling amount of Water flow at Kaleni Hills.

  23. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    I can’t wait i have already voted you aut of power

  24. Ege Chanunka Lungula

    For the first time in our history having a dullest president in the world.
    Its like wanting Lake Kariba to be controlling amount of Water flow at Kaleni Hills.

  25. Yamustraight

    Manama! The AG’s office is only used to find out how the funds has been used and bring to book those who misused the funds,without STRONG character to fight corruption nothing is going to happen.

  26. William Banda

    corrupted leadership

  27. Curtis

    Just wait and see time will come when everyone of us is going to see sonta epo waibile. Remember there was one leader I don’t need to remind you who said the law will visit you. Wait GOD is great mukabutuluka ngaine wine.


    Honestly I don’t understand this HIS EXCELLENCE. Today he promises you a better zambia tomorrow you here of him doing things he spoke so much against

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