More Flooding In Mambwe District

Malimba Primary School has been flooded while 102 family households have been displaced in the second wave of flooding in Mambwe district.

The school was flooded around 11:00 hours yesterday forcing the authorities to release the pupils who were attending classes.

Eastern Province Minister Makebi Zulu who is also Malambo member of parliament was forced to cut short his tour of Msoro area to help evacuate the displaced families in Malimba area in chief Mnkhanya’s area.

Mambwe DC Caroline Mwanza and some government officers started evacuating displaced families around 10:30 hours.

Hon. Zulu assured the affected people that government will continue providing food, chlorine and other essentials.

He said more families are expected to be displaced following the bursting of Lupande River.

While in Msoro, Hon. Zulu witnessed the distribution of relief food to some hunger stricken families and flood victims.

He also inspected the construction of Msoro police post, Kasamanda Day Secondary School and Wazaza clinic which will be operationalized soon.

Recently over 300 households were displaced in Malambo but they were later re-integrated into the community after the water receded.

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  1. Katis

    Sad news

  2. Dauzee

    To bad.

  3. Not true

    Sad development

  4. Nature

    Are UPND carders also affected because they don’t believe in climate change to them it’s just a heavy down pour ……

  5. musonda mwewa moses

    its too bad God help them……..

  6. King cool

    Yayaya sivintu UPND can’t be bothered with the flood, they live in space, kikikki

  7. Jorginho GS #14

    To band zoona nangu loadshedding tailepwa zoona

  8. Umuntu

    Amenshi nimbwe,,,, but load shedding continues, Kaya kwetiyenda mwandi.

  9. manando

    Boma I kani Nzeru

  10. Srãmz

    Bad news

  11. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle masters

    They need such rains in southern province. Some parts of southern province is still dry no rains yet. God help them.

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