Falsehoods Behind Copperbelt Riots As Police Deploys 150 Officers To Chingola

Copperbelt Province Police Commissioner, Charity Katanga has disclosed that more than 150 police officers have been deployed to keep vigil in Chingola following continued riots.

Chingola has witnessed a number of riots and looting of shops by residents in Chiwempala over alleged ritual killings in their communities. Mrs. Katanga has advised residents in Chingola to allow the police to do their work and avoid disturbing them in order to restore sanity.

And Acting Inspector General of Police Eugene Sibote has dispelled online reports suggesting that there are rampant cases of ritual killings in Chingola and surrounding towns on the Copperbelt Province.

Mr. Sibote said the videos and audios being circulated on social media of purported crimes have not been committed in Zambia. He added that the content being circulated is intended to cause fear, alarm and despondency among the general public.

“So far the Zambia Police Service has not recorded any such incidents in any part of the Republic of Zambia. Further the public may be consoled by the fact that no family has so far registered a loss of their family member as depicted in the videos being circulated,” he said.

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  1. dance

    Is it true or not over the ritual killings in chingola:others are saying it is true , others are saying it is not!! Now, which one is the correct information?

    • Concern chingola citizen

      Ritual killing true it happened anyone disputing . let him ask himself .why, how what . the source and cause of riot and rooting the suspected ritual killers . there is no smoke without fire. Frankly speaking ritual brutal killing happened in chingola chikola loop area where a family was invaded and the family members cut by swords and a woman killed in cold blood. And what is happening now several misterous things is happening every night . we are not sure if thieves or the witches have taken advantage to join the the ritual killers . because now people are not sleeping freely . some families are based and loosing lives. Also the beating of people are caused by the neighborhood watch formed. These people are taking advantage to use the group and are the ones beating people together with the group leaders who are police men. The only thing which has not pleased the chingola residents are the words which the I G had spoken. Pls Mr IG of police can you reverse your statement . in chingola there is no peace these days. People have sleepless nights they are working as if they are police officers . pls beef up with more police officers or employ more police officers . if thee are people feeding that chingola is peaceful pls they are just fooling you. Just fire them .may be they are behind what is happening in chingola. If you fail transfer them to other station they are very corrupt . the arrest innocent people and collect money poor citizen pls help us remove bad eggs from police service . including the traffic police these people care also brutal they have contributed to the crime going on in chingola in one way or another.

  2. Saga

    Dance there’s ritual killing in chingola but I don’t know why these people are saying there’s no killing I think the police are behind the situation


    Police in kitwe comment on miseshi natwange story is it true that one of your officer was chocked in the house during the investigation

  4. Sam jr

    The situation is quite bad Police officers should not shun about it rather they should take active action to eliminate this immoral active in our country we are pleading.

  5. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    True or false?

  6. Squeezer simfukwe

    Pliz do something…pLiz…police

  7. solwezi

    ?????? dnt say there no killing in chingola cause Napa solwezi bafika

    PA solwezi there is no move around 19hrs

  8. Veteran

    Chingola residents please, tell us what is realy on the ground!

  9. Fisunge

    Please our police Zambia don’t confuse us Even further if it was not serious I don’t think all those ministers could have come the police Shud not come on TV and start telling the nation that there no killings instead of calming the public that they’re doing everything possible to stop everything so Mr of defence and home affairs please sit down and help each other,where is the minister of religious affairs?she Shud start constituting prayers to this effect this can be true or false so please our officers do what you can do to curb this vice because this can bread other things this is not our Zambia we know

    • Samantha

      Yes you correct, police do your job that’s the reason you are there to save your people….

  10. Shadrick matimba

    What can 150 police man do ganist a whole town don’t we have shame! Give people Jobs their are many unimployed Youths in this country who are fit to be in police NOT ATI KANO NAUKWATA G12 CERTIFICATE KWATI EKALA KUPELA AMAKA, this is why even our country is poor because of poor mentality.

  11. Ubwafya

    Kalulushi, St Joseph nabafika.

  12. Mpundu

    Hello country men am a resident of Chingola to tell the truth this an update get it clear the situation in Chingola is bad those saying that the situation is calm they are lying.people here not sleeping to fear being gassed. This ritual killers what they are doing now there fuming toxic chemicals through ventrretions last night two people died this morning in mine area after gassed by the same people .police are falling to patrol in the community there just patrolling in their vihecles on the tyres roads.I think the politicians have a hand in this because the gorvement cont fail to cub the situation the bad part it these people are disappearing turning into cats ,dogs & other forms of animals .pliz pastors in Chingola call for prayers we are not sleeping let God intervene there are a lot to writ about this .who ever is involved in this will not win the election

  13. Chingola residents

    Ati falsehood Kikikiki as Chingola residents we are suffering and all you can say is that we are spreading propaganda, here is the truth to my fellow Zambians Chingola residents are suffering we fear for our lives the people who are supposed to protect as by providing us with security are the ones posting this may God have mercy on you…It is your obligation do something as soon as possible we are not begging you we are asking because it is our right.

