We Will Not Withdraw Bill 10 – Lubinda.

Government has maintained that it will not withdraw the constitution amendment bill number 10 of 2019 from parliament despite various calls from stakeholders to do so.

Minister of Justice Given Lubinda has also expressed disappointment with some opponents of the bill who are threatening those who in support of its enactment.

Mr. Lubinda says there is no harm in educating the people of Zambia on the contents of bill but those opposed to it should not stop others from debating it.

He says the level of anger being exhibited by some opponents of bill is uncalled for and should not be tolerated.

Mr. Lubinda explains that according to the standing order number 103, the national assembly will proceed to debate the bill number 10 and the recommendations of the select committee will be taken into consideration.

Speaking at a press briefing, Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Lubinda said it was governments intention to see to it that all the lacunas in the amended constitution of 2016 are tabled in Parliament.

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  1. Shongope

    Tuleya tulekula ka! Finshi mwasheta, ngoko mwashupa. There no way you cook a snake then you put the fish on top then u serve people to eat even after smelling some snakes inside. This will won’t help. Show us fish only

  2. Bashikulu Em2A

    Let them debate,and see the outcome.It’s either good or bad stuff is in bill 10.Who knows?

  3. Company

    If you don’t want to withdraw bill 10 yourself then we will withdraw you from government, simple and straight forward.

  4. Sibweni

    Bill 10 include in2 our constitution is good but two loses 2 form govt must b remove bcoz in the past we cried 4 50+1 electd votes 2 bcom a president.

  5. voter

    its either you withdraw bill #10 or we withdraw you from GRZ te ni next year august

  6. Thomas mwanza

    Yes debating it’s the most highly recommend..so if some folks wants to withdraw bill 10 then let them withdraw there positions

  7. ibra moudinho

    u shal knw de truth ad de truth shal set u free. mr lubinda plz tel us wat z dere in bill 10 coz u ar jxt sayin wthout conslidation of wat u meant xo plz explain b4 we withdraw u kah fishi mwashokwa nganibaje bonse tulapepa

  8. Jimmy James

    Please Sir Let the debate take place in Parliament and see the outcome. We are in a democratic country don’t put things too hard we understand you. If you really want it Let bill 10 come after elections don’t make things like the way it was with the referendum

  9. Nyengo

    Zambian culture of seeing books as toilet paper pipo can’t read bill 10 only shame it without going through it. Public discussion by opposition veiws pipo and party in govt not. God wil solve bill 10 Whether to pass it in law or not. Oppostion and govt hav points but jesus wil never 2 give us a good constitution no. We can

  10. Dauzee

    I called it Zambia.

  11. Kenneth Wright

    Please , how can I obtain a copy of ” Bill 10 ” ?


    There is a need of ensuring that the people are well enlightened on the good and bad of bill 10. And to ensure this balance, the matter need to be open for debate. Afterall we will be affected with this bill

  13. Dr Ej

    Just Withdrawal

  14. Kay Lee

    Too much education is bad.As well as too much ignorance infact both extremes are as bad.These so called educated folks like Lubinda are fond of big English words thinking we’ll all nod our heads in agreement words like “Lacunas” kkkkkk ala Iwe just tell us that this is another Animal Farm version. You think we havent been to grade 1? ala

  15. Muzungu

    Tiye nayo bill 10. Imbutuma shakulatambako fye. Imitwe ukukosa kwati ninkolokolo shamu luangwa.

  16. Voter

    We don’t want to be in Animal farm. Plz do what people want not what you want. Withdrawn bill 10.

  17. Ba sirmonk

    To the minister is it a command for one to support bill 10 or wat.in democracy pipo have the right to say yes or no,maybe I may ask wat it means by de word democracy.

  18. Leon

    These bootlickers will be surprised and will still support the withdrawal of bill10 when the President with draws this particular bill.Let’s wait and see because the same bill will also help PF in loosing with a landslide next year

  19. Ba sirmonk

    Bill 10 will be supported if contents are good,but never should one use like ma commanding words.pipo are watching or listening.

  20. viper

    What is the advantage of Bill 10 and disadvantage

  21. mercy

    What is bill 10?

  22. mapatizya

    Comment. we already know the rotten side of bill 10, so no debate pliz just throw it into the junk bin!

  23. Jason

    Last kicks of a dying pf. You can not force a horse to drink water

  24. zambian

    bill 10 or no bill 10 youths remain jobless.Finshi mwasheta?

  25. Rashed

    Mr Lubinda,this country is not your own bedroom where you can enforce your desirable rules, isn’t it? This country belong to the people of Zambia, not your family! If the majority refuse it why forcing them and what is behind that bill 10??? People of Zambia, let’s work up from slumber. Theres kickback behind this bill. We’ll live like Zimbabweans if we accept this nonsense bill. Careful because it only support those in power not us citizens!!!

  26. Ntulubindi

    Let zambian participate in law making proces coz zambia is a undemocratic goverment and not dictatorship hence we will not vote if you miss lead us dont take laws in your own pocket sir

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