29 Year Old Woman Murdered In Kitwe

A 28 year old woman in Kitwe’s Chamboli Township has allegedly been murdered by unknown people.

Margaret Kashitu’s body was found naked with a bottle insert in her private parts by the alleged assailants currently on the run.

The incident is believed to have happened on Friday night and the body was discovered in the early hours of Saturday.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga who confirmed the incident said no arrests have been made.

“Police visited the scene and found the deceased lying on the grass facing upwards with a beer bottle yet to be known inserted into her Vagina,” Katanga said.

She had further revealed that the deceased was home when her boyfriend came to pick her up between 1900 and 2000hrs and she never returned.

Katanga said the deceased had also sustained a swollen fore head and right side of the face while her pant was found next to the deceased body.

Body has since been deposited at Kitwe teaching hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.

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  1. deav

    to bad

  2. Frank Chombela

    A murder is always something to shock normal people. Where was the body found? Was it in her home? It’s high time we established a forensic laboratory so that such crimes are cracked within Zambia. No one should say there’s no money.

  3. Rashid

    Pf cadres shoot and kill at will and are never arrested. Other murderers view it like it is normal to kill.

    • PF zealot

      PF has nothing to do with this u idiot.

    • Muntu

      Comment Some people can’t think beyond politics. Has PF got anything to do with this unfortunate matter of muder. You must be out your senses to suggest that.

  4. moreen mukiya

    what’s this? lord help us. un4tunately our leader the onry sin he knows its yakumbuyo on dat he wil come out strong condemning it dat zambia is a kristian nation! what about this?

    • Frank Chombela

      Yes, homosexuality and lesbianism are the only crimes Zambian Christianity is against. Others such stealing govt money, it’s empowerment.

      • Kenneth Wright

        The stealing of Government money is that which is the most evil crime in our Country

      • Tobwa Master

        You must be yakumbuyo master

  5. Herv Rena

    The boyfriend must have a clue.

  6. Curtis

    From my own analysis the all issue could have ruminated from a bar where by the lady could have gone contrary to the demands of one of the buyer.Ladies be careful in your endeavors.

  7. Emmanuel kakoso

    Too bad

  8. Rabson mwale m

    What kind of this christianity nation? Oh! No! Not christianity nation but a killing nation. A law must take its measure if found.

  9. Kopala boy

    Ba kopala chilishani kanshi kwateni amano mufipalakasa

  10. Simcard

    To bad

  11. Bashikulu Em2A

    I conquer with herve rena’s comment.The boyfriend can be of great help in this matter.Too bad anyway.

  12. kedrick siame

    To bad but is it around 19:00 or 1900 to 20:00 or 2000 two thousand and one thousand naine hundred.


    Ooooh my GOD how long how long shall u rivival thee?? We have tied of this dirty world.

  14. Shanbbwanji

    The boy friend is responsible for that death.

  15. Juju muchi

    Thanks I thought the same

  16. mart

    It was a planed move by her Boyfriend, to bad nasheniko ubwalwa banamayo!

  17. Andrew Nanda

    Let those people face the penalty of the Law once caught

  18. Conte

    Those son of bitches …..has to be found and delt with ….castration must be done severely

  19. chang-lee

    a bottle is enough to give us clue remains of figure prints on noble

  20. Me

    A 29 year old or 28???

  21. Mlase

    Just as much as we condemn the killing of this woman…women also need to be advised not to play double standards.From this act,I can tell that there was malice aforethought on the part of the assailants.This was a pre determined motive.The problem with our women is that they have no remorse wen it comes to swindling men out of their hard earned money.And in stead of staying away from the bar where they swindled someone,they will go back there bragging with a different man.It’s painful.I would suggest that the officers involved in this investigation to also check on the morality of this same lady so that ladies can be aware of the consequences of their behaviour.This is my personal assessment having run a night spot.These women have no mercy when u find them in a night club.They make sure they drain your pockets and the moment they realise that u are broke..drama starts.

  22. Mlase

    Secondly..we need to know whether this boyfriend who picked her is a married person or has a woman he intends to marry who also knows the relationship between the guy and the deceased.Then we can pick it from there.The fact that a bottle of beer was found in the private part,means that who ever is involved in this murder suspected the deceased to be a prostitute who was either suspected of dating her man or it was a man who felt swindled.

    • chris

      in most cases the boyfriend can be innocent just saying this all thing looks and feels like an act of jealousy to me, the boyfriend should be interrogated without pressuring him with brutal force and also find out what kind of a lady the deceased was. police should ask around the neighborhood for info about the deceased if they gather then they will find out what really transpired and the advice they can give to the ones living more like a warning signal

  23. Harry

    That is really a bad news

  24. Wakishale

    CommentWhat we must understand is that there is no country in the world today without any crime of one kind or onother. America which is said to be the most Christian nation in the world with more than half the worlds’ pastor’s of the world, experiences murders every minute. Until we catch up with the perpetrators of this crime and their motives, we can not start blaming any one or the decisions we’ve made as a country for this crime. It can happen anywhere but less likely in Muslim countries.

  25. Don Carlos

    This is just a sad story,the police must take the action

  26. g boy

    the woman was a problem. she had a child with same boyfriend and she used to sleep around with different men but what baffles me is why the guy could not leave for better one. if it’s love then it’s foolish love

  27. Chris Botha

    Why are you complaining when we have all been told that her boyfriend picked her up from home in the evening hence he is the one who knows what transpired after all that l.

    • Phewdes

      The guy must be questioned coz he picked her up, so he was supposed to take her back as well.

  28. kaya weh

    awe chachilamo apa pena chachilamo

  29. Chibz

    If her boyfriend doesn’t know anything to what transpired, he will suffer for nothing, palipose pamene mudyaka Pali mulandu we should learn from general kanene

  30. john phiri

    The bottle is enough for evidence if we were in America, unfortunately we are in Zambia.I wonder if there has been such a case which has been solved before in Zambia.if only the government could invest in a forensic laboratory because we are tired of hearing the same words saying” The body has been deposited to a mortuary awaiting postmortem. Wake up we are in the 21 century, technology is advancing

  31. patson

    to bad


    God teach us how to love one another.

  33. Kapina Simutowe

    God help us this is premeditated murder. There must have been a struggle leading to the injuries on the body.
    Our cops will get this people soon!!!

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