Man Brutally Kills Wife And Three Kids

A 24-year-old man of Mpika District in Muchinga Province has brutally killed his wife and his three children following a marital dispute.

Royd Kampamba hacked to death his 25-year-old wife Prisca Mumbi and his children aged six, four and one using an axe.

Muchinga Province Police Commissioner Joel Njase says Kampamba hacked the four victims on Sunday morning between midnight and 02:00hrs in Kaole Kapwasha Village in Mpika.

Mr. Njase says the suspect pounced on his wife and the three children while they were asleep soon after he arrived from a drinking spree.

He has revealed that after killing his family, Kampamba fled to his uncle’s house to seek for transport money to run to Kapiri Mposhi.

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  1. Simcard

    Too bad

  2. Shanbbwanji

    That foolish man is already in the grave.

  3. mumbabeshem

    It was that day
    On which time
    We hv to tretty dat man

  4. magical minds

    Let this man face the law harshly

  5. MB

    They were agemates. The reasoning for both wasnt there. Both were reasoning at he same level. Too bad for the young man. There so many of sacrificing nowadays for wealth. He is now going to enjoy the wealth by himself in Mukobeko maximum prison. I feel pit.

  6. Fwd

    Jxt get him hanged up
    The man is not to evil🤔

  7. Fwd

    Got it get him hanged
    Evil mahn😏

  8. Bashikulu Em2A

    What has this man solved?Finding his wife taking arvs,then innocent children becomes victims?I think this man should be taken for medical check up,before axing him as well.

  9. molin mukiya

    too! too! bad iwe chris what happened next after asking 4 transport money did he go to kapiri mposhi or he was caged? some reporters kuwayawaya fwe

  10. Geoneid

    😎koma vibanthu vina! I mean why didn’t he imbibe doom as a way of ending his own kamweo unlike taking away innocent lives.
    Anyways, afunika kunyongewa uyu poacher, ni munthu wadothi stereki

  11. Ngkj

    Afwe ililine

  12. mj

    Please Zambia reports send your reporters back to school this kind of reporting shows that there is need of education your reporter should concentrate much in communication skills.

  13. Samuel

    Kill him too

  14. talalamusonda

    Too bad very sad.

  15. Djc

    Naeve afe chabe kwasila .my condolences

  16. Gangsta Grabs

    If This Man Is Jailed Let Lungu Also Be Jailed For Brutaly Hacking Zambian Economy To Death.

  17. Chibz

    You so called reporters what happened for this man to kill his family, kindly give us adquate information for us to in a clear picture

  18. Nachishiba

    Nachishiba ati apa ifi tapabulepo akapuba. Uyo muntu alingile ukufwa fye.

  19. Nj

    Punish him severely or even trison

  20. Mwamuna wanzelu

    RIP to the dead innocent souls. only GOD is taskèd to judge that man. kwena chalo echii

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