Chipimo’s Son Jailed 9 Months For Drug Trafficking

Former National Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo’s son Chito has been sentenced to nine months imprisonment with hard labour for drug trafficking after he pleaded guilty to the offence.

He appeared before Lusaka magistrate Albert Mwaba for sentencing today.

Following his own admission of guilt after he confirmed that the facts of the matter were true and correct, magistrate Mwaba jailed him to nine months imprisonment with hard labour.

Chito, 23, of Kasangula Road in Roma was charged with one count of trafficking in narcotic drugs, possession of psychotropic substances in the second count and unlawful use of a motor vehicle in the third.

In count one, it was alleged that on December 27, 2019 in Lusaka, Chito trafficked in narcotics drugs namely 1.43 grams of cocaine without lawful authority.

In count two, on the same date, Chito had in his possession psychotropic substances, namely 0.11 grams of amphetamine without lawful authority.

In the last count, on December 27, 2019 in Lusaka, Chito is allaged to have used a motor vehicle namely, Toyota blade Registration Number BAJ 9330 to carry, conceal and convey psychotropic substances without lawful authority.

When the case was called before magistrate Mwaba last week on Wednesday , Chito admitted trafficking in 1.43 grams of cocaine and 0.11 grams of amphetamine, saying he had no lawful authority or justification for his actions.

When asked what he wanted to do with the amphetamine,Chito said that it was for use.

He had initially pleaded not guilty but changed the plea to guilty last week.

According to facts read by prosecutor from the Drug Enforcement Commission Lewis Kandele, DEC officers on December 26, 2019, received  information that there was a person  with drugs in Kabulonga and officers proceeded there and apprehended Chito after finding him with the drugs.

Under warn and caution, Chito freely and voluntarily admitted to the charges.

Mr. Kandele said Chito had no lawful excuse for his conduct.

When asked by magistrate Mwaba whether  the facts were correct, Chito responded in the affirmative.

“Upon your  own admission  in all the three counts, I find you guilty and convict you accordingly,” magistrate Mwaba said.

In mitigation through his lawyer, Chito said he is remorseful of his actions and was  of the youthful age and asked the court to give him room for reformation.

He urged the court to give him a second chance and that he has spent time in custody from December 26, 2019 and reflected on his deeds.

The lawyer said that his client was willing to undergo counselling to become a better citizen who would sensitize his peers on the dangers of dealing in drugs.

He  urged the court to consider imposing a suspended sentence as opposed to  custodial one.

But magistrate Mwaba said although he considered the fact that Chito was a first offender, drug related cases were prevalent in society and needed custodial sentence.

He sentenced Chito to nine months in the first count, three months in the second count and six months in the third count but the sentences will run concurrently effective December 26, 2019 when he was arrested.

This means he will only spend nine months in jail.

Magistrate Mwaba also ordered that the vehicle in which Chito concealed the drugs be forfeited to the State.

He informed him of his right to appeal if he was not happy with the sentence.

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  1. chomba chrispin

    But why mwandi uyu kumwana

  2. logo

    sons of prophet are prophets.our president is a . . .and his citizens are . .,

  3. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Okay, is this justice or biasness???? Justice Albert Mwaba, sure nine months plus three months plus six months gives us one year three months then why jailing Chito Chipimo nine months only???? This is killing justice in the Country!!! Thanks!

    • Truth man

      Peruse the meaning of the word ‘concurrently ‘ in your dictionary and learn what it means.

  4. Herv Rena

    For me this is a fair Judgement for the young man cos I’m sure he was just coin it for fun looking at his status.Let jele reform this boy on behalf of his father.

    • Fair Justice?

      The judge in Ndola sentenced a 19 year old girl to 10 years for dagga just dagga the natural herb that many Africans smoke for health reasons and which most countries are busy decriminalising. This is Cocaine Europe’s main evil drug with lots of side effects

      • Reasoning

        You are right Fair Justice. What was done to that young woman who was jailed for 10 years for smoking Cannabis is an injustice. She may have been a second offender, but she really didn’t deserve the10 year sentence. Apart from dealing in cocaine a hard drug, Chito is not a first offender, he’s had brushes with the law before so he deserved a harsher sentence even if he pleaded guilty. Let’s not have two laws, one for the poor and one for the rich, that young woman’s life has been ruined forever, but that rich man’s son will walk free after only nine months, if not earlier #corruption.

  5. Bashikulu Em2A

    Justice pa Zambian

  6. molin mukiya

    thats bullshit 9 month what the hell? that poor girl was hammered 10 yrs nowander the london court judge said there is no justice in zambian courts. laws for the poor and laws for the rich

  7. King

    Nine months??

  8. Observa

    Soon rather than later he will be pardoned by lungu who is busy misapplying his prerogative of mercy.

  9. magical minds

    The Zambians fucking judges are very stupid indeed, just because that boy is from the rich family you give him 9 months, but that sister of ours you sentenced her 10 years y?God help us the power.

  10. Lean not on your own understanding

    “Do not twist justice in legal matters by favoring the poor or being partial to the rich and powerful. Always judge people fairly.

    Leviticus 19:15

  11. Lean not on your own understanding

    Fear the lord and judge with integrity, for the lord our God does not tolerate perverted justice, partiality, or the taking of bribes.”

    2 Chronicles 19:7

  12. The assasin

    Life of Christians in Zambia are taken to pretense 😔

  13. Andy andy

    Boom man got 9years drug boy 9months

  14. Musyani

    Well i think the sentence doesnt fit the misendevour,civil society must appeal this sentence because i find it too lenient,yes he didnt waste the courts time but the jail time is a joke,you cant have justice for the rich then different one for the poor,is this animal farm where all animals are equal but others are more equal than others?

  15. Chibz

    Nine months, any way the Court knows what is doing, who are you to blame the judge

  16. Lolo

    Let’s us give him support! He is just a young man and everybody’s child! The society is to blame and parents as well! Parents are very busy with their interests overlooking what is happening with their own children.

  17. martin muyendekwa

    Were is this country going to I think this world is coming to an end,as for me the father did the rite thing to get him the buju, he is a real papa this is acceptable, if he did not do that people wud say that they usually deal the substance of over the counter together

  18. Cool

    a young person is someone who dosent know what is right or wrong. wake up zambia judge according to the, becouse he wil jst kip doing same things. GOD WILL COME SOON….

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