Chief Kakumbi Goes To Court

Chief Kakumbi has taken the chieftaincy matter to court, suing Senior Chief Nsefu in the Lusaka High Court over his decision to dethrone him.

Chief Kakumbi, whose name is John Kunda Kapepa, is seeking a declaration that he is the current and reigning chief of  the Chikunda people in Mambwe district of Eastern province.

He is also seeking an order of interim injunction to restrain Senior Chief Nsefu, his  servants, agents or whosoever,  from dethroning or attempting to dethrone him from the throne as Chief Kakumbi.

He also wants Senior Chief Nsefu to be restrained  from interfering with his administration of the Kakumbi chiefdom and from appointing or purporting to appoint any person to act in his position, pending the determination of the matter by the Lusaka High Court.

Kapepa further seeks damages and any other relief that the court may deem fit and costs.

According to a statement of claim filed in the principal registry, Kapepa through his lawyers Gilbert Phiri and Messrs Andrew and Partners, stated that he is the gazetted Chief Kakumbi but that Smart Sokhani, who is Senior Chief Nsefu, purportedly removed him as chief with immediate effect.

He stated that Senior Chief Nsefu based the decision to remove him on allegations of insubordination, violence, arson, refusal to give consent to land and demolishing houses and other structures.

Kapepa said in a letter to Senior Chief Nsefu through his lawyers, he denied all the allegations.

And Kapepa stated that Senior Chief Nsefu has never charged him with any offence, neither has he been heard him on any allegations that have been preferred against him and no communication has been sent to him regarding the allegations.

He stated that the Royal Family  of  the Kakumbi Royal Establishment and Kakumbi Electoral College on January 14, 2020 convened and resolved that he continues being Chief Kakumbi.

Kapepa stated that Senior Chief Nsefu’s actions are  illegal in the circumstances as he is not charged nor was he heard on the allegations.

Meanwhile, Kapepa stated that unless Senior Chief Nsefu and his agents, servants, workmen and whosoever are restrained by way of an order of interim injunction, they will continue  to interfere  with his reign on the throne as chief Kakumbi  and  will further continue to interfere  with the execution of his duties.

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  1. Opposition

    Pf are looking after the chiefs so well. The end result is this. Once we come to power we will stop spending on these so called chiefs.

  2. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    The salaries for Chiefs in Zambia have been increased and this is why most of the Chiefs will start fighting, overthrowing and bewitching one another!!!! Thanks!

  3. Nyirongo Junior

    Just Stop Paying Them

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