More African Countries Could Soon Be Caught In The Cross-Hairs Of US Immigration Clampdown

Three years after issuing a controversial travel ban, initially slapped on seven Muslim-majority countries, the Trump administration is planning to expand the ban to, reportedly, include four more African countries: Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania and Eritrea. The others are: Belarus, Myanmar and Kyrgyzstan.

While not disclosing the countries set to be affected, Trump confirmed the plans on the sidelines of World Economic Forum in Davos. An  announcement of the additional countries could be made as early as Monday.

Given the legal challenges the initial travel ban faced following which a watered-down version was implemented, additional countries are unlikely to face a blanket ban on all citizens. Instead, possible restrictions may include travel bans issued to government officials or issuing shorter-term visas on citizens. However, an inclusion on the travel ban list will likely result in increased scrutiny for visa applicants from the countries affected.

Some of the African countries that could be affected already have some history with the Trump administration.

Nigeria, the most high-profile country under consideration, has particularly come under focus from the White House. With Nigeria accounting for the third highest number of US visa overstays in 2018, the Trump administration has become tougher on Africa’s largest economy.

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