Zambian Company Pledges To Set Up Sugar Company In Luanshya

MOBE Sugar Company, a wholly Zambian owned private manufacturing project has started talks with Luanshya Municipal Council which are expected to culminate into the opening up of a 150 million Euros worth ultra-modern sugar refinery plant and auxizillary factories in the district.

Company Board Chairperson Tarcisio Chanda said his company is in a process of sourcing 500 million Euros to finance the entire sugar manufacturing project.

He said once operational, the Luanshya based sugar refinery plant will house a cane spirits manufacturing, marketing and distribution centres which are expected to be operational in the next two to three years.

He said Mobe Sugar Company also seeks to acquire atleast five hectares of land on which to set up the Luanshya based sugar refinery plant.

Chanda adds that the sugar manufacturing project is set to create over 2,100 jobs for residents of both Luanshya and Ngabwe District once it becomes operational.

And Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda has assured Mobe Sugar Company that the local authority is ready to partner with them.

Chanda said the Luanshya Municipal Council is ready to assist with any well meaning investors in line with the PF Government policy according to the Seventh National Development Plan.

He has however warned investors to desist from acquiring huge chunks of land for manifesting projects and there after resort to change of use from the intended purpose or holding it for speculative reasons.

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  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Good news for my home town.

  2. Kalaba

    Bufi….ubufi fye sure!!!

  3. Jade

    Awe sure ama elections ya palama, you will hear all sought of lies…. God help us

  4. Razor

    You are still in the process of sourcing for at least 5 hectares of land to put up the factory. You are still looking for 500 million euros to start a sugar factory. This sounds more and more like a con job.

  5. Alex Chola

    I remember Mr Chanda running ach/mms. We never used to lack water ,compared to now especially in kitwe and kalulushi. The man even sponsored Bella Tele quiz. This sounds legitimate to me. The people of luanshya should give him all the best support they can.

  6. moreen mukiya

    am supporting the project of cane spirit aahh sugar kuti walwala sugar disease

  7. man of substance

    chilya inshita yakusala ngayapalama baisa mukutubepaika

  8. Emmanuel kakoso

    OK we will see

  9. nshilimbemba

    I just wonder weather all Zambians have all of a sudden become politicians all they talk is politics why don’t we do something without politics , unfortunately this has stepped in the house of God stop it it is sin.

  10. J hone plush kaunda

    Sounds good if it is true.

  11. Dundumwezi for chagwa

    Politics has made people go astray, everything,good or bad is to politicize,it’s too much.

  12. Hon DM

    Doing anything in luanshya with the intention to gain political millage you have to be strong mwandi ,surly a project come year before election and set to be completed exceeding voting day,seaching⌛

  13. Shanbbwanji

    Good development pf

  14. knereus simfukwe

    The problem we have in Zambia is that we all want to be politicians, we comment even when we have no facts. Mr. Chanda commonly known as TC Chanda is a visionary person who always want to positively contribute. Being an indigenous Luanshya resident i know what he is capable of doing, how i wish those that are talking ill about him would visit Kalense farm and see for yourself. He has employed a number of youths and others are sponsored to other colleges out of his own pocket. I personally have no doubt he will definitely do it again. Just because he has the same name as that of the major then you conclude its politics at play. This case is different

  15. Keny Simpemba

    People want to speculate out of nothing. Mr Chanda is not a politician but a renowned businessman who is probably one of the richest in Zambia and definitely the richest in Luanshya. He has worked for zccm at management level. Worked outside Zambia as a hired engineer, and now is one of the co-owners of LHPC (Lunsefwa hydro power company). Producing electricity to solve zambia’s power deficit when all of you are crying and insulting Zesco as if zesco makes rains.

    This project is not a government driven project but private. Its unfare really to see Zambians trying to attach politics to this good intention by good and hard working Zambians. These people unlike others don’t want to wait or rely on government to do everything for them including putting food on the table but They have redolved to be a third arm of development complimenting government efforts in creation of jobs and attached social good for fellow Zambians. They only want to be productive citizens as opposed to being insultious or injurious in sentimental expressions.

    They deserve support from all citicens and any well meaning government and The mayor his worship Nathan Chanda is doing just that on behalf of the government. Politics aside please.

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