Man In John Laing Defiles His Neighbour’s Children

A 35 year old man of Lusaka’s John Laing has been arrested for allegedly defiling seven of his neighbour’s children, including two boys aged three.

Derrick Mwale, who is a divorcee, allegedly enticed the children by giving them nshima and K2 before sexually abusing them.

HAVE YOUR SAY: What should be the right punishment for such despicable crimes?

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  1. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Such people should be thrown into Prison for life because of their inhumane conducts. Thanks

  2. Jordan

    Solitary confinement and a rope

  3. kwandaman

    Let him choose between being thrown in the lions den or in one of the copper smelters in copper-belt

  4. Kay Man

    #kwandaman…..I think the den of lions is the best

  5. Ngulube Jackson

    Comment Cage him for good

  6. Edwarns.Com

    Kumwipayafye Nisatana


    Take him to Gehenna hill in Jerusalem,Israel and let him be there for one year,then after that,bring him back and baptize him in a tab filled with acid of car battery.

  8. Chikomba

    Should be handled by mob of people

  9. Jimmy James

    Such people shouldn’t be spared let him face the law coz has destroyed the children they never have peace at all

  10. Niven

    Such people should be punished n thrown into prison fr such crimes we don’t want criminals in our country …

  11. Jungle unchained

    Cutting his manhood can serve better.

    • Nyirongo Junior

      Such People Should Be Punished And Thrown In Prison For Life

  12. Djc

    35 years in prison

  13. Jj

    Let one who knows that he didn’t done that in his life be the fest to put change on that man lean to forgive

    • Jungle unchained

      Jj so you mean that you are a defiler as well, it’s good that you have confirmed.so let mob justice ascend upon you bafikala.

    • Chichi

      Mr JJ what if those where your children ,what could be your reaction? You’re are just talking because you don’t no how it feels

  14. Peacelife@gmail.com

    defiling seven of his neighbour’s children, including two boys aged three. What does this mean? including two boys aged three.???

  15. Love

    He needs Christ

  16. Wizzyl

    let what the law says to be done on him …imprisonment

  17. Keith muzeya

    So surprising

  18. Dr. Cool Rickson Ma-Care

    Just cut off the penis and put him in prison for life. Stupid man.

  19. John Phiri

    Allow almight God himself to judge him.

  20. Abraham chikoka

    Just take him to jail for Life

  21. Namakau matongo

    he is a fool doesn’t think let die in jail.

  22. Enalo

    Chop the tool he uses defiling. At the Prelogative of Presidents free them at their sympathy. He wil do it again. Worse enough on your child.

  23. Cool

    ichakakwa pacalo nishi chakakwa nakumulu, let the row judge that mad man is evil. fxxxk u.

  24. mighty man

    Mmm??? M a bit behind ati including two boys aged three ninshi this mad man is also gay or wat

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