MAILBOX: Let’s Help Emmanuel Mayuka!

He was once our pride, we celebrated him and he made the best out of Zambian football through his talent. He was among the squard that lifted the AFCON cup in 2012.

To some, for days he was on their profile pictures, most companies advertised with him and he was all over the media.

Today he is being mocked for his appearance and drinking habits. Truth be told, normal people make wrong decisions in life. Maybe Mayuka is one example of those normal people.

We might not know what he is going through or what led to his drinking habits. One thing is for sure, depression and alcoholism are real.

Today I stand to say, let’s help Emmanuel Mayuka. All he needs is love, care, support and counseling.


Kennedy Shakwandela.
Lusaka, Zambia.

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  1. DOMITY Kafwamba

    Let’s involve him in our prayers. He might change.

    • Loyiso

      I have met the boy in Chilenje @ Chris corner. He is really a mess.

  2. Terrorist

    Whats wrong to the great Emmanuel Mayuka sure ?? Let God who have power to change people may intervenne in such kind of stuation. My heartfelt bad for this guy’s habit.

  3. Sosa

    Where is young Mayuka currently?

  4. Kkkk

    Ooh no Wat has happened to mayuka The Great.Too bad am sorry but i think its not only mayuka were her the lest ,like Himonde,nkausu,nyambe Mulenga etc.

    • Bin

      I think the best help he needs is prayers coz the situation he is in am sure does not really require money or job,coz the guy seems to have money which has led him into that due to Satan.

  5. Mr. x

    This is why discipline is so important in all circles of life.

    • Carrier Banda

      This is why Zambia needs good journalism. You mean imwe ba ZR you just publish an appeal to help someone without telling us whats wrong with him? Ati kupusa!

  6. Herv Rena

    Well football is a very short career which if not handled with care lead to bankruptcy and helplessness. Such people don’t put it to their heads that they are no longer in UK. This guy really needs psychological counseling and financial help.

  7. Kale kale

    I think he need a job to keep him busy

  8. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    We can help Emmanuel Mayuka in many ways. Put him in Prayers. Let him go for Counseling sessions. Let the Government give him a job in order to keep him busy. Maybe he has the money which he wanted in life and that is why he is just drinking day in and day out!!! #Love # Care # Prayers# Hope# Kindness!!!! Thanks!

  9. John Chinena

    If I once worked for Zesco or Indeni or Kcm, Dangote, Grz, Mopani and I was duly paid for my services during my time of engagement,,,,,, would it be wise for me to cry foul that I have been neglected by the government? Isn’t a football superstar more or less like a referee, a teacher or a banker earning income after delivering their services? Are they all not super referees, super teachers, super bankers at their time of engagement? How often do we see X super teachers, X super clerks, X super nurses, X super engineer’s crying foul and asking for government support, asking for psychological support, asking for Sumailian support and deliverance? Are we culprits of the wrong side of the society? Didn’t the Indeni guy produce the much needed gasoline at their time? Didn’t the teacher teach her organic chemistry at their time, didn’t the Zesco man supply electricity at their peak time, didn’t the nurse do it the Florence Nightingale at their time? And ALL got DULY paid????

  10. Linear equation

    That’s life. Let him enjoy his youthfulness.

  11. Chibz

    Let him get some advise to his fellow beer taker, and whom did he gave the money when they won the Africa cup and today you say you need fyo fyooo. weed killer!!!! Hmmmm

  12. John Chinena

    Yes truth be told, people make mistakes in life… Especially geniuses. Why do “peak” people make the most mistakes? Why do geniuses make the most blunders? And especially ba Kaluvale and Kalunda? How I wish these guys can always come to Chibombo for prayers, guidance, deliverance and extra sex lessons!!!!

  13. Control tower

    Lets help him all great players go through such … roladinho kaka adriano…..

  14. John Chinena

    At @ Chibz uli mukali, niwe webako. Na pa John Chinena tamoneke after atapa icikombe! No tushitilapo na senksa? Aba ilyakwe…

  15. bngake

    So soory but the truth remains, the guy is not in good condition, sure he need help. super stars need to invest in more profitable ventures. whats money? money varnishes as time goes on. he needs councilling, he is sick. but lets agree being sick is not the end of life.

  16. asaph

    hw ar u going to help him coz he z nt broke

  17. giv dollar

    he is unhealthy.he needs to see a doctor

  18. My name

    Why can’t one of of the football get him and offer him employment. Our clubs should emulate western clubs where when one retires from active football they are kept and given employment. Its a shame to see him languishing. Another thing, our players should not be deceived with huge sums of money from western clubs. There is much competition there. The going of Mayuka to Southampton was the genesis of his downfall. I’m not saying they shouldn’t dream big but firs consider the competition one would find there. African clubs are best to most of our players. Our players only play football for a short while. They don’t last for a very long period of time.

  19. RPM

    Former Chipolopolo star Emmanuel Mayuka has hit back at online publications going round that he is broke and stressed.Speaking to BNZO, Mayuka said that the picture that has gone viral of him and Christopher Katongo was a good picture but taken at a wrong time.