  14. musonda mwewa moses

    you people tell us the true because one of police officer she told us on znbc radio 2 that there’s no ritual killers ……now the provebs say there is smoke without fire…..I think u police officers
    you know where ritual killers come from

  15. Jungle unchained

    But sibote is based in Lusaka not chingola, what is on ground might be true guys but not through instructions.sibote must be tamed, he’s a stray dog.

  16. Mponda syn

    I think all u are saying are true because these senarials are happening the whole z even at mumbwa these people nabapena ai, so people the only great weapon to use is the word of the Greator(God) of everything on earth not cham no.

  17. Take Off Migos Y.R.N

    We know that the politicians are behind this.You guys are killing our innocent people for your fuckless reasons.I swear to you,any idiot behind this,the blood of these innocent souls you are taking will be on your hands.You shall never see peace or success in your life.There is no way you can start killing people for no reason.And we know that the police and other government dogs know what the secrete is here and that’s why there are saying that these ritual killings are just rumours.My God have a hand on anybody that ordered you to kill people for your blood sacrifices so that you become rich and win elections.

    • giv dollar

      you are right.w

    • Da rt

      I think you are right about this bro. The blood of these innocent people Will be on them. Don’t forget that the spiritial eye of our LORD is seeing you … it’s only between you and God. Let God rescue us from this. Curse you’all that are behind this you will have not peace in your entire life in “JESUS'” name. May God punish you severely.

  18. runner

    I want to know why police officers
    are not doing anything about the ritul killing
    in chamboli…

  19. Blu Kheed

    A friend shared a picture of someone he knew who was gassed to death by these killers.

    • giv dollar

      the lady who sells vegetables to us was spread wit medicines n she has bn admitted to change general hospital

    • Mark

      Can anybody provide names of victims and proof of death ? You say there is no smoke without fire, but what if the fire is a falsehood ?

  20. Levels

    It is very true. I come from chingola. They are just trying to avoid the riotous behaviour that is taking place in chingola this is why they are hiding the true info!!

    • giv dollar

      they are working together.God will deal with them all

  21. Giv dollar

    I stay just near the chiwempala police station and to say the truth, I’ve been attacked twice but reporting to the police is a waste of time it’s as if the police are working with the criminals or they are following using orders from their criminal bosses.on Sunday minister of defense Davies chama, minister of home affairs Stephen kampyongo and kakoma kanganja police IG came to worsen the situation here in chingola by refusing the police and soldiers from offering their security services to the community and blinding us hence announcing that thy are no attacks.God

  22. Giv Dollar

    They can cheat pipo bt God will expose them all,if they are politicians,they can’t win with pipo z blood,if they are farmers their farms will be dry,if they are business men and women their businesses will fail,if they are musicians no one will listen to their music and if they are civil servants one day they will regret this.God will deal with them

  23. givdollar

    I’m suspecting the police

  24. Black

    Just wait when cholera breaks Lusaka, soldiers will be sent to fight but they cant sent them to come here just to protect uwababikile pa chambaso………..
    2021 is coming…………

  25. Chanda chileshe

    Zambia is a Christian nation we are protected by the blood of Jesus Christ

  26. Leave a Reply

    I think it’s now one Zambia 49 nation, when these people dying they don’t know what they are dying for……,…. IG instruct your team to arrest those zombies behind this otherwise no rise pa zed

  27. Jetson p smooth

    So the iG is saying those videos r not in Zambia 😡 then we’re we’re those mother fuckers using bemba ah😡😠if u was to say something bad about Mr President I will be hunted down within 24 hours but some m fucker posts a video calling someone yet they say it’s not in Zambia wait till child dies u will open your shit n know that is in our mother land 😠😠😠

  28. Mosquito

    What kind of government is this

  29. Kaumba james

    What is truth prevailing on the ground kanshi? Police are saying there is not a such a thing but now why deployment is taking place, propaganda in all circle, call a spade a spade before more lives is lost.

  30. Kaumba james

    What is truth prevailing on the ground kanshi? Police are saying there is not a such a thing but now why deployment is taking place, propaganda in all circle, call a spade a spade before more lives is lost.

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