Son Gets Two Years for Stealing Dad’s Laptop

The Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has sentenced a 22-year-old man to two years imprisonment with hard labour for stealing his father’s laptop, car side mirrors and phones.

Mr Mubanga Sampa of Woodlands Chalala was charged with theft, to which he pleaded guilty.

He was reported to the police by his father Katongo Sampa after he stole two car side mirrors, an HP laptop and two Infinix phones, all valued at K6,500.

This happened between October 25 and November 1, 2019.

When he appeared before magistrate Nsunge Chanda, he admitted the charge.

Mubanga’s father noticed that some of his items had been missing in the house and investigations launched revealed that it was the accused behind the theft.

Mr Sampa reported the matter to police and his son was arrested leading to the recovery of the two side mirrors while the other items were sold.

Asked if the facts were true and correct, Mubanga responded in the affirmative and the court convicted him accordingly.

In mitigation, Mubanga pleaded for maximum leniency, saying he was sorry for his actions and that he will no longer be stealing from his father.

He asked the court not to send him to prison because he needs to re-write his science and mathematics examinations.

But magistrate Chanda said she took into consideration the mitigation, but said she needed to punish Mubanga.

She said for his father to report to the police, it meant that he was tired of his son’s behaviour.

Magistrate Chanda said she was sending him to prison so that the father can be at peace.

“You have failed your father. You can still write you exams in the correctional facility,” the magistrate said before sending Mubanga to jail for two years.


  1. Mubanga sampa

    Father zoona cleaner muchipalakasa wunfumye mu jere

    • KK

      Obviously the father had so much faith in the son later to be very disappointed to discover that he has been stealing all along.

      • Enalo

        Stealing from pocket on the left to the right is stealing from your own self. Biting the finger that feeds you. Children of these days, Learn a lesson.

  2. Mk

    Thats wat we call tough love.
    Lets hope he comes back reformed.

    • Yongwe

      Come back reformed?….He will come back with HIV…though I support what the father did….

  3. Reasoning

    Two years for stealing from his own Father is ridiculous and then you give nine months to somebody dealing in Grade A hard drugs, like Cocaine. Mind you he also readily admitted to the charge and didn’t waste the Court’s time. Zambian justice is not fair. As for the Father this ain’t tough love but stupidity, why not just chase the son from his home if he thought he was a problem or find him something to do.

  4. Sibweni

    A wise man do things 2 solve the future problem b4 leaving the house 2 affect the community,province and country at large. Very few can take a child 2 police 4 stealin frm them. Father loves son so much but he had no choice. God wil help the family 2 b 2gather at this time

  5. F7

    The deterrent principle is at work,well done magistrate Chanda.

  6. Patrick Chanda

    Law iz law well done

  7. Patrick Chanda

    The Bible sayz do not steal

  8. Thomas mwanza

    This all things sounds wired to me.he stole from is father and the Father took the matters to the p
    Cops .. you are such a father a brainless father wait you will take all of your childrens.to custody.. and the Court had to give him two years…but chipimo was Haven a single nine months for drug trafficking…. you Chanda you are a big fools animal.and if those chipimos family corrupted you just take notes that nothing Hinds forever.. you’ll ceased with you habit

  9. Emmanuel kakoso

    Teach him a lesson so that next he will not

  10. Chisha' s

    That’s the wage of stealing.

  11. Broo mars the moonshine jungle master

    Sad story

  12. ibra moudinho

    for the wages of sin is death bt the gift of GOD is entenal life.
    leap what u sow, xo de father wz jxt fine bt dng dat. let all children learn somethng from this. ask and u shal b given. sweat for sweet… hope u wl learn somethng in there…..

  13. ¶€¥¢€|

    What Foolish son you are.

  14. Zero

    The father loves his son so much and wouldn’t like his son to start breaking into people’s houses in future! Father! We are behind you.

  15. Pafa

    Everything is there your is taking you to school but you are still stealing

  16. Jimmy shaba

    I hope he will come out reformed and not a hardcore thief

  17. martin muyendekwa

    Wat goes around comes around this shows that this young man has been doing this for quiet sometime and the devil sayed now youhave to deal this alone cCose u did not complete my full task last time we made a deal,one day urs one day for the police this is watsup,
    Sometimes we as people we forget that they is God who sees I think it was just time that the father was tired of him and he was praying to catch a rat which usually steals my groundnuts…………………………all the best in prison am sure u learn a lesson next tym wen u try to make deals with satan

  18. martin muyendekwa

    One thing we forget as Africans we usually put God aside wen we have all things available but wen we have problems we remember him but that’s not things are supposed to be…….i hope now you are praying to him asking and questioning him. ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

  19. Dauzee

    That’s is the father.

  20. Machine Learning

    Seriously, this is not fair. You jail Mr Mubanga for 2years for stealing a laptop, side mirrors and a phone yet Chipimo Jr. Trafficked illegal drugs in the country and he’s only in custody for 9 months!!

  21. Bashikulu Em2A

    No parent hates his own children,but behaviour.Those that are calling the father names,just dont know what they are doing.For the father to report his son to the police,it means the son went beyond.I for one support the father.You junkies have ears,but TAMUMFWA!You eat,sleep and…freely,anso you opt to steal?Go and come back a good person.Shaaa!!

  22. Batwell

    A thief deserve such punshiment
    They say charity begins at home I salute the father the son will come back reformed after two years

  23. Jungle unchained

    Nothing has been solved, to make matters worse the son will come with rage, bitter and hard hearted.the battle has just begun.

  24. martin muyendekwa

    Yeah it’s true the battle has just begun,rite now his planing for revenge for his father wen he gets out of the prison. But wat I can advice the papa is to send him at the Village or find his own apartment were he shud no that life is not fair,that wen he will concoloka in his medulla O blankata.hats wen he will no dat stealing is a sin

  25. moses musonda

    yeah he need discipline too…..good father

  26. Nyirongo Junior

    Bitter Or No Bitter papa Is papa, good father keep it up.

  27. Enalo

    Children of these days bite the finger that feeds them. LEARN a LESSON. F Very good.

  28. LN

    Children should not take parent’s love for granted and abuse it. Well done father.

  29. Fisunge

    I don’t think he will hurt the father for those who are saying the battle has just began father is right mwebantu alcoholism

  30. marvedobankz

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