Defence Minister Tackles Chingola Killings

Minister of Defence Davies Chama says the government understands the anger that Chingola residents are displaying because the security wings have taken long to act on criminal activities in the mining town.

Mr Chama says Police will also need to take away criminal elements among the residents.

The minister said this when he, in the company of Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo and Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja addressed the residents of Chingola at Chiwempala market.

He advised Chingola residents that targeting  people who were doing fine on accusations of them practicing satanism was retrogressive for the country.

“People share riches and and not poverty. I don’t want to defend Kamwefu or the lady whose shops were attacked at motherland but let our people work hard so that they can prosper,” Chama said.

He advised Chingola Police Chief Peter Miselo to be going on radio stations to rebut falsehoods and also to sensitise the residents.


  1. Lucky muwaya

    Good move

  2. molin mukiya

    dont blame them they learnt it from u are u not saying hh is a satanist?

  3. Kalok

    We keep telling you, especially you corrupt politicians: You and your riches will not be safe from the many poor. Fyatile fyenu!

  4. 5x unfit for plot 1

    Someone is desperate to get to power, hence these acts. We know him.

  5. Djc

    Twatasha ba D chama

  6. Anthony chitefu

    Mwelesa nimwebo twapela ici icisendo , tutuleni ifwe cafina twamililila mwemfumu, moneni imyeo shabakaele ubwingi baonaula aba balwani.

    • Joackim

      Yes God we pray that the devil will be put to shame in Jesus name .. guide your children Jehovah God

  7. tompo

    Please my goverment recruit me am going to deal with them my contact line are 0960499027

  8. Janice

    We saw this in 2016 towards the elections. It’s not new.

  9. Gangsta Grabs

    I Wasnt Born Last Night,i Know These Holes Arent Right So Why Give The Bitch An Inch When She Could Have 9? I Still Will Kill.

  10. mathews

    Pipo of Zambia why is it that anytime we are near election shedding of incent blood should come why? And why can’t u arrest those pipo found wanting and if you arrest them were do u take them coz we haven’t heard any news about anyone being arrested and being hugged for such crime.
    This is just too much in zambia

  11. Joackim

    This is too much …I wonder if the government is too blind to see what’s going on in the country. …twalila twafyeni icalo cabipa

  12. Chikomba

    Thats how the minds of lazy people opperates

  13. tapalo

    Jehovah God is watching you, let him rebuk u

  14. Chisenga Pythias

    Yes but what about that enocent people there keeping to remind, there strangle them .

  15. Gaston Jitanda

    Dear brothers and sisters let us look up to the heavens and cry to the lord of israel because he has said in his word in Deuteronomy 31:6 he’ll will not leave us nor forsake us ,,
    So let’s hold our hands together for midnight prayers everyday and we will overcome in the name of Jesus!!!

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