OPINION: AC Is Wrong, The Problem Is Not HH Failing To Capitalize On Purported PF’s Failures

Africa Confidential (AC) says many have been disappointed with the failure of Hakainde Hichilema and his United Party for National Development to capitalize more effectively on the PF’s record.

In its latest publication, AC argues that oppositionists believed UPND would do much better this year in terms of capitalizing on purported PF failures. But we wish to disagree with the AC’s partisan analysis of what is obtaining on the ground.

Mr. Hichilema and several other opposition operatives are actually advancing falsehoods against development programmes and as a result they are finding it really hard to realise their political objectives because their premises are false.

While Mr. Hichilema continues to play the doom drums about Zambia within and outside the country, realistic opposition leaders have now chosen a differently path. FDD’s Edith Nawakwi recently said, “it is not wrong for the opposition to commend or advise government.”

Contrary to what the Africa Confidential would rather want us to believe, Nawakwi said the Patriotic Front has done some good things worth commending. Ms. Nawakwi has further noted that the PF has embarked on infrastructure projects like roads and hospitals in the country, a reality the UPND has downplayed. It is this failure to acknowledge reality which is hurting the UPND.

“When people of Mungwi hear me talk against the Patriotic Front, they will think am mad knowing that the Patriotic Front has built a beautiful hospital there,” she explained.

“In many years that I grew up in Kasama, if you had an accident in Chambeshi, your only next point of call was Kasama. PF has built a very good hospital in Nakonde. For many years I would move from Nakonde to Lusaka to come to university but there is Kapasa Makasa University now,” she said.

Ms. Nawakwi said there was a point we thought as a nation that we would never have broader roads in the country emphasising that there are indeed good things that the Patriotic Front government has done and we believe it is the failure to acknowledge such development projects what has hampered Mr. Hichilema’s political career because he is operating in a vacuum while the country is working with reality.

Africa Confidential should ask Mr. Hichilema to pay more attention to the UK based Economics Intelligence Unit which is not biased which recently clearly stated that it expected the ruling Patriotic Front, led by the President, Edgar Lungu, to remain in power beyond 2021.

In its latest Country Report for Zambia, the intelligence unit stated that the baseline forecast remains that Mr. Lungu will win in 2021 although the report cited some challenges with the Zambian economy, many of which are not unique to this country.

The EIU observed, just as FDD’s Nawakwi said that the Patriotic Front administration led by President Lungu has come up with several and timely interventions to address several economic challenges such as the liquidation of KCM. It would only make better sense to discuss practical but alternative interventions than telling the nation that the Patriotic Front has failed because failure is a relative term.

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  1. Mukenge Kenny

    Yabaa okey twaufwa.

    • Frank Chombela

      Why should a good job result in failure to pay your bills? Development should result in economic growth that generates high incomes.

  2. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Well said but we need more to be done not because we are heading towards elections.Development is all what we need.



    • Meema

      I knew it was election time when I sow Nawakwi’s name in the news.

  4. Kelly

    This has now shut the door for the opposition party who thought they’d win this term because not just about the progress of pf which has impressed other parties but even the Eu suggestion of patriotic front to stay in power beyond election day next year

  5. Twasanta saka

    Good staff

  6. Bashikulu Em2A

    Those with ears have heard.Next,we will go for a woman candidate.

  7. Fonko Fonko

    It’s high time those who think there is a ‘wind of change’ to be realistic, otherwise they will be in shock come 2021.

    U ushufwa be finono, na pafingi tetiomfwe.

  8. Mwaba macco

    It’s actually splendid to hear some opposition leaders commend the ruling party am extremely excited because now am assured that development will proceed.

  9. John Chinena

    The other problem that HH has is how he came to be leader of that party. Purely on tribal grounds. Sakwiba would have delivered. How do you expect normal thinking Zambians of other tribes to support this party? They never appreciate what others do. All the PF needs to do now is work on corruption then 2021 elections are theirs. Anyone who says they have done nothing is decampaining their party. Even the loans people talk about, they were meant for the good of the country. Let someone tell me one district out of the more than 100 in the country that has not seen development projects. PF should just reduce the levels of corruption in the and continue developing this country.

