INTERNATIONAL NEWS: Starving Girl, 3, Who Could Only Eat Washing Powder, Dies In Russia.

An ‘EVIL’ mother confessed to murdering her starving daughter who ate washing powder after being left home alone for a week.

Maria Plenkina, 21, deserted daughter Kristina in the family flat in Kirov, Russia, so she could go on a week-long partying binge.

A court heard how Kristina, three, was so hungry that she ate washing powder.

The tragic girl was found naked having starved to death in a cold room in a rubbish-strewn flat having eaten the small amount of food, a yogurt, chicken and sausages, her mother had left her.

Before she left to go for her week long binge, Plenkina turned off the water in the flat.

The girl’s body was found by her grandmother Irina Plenkina, 47, who had come to wish her a happy third birthday.

After she confessed to murder, Plenika faces between eight to 20 years in jail.

A criminal investigation into “murder with extreme cruelty” proved that Plenkina locked her daughter in the flat from 13 February and only returned on 20 February, 2019.

The court was told that psychiatrists deemed that she was “sane” and “fully aware of her actions”.

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