    “Iam very dissapointed with you the media, everything was blown out of proportion, that was just a picture taken at an awkward time, I was just from playing a game tired and sweaty and the picture was taken, Iam not stressed I still have my cars, houses and I have invested my money so well. Currently I am out of contract but I will be joining Maccabi Telviv in Israel, my manager is working on that.So atleast I have given you something to talk about on your small Facebook page. Hey! no pictures iam here to have lunch with my woman not taking pictures with you,” Said Mayuka at Hilton Garden Hotel.

    Mayuka was part of the Chipolopolo squad which won the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations and was named top scorer of the tournament with three goals.

  20. bombshell

    I support what RPM wrote bcoz I also read the artcle Mayuka wrote in response to this.Manuka says he is not broke.,his vehicles are intact & still has the money in his account it’s just that he is out of contract & will soon sign another. Now which side of the coin shud we follow?

  21. didu

    wat ever is wrong with him am not surprised.These guys hav a problem.Ufontini maningi.I thot by now we learnt wat happened to the likes of Elijah Litana and bene Loti Mwale etc.Admire Mane and bene Drogba,Etoe etc.Bushe pa zed wats wrong.I.pray for.these young boys like the Dakas Mwepus Sakala F, although i hav heard something bout him already.Can they change and stop being funny,ataa.I also drink bt dont think i wud get spoiled like that if i ws to hv money.

  22. Enalo

    Disappointments in life, can drive one like that. He requires counselling. He can come back to his normal life.

  23. Given Favour

    Yes it’s true let’s help Emmanuel mayuka

  24. muyuka

    atase ufontini is drinking beer a problem? even if i drink 6to6 bushe nindalama zanyoko?

  25. BIG DAD

    If he is a drunkard he is fool. These guys hard K300 Million each he was in clubs making money. Who am I to help him financially? No. for psychological problems let him go to SDA we don’t drink beer and he will normal but poor.

  26. chipuka

    The bible says ask you will be given did this guy ask for help? Don’t put words in his mouth

  27. Mac b

    People when one says I need help it doesn’t mean is broke no look, see his condition he is confused surely he needs help so men of God join hands and help our boy for me I say don’t worry God is in control

  28. Analyticus

    Stop pep talks. TIZ This is Zambia! Zambians celebrate when you’re doing fine, and mock when your down.
    Kalaba, Sunzu, Mwene, Katongo Chris, find ways to help yours colleague. Zambians are not to be trusted as they are mercurial.

  29. Vitwa

    He is not broke but seems frustrated and ended up drinking beer a lot. He needs counseling and prayers nor that he is broke ,no.

  30. ba morgy

    emmanuel mayuka failled tô seek counselling ,prayers and help when he Was at peak but why now? if he has realised that he a prodigol son let him fo back to his father and and ask for forgiveness by resuming training utuma team twingamutola twingamutola ngashi

  31. Banda

    Don’t play with life put God first

  32. Kenneth Zimba

    Mayuka has sad ending he is in Ndola rural in masaiti district where he is laughter by the local people someone told me that he leaves here the one great player went to play football abroad and for the Zambian National team (chipolopolo)

  33. Shanbbwanji

    Most footballers forget their education,their carriers they failed to spend well money.

  34. Fisunge

    Chipuba fye how about bena kalusha bwalya and so many players he thinks money can do anything and buy the world money can also kill you where are his parents to give him advice and moral support we want to hear from his closest relatives

  35. Mayuka

    Please bloggers, ignore RPM comments. The truth is that I need help. My finances are in a mess and I am jobless. Several people have cheated me and gone away with my money . I wish I had listened to good people . Please FAZ help me.

  36. Dusan

    I have seen comments from people with dirty mentality, kwateni amano mufipalakasa…. God is in control you will be fine big man

  37. Alpha 🤟

    Life is a journey zoona.from hero to zero to bad.life mwandi

  38. Koyotito

    Help him with counseling, not money.
    Players must learn to use their heads, besides their feet.
    Stories of this nature used to come years ago when players leaned more on consumption than investment. Many are fully awake these days.

  39. Hillz

    We need to help this man with prayers inorder to save his life this is not a good life is leaving seriously

  40. Benny

    Let us support our brother If this is a true story.

  41. Joe London

    TOO SOON,too soon to my young man Mayuka God gave him a chance in life of having Millions,traveled in many good places making money just to come wasted it or using it unwisely. A lesson to other young sports men and women.

  42. Abantu mucalo

    Don’t pass silly comments, this is social media, unless if you hear yourself from Mayuya, you don’t know the situation the man found himself

  43. Meggies

    Sorry for this lad.u must restart your career.u are too to young to indulge in illicity beer drinking.

  44. Nyengo

    Let us show him love. He needs prayers

  45. Kangwa

    You are saying let’s help mayuka but how are we going to help him no contact for him at least indicate his line so that Gods children help not just help him and you end their.thank you

  46. Kangwa

    You are saying let’s help mayuka but how are we going to help him no contact for him at least indicate his line so that Gods children can help not just help him and you end there.thank you

  47. Joe cool joe

    No matter how skillful one can be financial education is important.

  48. Emmanuel Museteka

    What weed can do

  49. Shaulin Temple

    Bucintomfwa bafikamba nga mwabeula munasheko .kamoneni nomba akoooooo!!!!!!!!!

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