Floods Threatening Zambia Food Security

By Arnold Mulenga.

HEAVY rain and floods are threatening the already fragile food security situation in Zambia.

Floods come at a time Zambia is experiencing the worst drought since 1981.

Gwembe and Siavonga districts in the South are among the hardest-hit by the recent rains. Mambwe and Lumezi districts in the East, as well as the country’s capital, Lusaka, faced flash floods earlier in January.

Before the floods, more than 2,3 million people were expected to be severely food insecure during the lean season from October 2019 to March 2020, with at least 430,000 of them in serious need.

The situation could deteriorate in the days ahead, with Zambia expected to experience heavy rains, according to the country’s Meteorological Department.

A delegation led by the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DDMU), Ministry of Local Government and Ministry of Infrastructure is planning to assess the extent of damage in the affected areas.

Since the beginning of January, DMMU has been distributing food, tents and water treatment chemicals for the affected population.

Humanitarian organisations were already providing life-saving assistance due to drought in some of the areas affected by the floods, especially in Southern and Western Zambia.

Earlier this month, heavy rains left the main hospital in the capital, Lusaka, completely flooded. This led to the evacuation of some patients.

In the Eastern Mambwe district, nearly 300 families were displaced by floods in the first week of January.

Around 60 families were displaced in the neighbouring Lumezi district.

Some bridges have been submerged in affected in areas.

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  1. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Okay too bad for that!!! The DMMU will help the affected families. Let the rains continue so that we can have bamper harvest and reduce the loadshedding in Zambia. Thanks!!!

  2. Pukamo

    I’m asking ba opposition only What is the solution to these problems?

    • Opposition

      @Pukamo, PF should stop praying for the rains. That’s the solution.

    • P.M

      So you have given up on pf governmwnt and you now want the opposition to give you solutions. Vote pf out of hovernment in 2021 !!!

  3. Curtis

    Let the rains pour according to the climate,we need water to fill the Victoria falls,kariba dams, Kafue gorge etc. What is the problem? Floods could be controlled (dependable variable) where as erratic rains (independent variable) can’t be controlled.

  4. You

    But why is zesco still saying that the water levels at Karina dam are very low? Does it mean that at Karina rains don’t fall or what? Our friends on the Zimbabwean side are appreciating that water levels have increased.

  5. Skills Shachitoba

    Zambia is greatly blessed this year, the lake Kariba Will be filled and there will be no more complaints on shortage of electricity,more water for marine life,and the Kuomboka ceremony will be cerebrated because the plains Will be filled.We shall see more tourist coming to visit our country Zambia because the victoria falls will be thundering again hence more foreign exchange will be gained. There is no time of complaining but there is still time for us to adopt to such a blessed environment. Thanks for reading through may God bless you.

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