Chisamba Farmer Charged With Sodomy

Royal Shalom Lodge housekeeper Ms. Mercy Nyoni on Tuesday narrated in court how she found faecal matter on bedsheets and a bathing towel in the room which was booked by a Chisamba farmer who is charged with sodomy.

Mr. Douglas Watt, 53, of farm number 4007 in Chisamba is charged with unnatural offences and another charge of possession of obscene material.

Allegations are that Mr. Watt between May and July 17, 2019, had carnal knowledge of a 17-year-old male juvenile against the order of nature.

Mr. Watt was initially charged with the juvenile but the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) discontinued the case against the latter and sources indicated that he was turned into a state witness.

Mr. Watt is further alleged to have possessed obscene pictures and videos on a cellphone, materials tending to corrupt morals on July 17, 2019.

Testifying in the matter before chief resident magistrate Lameck Mwale, Ms. Nyoni, a housekeeper at Royal Shalom Lodge, narrated that on March 29, 2019 whilst she was on duty at the lodge, Watt went to book a room around 10:00 hours to 11:00 hours.

Ms. Nyoni said after the man checked in, he slept for a few minutes while the door was open.

She said the guest, after a few minutes, went out and returned shortly, while a young boy aged about 17 years followed him and they closed the door.

Ms. Nyoni said the duo left the room after about 30 minutes.

She said she went to the reception to ask whether or not the guests were coming back but she was told that he had checked out and that she could proceed to clean the room.

Ms. Nyoni said as she was cleaning the room with her colleague Grace, they discovered that the bedsheets were dirty like someone had stepped on them with shoes.

She said she informed her supervisor about the dirty beddings but she was instructed to just clean.

Ms. Nyoni said after a month, the same man booked a room at the lodge.

She said she even notified her fellow housekeepers that the man who had left dirt on the beddings had booked himself again and also alerted her colleagues that a young man would accompany him in the room but they said she was lying.

Ms. Nyoni narrated how she and her two colleagues went to the conference room which was opposite room 15 which Watt had booked and they saw the young man going in to join him.

She said the accused and the young man left the room after 30 minutes and like the first time, she was instructed to clean the room.

Ms. Nyoni said when she entered the room, it had a bad smell and the beddings and towels had faeces.

She said she reported the matter to her boss but he did not inspect the room but just asked her to wash the beddings, towels and clean the room.

Ms. Nyoni identified Mr. Watt as the person who booked a room at the lodge where she has been working for seven years.

Another witness, Grace Shabalu, 30, narrated how the accused identified himself as Quatine Smith when he booked himself at the lodge in March and April last year.

Ms. Shabalu said when Watt booked a room in April, he asked that he needed a cheap room because he just wanted to use it to shower as he was from jogging and paid K300 for it.

Hearing continues on February 19.

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