  10. Fucked up

    Only a fool can say that there is development in this country, ignorance has got no defense,our economy is down quite alright hospitals are being built but no medicine and you call it development,loadshedding it’s 10hrs but people still saying development,am telling you the truth 2021 no rigging of elections God will not going to allow us suffering because of tribolism and stealing, elections in Zambia has become useless,we don’t forget that 2016 elections when ecl went to swear the 🕊️ Dove refused to fly, what was the meaning of that?? God’s power will be shown in our country soon

    • Mubeto

      You can see from the comments that Mr F….. is really F……. just as his name.

    • Fucked down

      🕊️ refused to fly did he ask it for it to refuse

  11. Ngoma Yamaano

    Pleas dont be fooled by the predictions of the EIU reports on the 2021 election outcomes. Read the EIU predictions before the late Michaeal Sata won the elections. You will see that the EIU report had predicated that the incumbent wpin win. However the opposition won. So let Nawakwi just dream on. Reality will teach PF and all who blindly support PF a lesson in 2021 as long as rigging of elections will be stopped by an alert opposition and a credible ECZ.

  12. molin mukiya

    anyway kaya manje just waiting to c who wil win if i wil be there lungu or hh us life goes on i dont believe any can change my life its me to work harder n achieve wat i want

  13. Thomas mwanza

    If you have seen the development then who are you to tell them that.thats not how it supposed to be..so let the people to choose who they really want…

  14. Chi's

    Like molin mukiya says.

  15. Uluse

    Pf has lamentebly failed and the way it is carrying out developmental projects is so selective. Those univerities FDD leader is referring to are localised in one region. Even if we replaced her eyes with that of an awl, she will not see any universties being belt elsewhere. She is visionless, no wonder FDD has failed to attract the Zambian people. The current cost of living is so horrible and Pf deserves no sympathy in 2021.

  16. King power

    Don’t tell us what you are thinking, you want to vote on our behalf ? 2021 we are going to speak through our votes

  17. Chimpanzee

    Shame upon to this woman, can a normal person say like this in front of people sure? Nowander in Zambia,,,,,ningatukwene

  18. lemmy hooks

    That’s true BA uluse!!!

  19. Banxs

    Truth ignorance can lead people to suffer,look my fellow citizens God gave us eyes, brain,mouth and we are all equal don’t get scared to speak the truth, truth is truth no matter how ignorant or corruption that come over at the end truth will be appears,now everyone hath seen,thinking and judge now let’s act in 2021 to show how fools we have been for westing our time to give votes for failure pf which failed to fight for his motherland (nation) to have develop many more countries was respect and fear Zambia during the rain of kk,chiluba and mwanawasa but nowadays Zambia is being insulted by pf just because of failing to developing, we rather to change the party than to ignore and become suffering again for 5years eee that is impossible,FOR THOSE WHO ARE STILL IGNORE! (1)Are you a Zambian citizens?(2)what changes you have seen for the development is it down or normal? How standard level of development of Zambia? Who brought those changes? Is it true that you cannot have anyone to stand as one-nation one-zambia working together with us like late mwanawasa or Micheal sata who has strong and forcurs? Which country you can compare to Zambia today? Are you still want to tolerate such failures to cross over 2021? ummmm I promise to deep him in ocean before he cross it(2021)may God be with us in Jesus Christ as we still continue suffering this year!!!wish all to reach 2021!!

  20. Rambo

    Even if you dance on water haters will accuse you of raising the dust. i know of one party president who is bitter and has intoxicated his members with hatred. Wickedness shall not enter 2021. Zambia is a Christian nation.

    • Leon

      Dancing can also make some one pass bad air its not only raising dust

  21. Impeachment

    All this analysis is very wrong. Its meant to make Lungu give nawakwi a post but loosing is for of no normal person can vote for pf

  22. kapita kabambi

    i think this time around am matured enough I will not throw my vote in a boring pot

  23. Sunta Sunkutu

    HH should take a more long term view of matters if he wants to win people over in 2021. He is placing too much hope in people being disgruntled by PF’s failures rather than being more explicit on what they as upnd intend to do. For example, this man believes that people will vote out lungu because of load shedding. Well picture this, the kafue lower gauge is a few months from being commissioned, this will make Zambia from a power deficit nation to a net exporter or power. In less than month Zambians will forget about the miserable years of load shedding. What is HH going to talk about in 2021??

  24. Kcm

    I thought the reporter will analyze well but as usual this zr has failed again.Let them of fail us on their own.

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