ZESCO Reduces Load Shedding.

ZESCO Limited has reduced load shedding hours from minimum 15 hours to between 10 and 12 hours daily countrywide on a rotational basis.

This development is due to the full resumption of generation at Maamba Collieries Limited following the repair and restoration of the generating unit that was out of service for some time.

ZESCO Public Relations Manager Hazel Zulu in a statement issued today says the power company has reviewed the situation and has made the decision to pass on the benefit to customers by slightly reducing the hours of load shedding.

“It should be noted that ZESCO will continue to review and monitor the water levels at the main reservoirs as the rain season progresses and will provide updates to the public accordingly.” said Mrs. Zulu.

She has however, appealed to electricity customers to employ energy efficient and conservation initiatives such as switching off lights when not needed and switching off electrical appliances when not in use as well as consider using alternative sources of energy where possible to help equitably share the available electricity.

Mrs. Zulu further adds that customers should report any outages outside their load shedding hours which may be attributed to faults.

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  1. Mubita


    • Rainmaker

      I am excited with the floods in Lusaka , Eastern and Southern provinces. We feel sorry for our colleagues whose houses are being eroded away. But we need as much rains even if there will be victims in the process.

    • BWALYA

      I can’t see n change now. We are still in a same problem yesterday we had no power from 05:00 to 22:00 hours

  2. Baron

    How much rain have we experienced for us to wait for power for 10 to 12 hours?

    • Gift Isaiah Njobvu

      Imagine aii…
      10hrs or maybe let’s say 11hrs it’s still too much. We can’t be living in the dark for as long as 11hrs awee…… Let the rains continue raining untill their so called L. Kariba is full

      • Fred siandwazi

        That reduction of power by 10 12 daily is not necessary as for me cause I know by this time in moment zesco avoid have started saying at least 5 to 6 because there is enough rainfall….

    • Richardson

      So ba zesco you want someone from another county to come and eat more and give you less power meanwhile you are engineers put you blue prints to use or maybe you want us to make our own energy so that we can be road shedding free.🇿🇲

    • RAIN MAN

      The problem is it is raining heavily in the wrong places, not at the kariba. Its like i see you watering your grass and I plant maize expecting the water in your back yard to grow my maize in my yard

      • Kcm

        Karina dam is fed with water from zambezi river,and zambezi river is fed with water from other rivers like kafue etc

        • Awesome blue

          Kaffe joins the Zambezi after the Kariba dam

          • Abel Tamba

            Profferses , Engineers please just think for a moment it doesn’t matter where the kafue river joins the Zambezi river you engineers should erect a pumping plantform from kafue river discharge into kariba dam and further more the amount of water coming out of kariba dam now half of it can be circulated back and keep the dams water to unshedable level pls don’t say it’s expensive Zambia is rich let’s. use brains gud day from Mr T

  3. Oscar mwamba

    Nothing changed zambia has being destructed anyway ,God know 10 to 12 hours is too much we can’t work

    • Aggrey Nyathi

      All this doesn’t make sense 10 to 12 don’t take us for fools. coz I can see any reduction what time are the people going work that’s the questions u neeto askyor selves

  4. jason

    Thought an announcement was about ending loadshedding. Exorbitant tarrif increament on 12hrs without power is torture to many Zambians. Pf is a failed party just sitting in there to cause more pain to Zambians

  5. Yaba!

    No one gets excited about this. The longer the darkness, the more mosquito bites one will get and the more cases of Malaria the Health Ministry will record. With eratic drug stocks in hospitals means more deaths.

  6. Noah phiri

    10-12hrs is still too much, we can’t work still. Most of the businesses in the cities across the country depends on power. Better we have power during the day so that businesses may run. To make the matters worse, most of them needs to pay taxes, and ZRA will not take power failure as an excuse.! This is not fair.!!!!

