Govt Introduces Curfews in Chingola to Curb Killings

Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo has restricted movements at night in Chingola, a move that he says will help in policing of the district following a spate of riots triggered by suspected ritual killings.

Mr Kampyongo said in Chingola on Sunday that desperate situations call for desperate measures.

He said the introduction of restriction on night movements is to ensure easy policing so that innocent Zambians are not mistakenly affected.

The Minister said the police will follow the Council’s law which stipulates that every bar must close at 22:00 hours and thereafter, anyone found loitering will be arrested.

Mr Kampyongo has further warned any media against making inciting remarks on Chingola’s volatile situation that they will face the full wrath of the law.

He further warned that any media making inciting remarks will further be prosecuted.

He said careless reporting has the potential of sending the country into flames like it had happened in other countries.

The Minister said on the volatility of Chingola, all media houses will he required to verify with police whatever information they gather to avoid sensationalism.

Mr Kampyongo further thanked Chingola member of  parliament Matthew Nkhuwa for providing logistical support to the police when he donated his Hilux for operations.

Mr Kamyongo, his defence counterpart Davies Chama, police inspector General Kakoma Kanganja, among others, later visited homes where suspected ritual killers hacked members of the same family.


  1. Djc

    Not ukulaikata abalechita riot ikateni abaletwipaya please

  2. J-prince

    Good move,but 22hrs is too much!,reduce to 20:20hrs

  3. Panganani Webster

    God Almighty help us.

  4. Panganani Webster

    20:00hrs it can be much better than 22:00hrs ba Govt

  5. P.M

    You dont need curfew if you have well trained detectives. We are back in 1970s now. So everybody found walking the streets after 22hrs is a ritual killer!!!

  6. Gangsta Grabs

    Richwell Is Fine Riches To Me.Yo Bitch Got Dimp Holes In Her Butt,thats A Curfew To Me.

  7. Misheck Chifita

    I know some may think that am politizing the issue, but this is a national matter the pf government has taken lightly, for had they had been serious and implored enough measures to put to book the perpetrators we wouldn’t be talking about this today, so much has come to light. The ritual killings have spread all over copperbelt and i hear solwezi too, how many more families shall be hacked right from there homes? We nolonger feel safe nor sleep in our homes, everyday we hear a house was attacked, where are the so called police and soldiers.

  8. The g.o.a.t

    This is ridiculous a minister donates his personal vehicle to the Zambia police for patrols….smh

  9. jm

    Arrest ritual killers and adjust time for patrols.

  10. Samson musopelo

    We’re the equipped armies, police men and other forces, I thought we were ready to fight, though its the Lord Jesus Christ who protects us.

  11. B the Consultant

    How come the minister has enough cars to even donate, but the police in Chingola dont even have vehicles to do their job????? We have a serious problem here…..

  12. Bernard chulu

    the days of these merciless assailants are numbered

  13. H.I

    The Blood of Jesus Christ, the Blood of the Lamb of God over this whole situation in Jesus Christ. May God reveal all the culprits that they can be arrested. The Lord Jesus Christ rebuke you satan in His name. Father God protect us from such evil in Jesus Christ amen. And may those that have perished rest in peace in Jesus Christ amen.

  14. Sibhongile Chitengi

    What can we do to help!

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