We Should Not Participate In Opposition Sponsored Sham Debates – Dr. Chanda

Bwana Mkubwa Member of Parliament Jonas Chanda has said that the Constitutional Amendment Bill Number 10 of 2019 (Bill 10) debate which was hosted by News Diggers and others last Friday was deliberately stage-managed to propagate UPND slander and hooliganism.

In a statement issued to the media, Dr. Chanda has accused the hosts of the debate of either ‘deliberately or accidentally’ allowing UPND cadres to be loudly disruptive of contrary views presented by Patriotic Front (PF) Members.

“The Public Debate on Constitutional Amendment Bill Number 10 of 2019 (Bill 10) hosted by News Diggers, Prime TV, Eden University, Chapter One Foundation, and Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) at Intercontinental Hotel on Friday 27th January 2020 was a sham, deliberately stage-managed to propagate UPND slander and hooliganism,” he said.

“Debate is supposed to be a process that involves formal discussion on a topical issue, with opposing arguments being put forward to argue for opposing viewpoints. The objective is for one side to prevail over the other party by presenting a superior ‘context’ or framework of the issue based on factual information and logical consistency. This is done by following rules of the debate for participants to discuss and decide on differences, and for the audience’s conduct. The hosts of the public debate on Bill 10, whether deliberately or accidentally, allowed UPND cadres to be loudly disruptive of contrary views presented by Patriotic Front (PF) Members of Parliament Hon. Tutwa Ngulube and Hon Sebastian Kopulande, while loudly cheering their UPND members Hon. Jack Mwiimbu and Mr. Sangwa. While it is commendable that organisers of this sham debate have issued a lukewarm regret on ‘certain sections of the audience who became intolerant of opposing views,’ they fail to outrightly condemn the UPND cadres who were deliberately packed in the debate room to discredit anything said by the two PF MPs. If the PF had also ferried it’s cadres to that sham debate, there would have been total mayhem. It is obvious that UPND and their sympathisers have lost the Debate on the Constitution Amendment Bill Number 10 due to their own refusal to participate at the National Dialogue Forum (NDF). Having first argued against NDF based on PROCESS, they are now lying on content of Bill 10, saying it was generated by PF when the truth is that it was generated by participating stakeholders at NDF who included the Church, traditional leaders, civil society organisations, public institutions, political parties, the Media and others.”

He further accused UPND and their sympathisers of focusing on poisoning the minds of Zambians through propaganda, “including rubbishing a very important report of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Bill 10 in which all Zambians were invited to make submissions.”

He reminded Zambians that it was UPND and their sympathisers who killed the Bill of Rights in the Referendum during the 2016 elections through propaganda which they are now “hypocritically” saying they support.

He has stressed that PF MPs will find other fora to engage with the citizens as participating in debates packed with UPND cadres will be a waste of time.

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  1. Nyengo

    Bitterness!… Public discusion good 4 democracy to hear opinions or factual no bcoz every solution is bad 2 other pipo. Bill 10 is a cat in box of chico biscuits

  2. Josphat

    Let’s talk about kaunga bill 10 is useless

    • Wandi

      Kaunga is another department of government- the executive. Bill 10 is legislature. Unless we close all departments and talk about Kainga only.

  3. Enalo

    Its duty of opposition to have checks and balances. No more one party state state.

  4. nyirongo junior

    let’ s talk about kaunga kadula k220.

  5. Bills ten

    For me to understand bill ten tackle : 1 MEALIE-MEAL , 2 load-shedding, 3 transport fares, 4 school user fees 5 Ritual-killings,. 6 Fuel pump price, 7 Electricity-tariffs, 8 Medicine in hospital and clinic, 9 pension 10, morals and values of a Christian nation. GOD bless you ECL&HH ukuicefya e but ntu

  6. musonda mwewa moses

    no one part Stert in Zambia and STop insuilt other parts please..

  7. Mr CB

    Insteady of talking about the price of Mealie meal, the fuel price, loadshading and the price of transport but busy talking about bill 10 which is the useless thing. Muleibwelamo

  8. Sibweni

    Wil change of govt reduce mealie meal? Answer is no. Maize production are lik easter and northern 2 hav MILLING COMPANIES 4 zambians 2 buy a cheaper bag. Climate changing is not pf policy is man made problem. Today! Accuse pf wil vote them out,if mealie meal continue higher price it wil a party in powers fault no it remain natural problem climate. No bills hav bin support 100% in parliament that is a liar and govt wil pass opposition wil never accept good law 4 fear it own’t form or win election quick. I pf wil win again and good that africa confidential see no party in zambia can remove pf in govt

    • Fyakuifwaila

      Sibweni where is bamba harvest / FRA maize is available but not used for Zambian but for foreign countries

  9. Wandi

    Kaunga is another department of government- the executive. Bill 10 is legislature. Unless we close all departments and talk about Kainga only.

  10. KAYO

    Report learn to edit your work to its 23 January 2020 but you are saying the debate was on 27 January 2020 it’s 17 January not 27 do

  11. King

    Don’t mislead people it was on 17 January 2020 not 27 January 2020 learn to edit your work before posting today it’s 23 not yet riched 27.i fact 27 it’s on Monday not Friday improve your journalism..

  12. Kcm

    Forget bill 10 concentrate on improving the economy.

  13. Bob

    Bills are made into laws by members of Parliament, being our representatives. No bill will fail, wen those in government are in majority. Walk outs will mean nothing at all. Referendum failed, but not Bill 10. Like earlier said, no bill has ever gotten 100% support. Progress is what we want!

  14. Joe London

    It was really a sham,where even Kambwili Chishimba who was not even on the panelist was given time to speak.To the organizers next time make sure that sure that all the attendees are sitter and no standing. Otherwise yours was a failed public discussion.

  15. Kay Lee

    I dont give a rat ass to this whatever you call it Ben 10 or what.Its just a sheer waste of time and resources.we are fuckin lied to that zambia is a peoples driven constitution meaning every citizen got to have an idea of whats goin on but shit non Of them got balls to explain to a layman in vubwi what a hell bill clinTen is.Its evident that someone up there is tryin to fuck wit us.Honey is good but when you are forced to eat it , be cautious! We dont want your bill 10 even if it was bill 100 we dont want it cuz 1. It will strip off powers of BANK OF ZAMBIA to print money 2.It will make easier for Pf to be re elected by the 50 +1 votes since a chance will present itself for votes from another party to merge with them lest they dont reach the mark making them coming back to power even after loosing.This is just some ugly truth behind bill 10! So fuckin what? What s the Fuss ALL ABOUT pricks?

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