  7. Concerned

    A reduction of only 2 hrs while tariffs have been increased. Only in Zambia can we tolerate such bullshit. Those in senior positions have gen sets to cope the outrage. To hell with zesco and the govt

  8. Djc

    Mmmn anyway nothing we can do

  9. gupta

    Need update on escom
    ,are they going to refund our money or what pipo

  10. marvel

    and this is January when we receive prime rainfall from the rest of the rain season, we should prepare for more load shedding a few months from now… I mean we should have got better water levels at kariba by now.

    • abilima

      Do you have any idea how long it will take to see the impact of all these rains on Lake Kariba? Lake Kariba is not like a tub where you see water accumulating in a minute of turning on the tap.


        Abilima, well said. People should learn to take it easy

      • P.M

        How come kanyama gets flooded with just one heavy rainfall of 2 hours. Stop lying Kariba dam should by now be at its capacity level.

        • Brian

          Lying to who and by who? Just go and see it yourself. Remember to bring photos if you can.

  11. pota gwai

    Zesco must not give us excuse the whole country have received enough rains. That. means no more loadshading. We are tired with L.S

    • RAIN MAN

      Who told that its the all country, you should go to southern province and thr draught

  12. Philip Ngosa

    This is Zambia the home of copper, but you see how we are living, you see how we suffer now

  13. Kariba

    How I wish I had transport to ferry those who have no idea about the filling up of Kariba dam coz many zambians are ignorant over this issue even the educated ones, all they know is ending load maintenance (L S) without knowing what it takes to fill up the dam. I even wonder how do you teach young ones if they ask you about the causes of load shedding.

    • Elaine Swanepoel

      I agree if you dont have rains nobody will be healthy….cause there wont be drinking water crops or lights….people are suffering because their houses are flooded by when the rain stops it will all dry out….stick the inconvenience out…sure its a copper country but the people who mine there need clean water and food to do so….I lived in Mufulira on the copper belt and also Broken Hill…beautiful country you living in without water no resources….greeting to you all..

  14. George Chinoya

    No difference ba Zesco, just shut up and stop this nosence of informing us with more reduced hours which you think you have worked on.

  15. Gift Isaiah Njobvu

    To our colleagues whose houses are being washed away by the heavy rains I personally say SORRY. But we neee more and more rains so as to bring load shedding hours to 0.

  16. citizen

    ala mwandi pa zed naikosa things are getting worse day by day.

  17. Sir Selyn

    How much more rainfall do we expect for the load shedding to be at least 5-6hrs? Do you really Care for Zambians? This is real slavery and we need Moses. How I miss ba SATA MAN OF ACTION!!!

  18. DOMITY Kafwamba

    Still that’s too much. You are even saying as if ulewamya.

  19. magical minds

    Zambians do you knw how big kariba dam is and do you knw how much rainfall it needs for it to fill up

  20. Godfrey

    It all the same, many try to convince as we will see the difference.

  21. Charity Chikuni Chileshe

    We are so grateful to ZESCO for the big change because we didn’t see this change coming so sooner, at least in our aree, we have had power continously for 4 days and its like a dream come true.
    ZESCO also remember, whatever good you do, people will not be able to see the goodness because they have lived in darkness for too long but everyone is entitled to their own opinion so all i want to say is keep up the good work and as for the rains since God is a miracle one, He will surely restore that which has been lost in His own time, keeping in mind that he can never let us down.
    Thank you ZESCO for working so hard and tirelessly.
    God Bless you!!!

    • RAIN MAN

      Careful Charity, last time i commented such the next thing was power went from 14 to 02am

  22. solor energy

    You just reduced at your place check
    In all the areas & parts of the country.
    barbarians have lost there wives coz of electricity

  23. Hide my identity

    Wasn’t Kariba dam designed to be efficient even without rains for 3 consecutive years?

  24. City-zen

    Wasn’t Kariba dam designed to be efficient even without rains for 3 consecutive years?

  25. Liverpool 0-3Man united

    I personally don’t see any change there.

