15 Years In Jail For Fondling Breasts Of An 11 Year Old

The Ndola High Court has sentenced a 35-year-old man to 15 years imprisonment with hard labour for fondling breasts of an 11-year-old girl.

Lombani Kaonga was, in this case, charged with indecent assault on a female, which is contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

It was alleged that in June last year, while coming back from school at 09:00 hours where the victim was doing manual work, Kaonga forcefully grabbed her and took her to an unfinished house nearby.

The Court heard that the victim did not know what he wanted from her as they did not know each other.

According to prosecution evidence on record, Kaonga desired to be with the 11-year-old, but he pulled her when she refused.

It was heard that he put a K20 into her hands so that he could touch her, but she refused, although he managed to touch her breasts without her consent.

The court heard that Kaonga’s conduct of luring the girl attracted by-standers who apprehended him and took him to the police station.

In mitigation through his advocate, the culprit pleaded for leniency as he was a first offender who was married and was the bread winner of his family.

But Ndola High Court Judge Derrick Mulenga said although he heard the mitigation and that Kaonga was a first offender, the offence he had committed was very serious.

“Despite the many years the court has been imposing custodial sentence on this charge, the offences are not reducing, but are continuing to increase. Since you are a first offender, I will give you 15 years imprisonment with hard labour,” Justice Mulenga said.

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  1. Tulibaku Kopala

    Awe! Sure😕

  2. Bi pakhati

    Make it 30 years for the culprit, nonsense

  3. Jungle unchained


  4. Curtis

    He should have known that his wife was as satisfactory as any other woman before acting in such nonsensical behavior .

  5. Mulele

    He deserves this charge and much more, how cruel minded can a man be

  6. Mwansa

    Let him face the law

  7. hmmm

    and he is married…

    • Bana Simon

      Yes he is married and left the wife at home…….. men also!!!! you can’t understand.

  8. molin mukiya

    tumabele toyimilila twakuletelela better kugwila abakazi bako nongo anagwa

  9. Philip ngosa

    Mmmmmm 15 years, the elections are just near you can start singing songs yaba lungu I think he will do the same he did for kanene

  10. See Mind



    It’s bad to hear that and why bad things are happing here in killing and so many more please God help us Zambians

  12. Jetson

    But this people 😢

  13. Josphat banda

    Just sentence for life in prison

  14. JB


  15. Alfred snappy

    Azamuziba yesu

  16. One muzo

    He is a threat to the sosciety let him be behind bars for recollection services

  17. Herv Rena

    Iwe ci Kaonga,cimutumbuka,vimahule unandi sure Ne fya K20..

  18. Mathews Ziba


  19. LN

    Good! The court I’d doing well. Punish morally rotten adulterous men and women and all homosexuals.

  20. Kamz g s

    Yachepa I think castration will be the best m a voluteer I huv all the tools a budizor rubber ND a surgical razor no problem

  21. P.Malo

    Awe imwe sure, ukutonyafye amabele 15yrs? Cocaine 9months, corruption ma adjourn, Murder 5yrs. Ninshi tuleya kwisa.Fakani mutima nu nyama ba Judge that’s too much.

    • Anthobalacho

      Sure true baleba fare murder 5yrs, ama ratuel killer balebaleka God come n help us

  22. Sacb gtg

    Bad manners release your friend it’s part of life

  23. Hand side sakuwa

    Think of his children ,how will be the situation in terms of education

  24. one zulu

    What a shameful as old as he is, abombeleko icalo

  25. Jay kings

    Some people mwandi

  26. Michael

    The judge isn’t fair. He’s acting as if he doesn’t have the head ata 😢
    How can the man be imprisoned for 15years after all it’s not even murder… Corruption… Treason.
    Be fair when passing judgement upon your fellow people… Foolish Judge

    Issues of corruption are pardoned but this one, you must have a sense of humor upon your fellows…. Rubbish Judge.

  27. Ba sirmonk

    Kutumpa uku ye chop off his 3pin plug not 15years yachepa saaaaaaaaana.the guy is an hazard same as ilibwe pa mine.

  28. ZP

    He is very stupid

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