No Storm Lasts Forever!

Copperbelt Seventh-Day Adventist Conference Youth Director Pastor Angel Chipulu says Zambians should know that no storm lasts forever.

He said in his sermon during the induction ceremony for Adventist Youths at Lubuto Central SDA Church in Ndola that in the midst of challenges, they must not fear but have faith no problem is permanent in the world.

He said even politicians should know that their time comes to an end.

“When faced with problems, never give up. Don’t lose your faith. Don’t allow fear to come in. No storm is permanent. No matter how strong the storm can be, it is not permanent,” Pastor Chipulu said.

“Even in this world of politics, UNIP was there, they did not last forever, their time came and they were out. MMD came naba Chiluba, they were out. PF has come even them, one day they will be out. Those that will come after PF will also be out, nothing is permanent.”

He said people opt to have faith in God even when things have fallen apart.

Pastor Chipulu said during any time of storms, people should look up to God.

“We are told in the Bible how Jesus encouraged people that followed him to have faith. When Jesus was on the sea and a storm came, they questioned Jesus why he was sleeping in the middle of the storm. But these people had seen the miracles that Jesus did on the other side but doubted him on the sea. So surely we need to have faith in God despite going through challenges, no storms last forever,” Pastor Chipulu said.

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  1. Lucky muwaya

    Powerful message, God bless you so much man of God.

  2. Laston kapitanga

    That is what I believe, because every nature comes to pass. God bless Zambia to have peace in 2021 General elections.

  3. molin mukiya

    well said nomatter what one day pf will be out it may not be 2021 or 2026 but there exit will hit them someday

  4. justin


  5. Ok

    What of climate change and global warming will it pass

    • John Chama

      The only important thing here, is to understand what the message meant. Now since u didn’t understand, u are asking if climate change and global warming will pass. While u have heard that lets keep up our eyes to GOD Almighty am to make everything possible.

      • Kk

        As a believer, I submit that even climate change will come and go. However, God also wants us to change our ways. God mandates us to stewards, those given authority to manage properly things not as owners but as custodians. Alas we are consuming too much and abusing the environment. But God is love and surely will raise a new generation.

  6. Brian

    I like that word pastor chipulu

  7. Curtis

    This is one of the messages that we expect from clergymen impartiality is all we need. Keep it up pastor.

  8. Bashikulu Em2A

    True,the man of God has said it perfectly.No storm lasts forever,one day…

  9. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Very powerful Sermon!!!! No situation is permanent in the World!! GOD BLESS YOU PASTOR!!! AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!

  10. Sam

    Powerful message pastor chipulu, may God continue doing more good things for mother Zambians

  11. John Chama

    In short he’s not a prophet but just a Pastor.

  12. Defence Minister

    Bravo….. Its true nothing is permanent only change.

  13. Chongo Daliphon

    Words well spoken pastor my God grant you more years to preach His message


    Emashiwi tulingile ukulapokelela kubabomfi bakwa Lesa to encourage us in time of storm.things are not OK but we need ask God to intervene in our situation. Thanks pastor we need more words.

  15. Justin Tj

    Sermon well preached pastor… We must also remember that in every situation that we encounter in this life, the battle shall always belong to the Lord… Ours is to put all our faith in the Lord… God bless mother Zambia

  16. Lemmy mwale

    Amen Man of God.Powerful sermon

  17. Kayoz

    Powerful message Ba pastor indeed no matter the situation Mpaka kusila

  18. Louis LS Seemani

    That’s a wonderful message, those with ears let them hear this true engraved word of God.

  19. uudd

    Encouraging words there, I’ve been truly touched by them.

  20. Samuel mudzyamba


  21. Aubut

    Well done pastor chipulu

  22. Enalo

    Enough is enough. What goes up comes down.

  23. kedrick siame

    That’s nice words from the man of GOD and i appreciate who post this article not ukubikampo ama officers of the police but a storm cached story big up 2 him.

  24. Zed

    Very powerful

  25. Chibz

    That’s the reason I like seventh day Adventist Church because they teach and speak the truth, you’ve forgotten pastor to include king Nebuchadnezzar where is he, no situation is permanent indeed

  26. MR.

    The word of God is a powerful weapon please pastor do 2 not give up

  27. Kabrim

    It will pass like it always does. Great message from the Great man of God!

  28. Evaristo mwanza


  29. K. K

    Amen pastor.. 🙏🙏🤝

  30. Tebùlù mîlz milimo

    That was nice

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