  26. See Mind

    We needs more solar energy power so that Zesco can contnuing to export. We are not a fools Zambian we liars us loadshelding but you Zesco energy you exported other countries. Lock citizens we are suffering to stay in darkness or no work propery. So many hydro power energy bult here but still L/shed is around why Pf government ? Twachula na maliti, kwacha fail. Spep food up, fuel up, evetything up why mwe BUTEKO >2021 MUKAKOSE !!!

  27. Prince

    Ninani ulengele me am sure shishibe,

  28. Sydney Hambalo

    Zambia is going through problems under the pf. The next government should start thinking of making use of rivers in the northern zone where rainfall is always good. Stop Thinking of the lower Zambezi only you guys wake up from your sleep please .

  29. Kalu8

    Nice development

  30. anyway zesco

    Though it’s raining into different places except L- kariba you people, still there are streams from those places which flows into kafue river to fill that dam. So its nonsense to say kariba is lacking enough water bicoz its not raining there…. think twice you are old enough ba Zesco and you who are supporting them. You behave as if you doesn’t know your country

  31. Baron sr

    Thank you so much for the update zesco, but we are still suffering 10 to 12 hours is too much my sister at the saloon and brother there hair styler I don’t know when you going to be working according to your schedules.

  32. Steven

    I think Kariba dam yalitulika mwee

  33. Malama kennedy

    u have tried but 2021🙊🙊

  34. Kimberly

    Personally i see an improvement in the load shedding times in Chililabombwe. My issue is with the exorbitant tariffs imposed on us. Your tariffs are way too much, please do something.

  35. Julius

    Zesco be serious peaple are complained about powers

  36. Shadie

    Kuwayawayafye …

  37. Enalo

    ZESCO tariffs to come down as power supply improved. I mean reduction in tariffs.

  38. Enalo

    ZESCO tariffs to come down as power supply improves. I mean reduction in tariffs.

  39. Harold simbeye

    Lesa atwafwe fwebantu ba zambia pantu ngatwabelelela ifi tatwakatite develop, I have ready some entertainments comments which I can not ready through again. Hello Mr sir here in Mufulira I can’t see anything changing I always see things getting worse, so am arranging to buy a power full solar ,nanakamo mulifi ndeisokelafye,📡

    • The Connector

      Thanks be to Jehovah for giving us enough rains and food as well as to Zesco for their had work. There is a great change and we are yet to see a big development, the reduction on load shedding.
      About the floods, yes many houses have been flooded due to heavy rains and Jehovah God almighty will not stop giving us enough rains because of our poor minds.
      Government should work on the drainage system it is very poor. Just look at town it self. Our town do not have drainages and the question is where does the water go? It is stuck waiting to evaporate and sinck down.
      Floods can be reduced if drainages are put in place. You can’t change nature (rains) from raining heavily but you can change and build drainages..
      Again I want to thank Zesco for its had work for the reduction of load shedding. Soon the Kariba dam will be filled to its capacity.
      So I urge my fellow citizens to remain calm and focused and render support were possible thanks!

  40. Evans chalungumana

    It is still too much ba zeeco we can’t live life like village people kindly reduce load shedding at least 2 to 4hours .

  41. Cleims

    Reserve the water in the Kariba dam.

  42. Elegeance

    Zimbabwe we are experience the same Problem of loading these african leaders who are leading it’s like they are cursed .Mugabe and CDE Sata were blessed.

  43. Elegeance

    Zimbabwe we are experience the same Problem of loading these african leaders who are leading us now they are cursed for sure

  44. Barcelona

    Please Ba Zesco its true reduce road shading, we are suffering as if Zambia is not improved we’re asking you to reduce road shading at least 2 to 4 hours

  45. Evakayzo chewe

    We are tired of road shedding more like it’s in a dry season but we are in rain season

  46. Andrew Nanda

    Countrywide u say…. Lol because as far as my eyes are concerned, other areas are not affected at all by this loadshedding thing.

  47. Samuel

    Ba zesco mwawina

  48. Bright Mwaba

    I cant wait to see the day shedding will end

  49. ali

    lol kwwf ba zesco

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