Zambia Army Granted Civil Authority To Construct Market Shelters In Ndola

Zambia Army Deputy Commander Major General Sitali Alibuzwi says the army has been granted civil authority to construct market shelters in Ndola.

General Alibuzwi said there is a tendency by local contractors to get money and abandon works.

Two weeks ago, Bwana Mkubwa Member of Parliament Jonas Chanda and the Ndola City Council requested Local Government Minister Charles Banda to have the contract of Triple V terminated for failing to construct a modern market in Mushili, six years after being granted the contract.

Dr. Chanda and the Ndola City Council said the Army should be given the contract, because of the quality work the defence force had done at Chifubu market.

Speaking when he called on Copperbelt Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe, General Alibuzwi said the army had approved the civil authority for the works.

“We have come to the aid of the civil authority. We are here. The construction of the new market was granted here in Ndola. The behaviour of contractors who have the habit of disappearing after getting the contract [is bad]. We are here for the country,” General Alibuzwi said.

And Nundwe said the Zambia Army has been exceptional in its duties to the country.

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  1. bk

    This is a lesson Triple X has tougtt you. Don’t give an upfront dome of money to any contractor given work to do until he /she do 60% of that job. Any contractor to be given a contract by the Government should have a capacity to start work on his own without asking for founds from the Government.

  2. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Okay, then give Zambia Army the contract to build that Market. Thanks!!!!

  3. Herv Rena

    Such contractors should be made to account for the money that they abuse.Even if it means they are connected to ministers or permanent secretaries.Sometimes these are just cartels of fake companies within govt who do this.

  4. Naikosa

    Yaba! Na mu barrack nayikosa fye. No funding, so you just have to share with the civilians in whtever way to survive.

    • wazabanga

      Your comment Naikosa is a true reflection of how dull you are,Zambia army like most of other armies are engaged in construction , grow up and research you idi_yoti

  5. Enalo

    The problem of local contractors is employing on WAKO ndi WAKO. End result shod work or running away. Let the army do it.

  6. SM

    What about City markert in the capital city?

  7. Dauzee

    It’s is nice

  8. Kabungo ephraim

    and please look into the issue of kapalala market at masala how could you abandon a place and u became quite

  9. Kenneth Wright

    Let payment be made on COMPLETION of contract NOT prior.

  10. giger

    they are taking about kapalala market

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