Mob Kills 24 Year Old In Kalulushi, Suspecting Him Of Being Part Of Ritual Killers

A 24 year old man in Kalulushi District has been murdered while four others are battling for their lives in Kalulushi General Hospital.

The five were attacked by a mob on suspicion that they were part of the alleged ritual killers terrorizing communities.

Nelson Chongo died upon arrival at Kalulushi General Hospital after he sustained serious injuries from the attack.

Kalulushi District Commissioner Kenny Siachisumo has confirmed the development stating that the four others are still admitted in the same hospital.

He has explained that the five were attacked by a mob while moving on suspicion that they were ritual killers.

Siachisumo has described the incident as unfortunate further urging the community to allow law enforcers to do their work.

He said the four were rescued by police but it was too late for Chongo whose injuries were severe leading to his death.

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  1. innocent killers

    C/belt u sons and daughters of vampires. U killed an innocent man.

  2. Djc

    Am sure it’s true is the same people twachula kuchingola noti ukubaleka abo ebo

  3. Mubiana liyungu

    Please my Zambian people let each other that God to judge and investe he knows everything let’s put our Hands to help us.Amen.

  4. kata

    but mob y didnt u just burn them. .. …

  5. sims

    too sad, those are last days we are living.

  6. Claims

    People stop moving aimlessly in areas where people don’t know you. I have seen the trend, most people who have been attacked recently, are those they don’t know by the indigenous of the area. So stop moving like mad people, stay where you’re.

  7. Stephen

    Please let us work hard to stop this in our nebour Wood Houses

  8. Harry

    You did good mob since the law enforcers wt they are good at is defending criminal. Coz last weekend Mr kampyongo made the statement clear that whoever found loitering beyond 22hours will be arrested. So the mob were just protecting their society. Thanks

  9. deav

    job welldone

  10. Andrew sinyangwe

    People of makeni. Let’s make a neighbour hood watch. Let’s help police won’t be there all times. The best is to get involved and hand them over to police. Am suggesting we buy whistles also to sensitive the neighbours.

  11. Com

    Zambia people;will suspect ALOT if they see u are progressing.many negativity words upone u.f*ck this shit

  12. molin mukiya

    idiots what about if the mob killed an innocent person whats ur say

  13. Peacelife

    What made the pipo to suspect them??? Shade more light .

  14. Java

    Why were they suspecting them?

  15. Blackwell

    But you should as well state the reason to suspect

  16. Mercy Nakaona

    Eish this is dangerous. Keep safe and God in front of all things

  17. Katis

    Twacula mu Chingola nolala please mob help

  18. Kelly Nathaniel

    CommentAle Bwafya mwe Bantu ba kwa lesa 🙆🙆🙆

  19. lifeof kivœ

    these people must be killed as well

  20. The great one

    An eye for an eye,i catch U,u are dead.

  21. shax

    there’s no smoke without fire,just be alert .some of u are just born to argue ,it’s lik u hear yo wife is cheating on u ,iwe ndwi ati nkawena.dull

  22. yang brown

    here in solwezi twacula to this people are killed we are not sleeping, please help us.the solwezi police said we’re to small who can handling this, now what we do if the police said that.please try what you can do

    • Jerry

      Stop lying you. Which Solwezi are you talking about? Stop alarming people. You will cause innocent people to lose their lives. The kalulushi situation was unfortunate. According to reports, those guys were hired to go and apply fertilizer at a farm and met their fate along the way. Let’s be vigilant and report suspicious looking felas to the police but let’s desist from peddling falsehoods.

  23. John Phiri

    Now we will even be afraid of traveling to the Copperbelt lest you are murdered on suspicion of being a murderer. Until things stabilizes.

  24. Roger Wong

    Believing in nonsense is a real problem in Zambia.

    Witchcraft and other superstitions are widely believed among Zambians.

    The Zambian government needs to bring education and enlightenment to its people.

    I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Zambia five years ago and I saw first hand how Zambians believe in witchcraft and other superstitions.

    Instead of working to educate its people the Zambian government is full of corruption and theft.

    Money that should go to schools goes to the pockets of corrupt thieving government officials.

    How is Zambia supposed to become a modern developed nation if its people are uneducated and stupid and ignorant?

    What is the Zambian government doing to bring education and enlightenment to its people?

    I worry about the future of Zambia.

    When I read an article such as this one I am reminded of how far behind Zambia is and how much work needs to be done.

    And I am reminded of how corrupt the Zambian government is and how money that should go to schools goes to the pockets of corrupt thieving government officials.

    The Zambian people need education and enlightenment.

    I had a wonderful time in Zambia and hope to come back to visit someday.

  25. Kamawe

    the suspects should report who sent them..

  26. blackson

    after being suspected he directed the mob to a place where his friends were also to find them with dangerous chemicals and you are there busy saying fyabufi lobe they will visit you one day then you will believe……

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