No One Has Informed Us Of Any Appointment Of A New Coach – Minister of Sports

Sports Minister Hon. Emmanuel Mulenga has refuted claims of having received a report of recruitment of Micho as National Team Coach.

Hon. Mulenga says he is not aware of the process FAZ used to appoint the coach as he was not informed at any point. The Minister has since advised FAZ to use the right procedure of communicating with the ministry.

Meawhile the minister has refuted claims of football interference as claimed by some stakeholders.

But when FAZ was contacted for comment, it said the procedure it used to advertise, identify and select the coach was the one that the Ministry had advised.

FAZ said, on the 21st of this month, a letter was prepared, addressed to the Permanent Secretary, and delivered to the same office the same morning to confirm compliance to the earlier requirements and to inform the Ministry of the outcome.

“Sir, we are pleased to inform you that having followed the due process as guided by your office, the Executive Committee finally picked Mr. Milutin “Micho” Sredolevic as a new Senior National Coach,” read in part the letter by FAZ to the Ministry.

In the same letter, FAZ requested that the Coach resumes his assignment on Monday the 27th of January, 2020 in view of the very tight upcoming schedule for the Senior National Team.

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  1. Yona Chikonde

    He Is A Good Coach Ba Faz Nice One

  2. william banda

    kamanga is too corrupted in football house and selfish interest, it’s now time to change things in football

  3. Tulibaku Kopala

    His A Good Coach, But Let’s Hope He Delivers Weh!

  4. Kelvin

    Mr minister pls don’t bring politics in football pls we don’t want umusebanya the coach is right for the chipolopolo boy he as experience in Africa football and as eon trophies with some big teams in Africa ………………

  5. batito

    we will see what will happen

  6. B-Flo


  7. Misheck

    I think minister is working wth kalu . Hon dnt bring politics

  8. Goodson

    this is the best way

  9. Sataaaaalaaa

    Useless minister let coach coming into Zambia,

  10. Terrorist

    You Minister are you really sure with what you have saying, how can you remain dataless concerning that issues of hiring the National Team Coach ?? Stop lying us iweee ! Let Micho come and put every thng in control.

  11. gupta

    Today u are blaming de minister 2lose or 3 draws down on de road same pipo ‘ll point fingers at kamanga Mark my word

  12. ZESCO

    Mr Minister… I think muzavuta manji… Its Bad manners kuvuta munzako… Let FAZ work on Football related matters.. 2021.. No secret Ballot.. Its such secrets that hav made us suffer.. U vote… U show us..

  13. AAA

    Commentlet the new selected coach do his work, not politics again in football.

  14. ibra moudinho

    nish wen selectin a coach do we involve politicx?let ba faz chuz de coach ad 4 de minister itx nt yo concern yoz z 2 jxt gv de new coach wat z required xo dat de team cn prepare 4 de upcumin dutiz,no politicx in futbo if it z nt xo let de mintr b de coach

  15. Tembo


  16. Vibe

    Useless minister, let FAZ work without interference atase ifyabupuba

  17. Twn

    Maybe he will lead the team to the 2022 world cup and Afcon.

  18. Kwandaman

    It looks like nothing good comes out of FAZ in the eyes of the current sports minister. Soon we will be kicked out of FIFA/CAF for political interference! The minister is not up to any good!

  19. Angoni

    This Minister wants ruin football prospect for Zambia, let him look for the money for the Coach. the problem with him is that he thinks he is the faz president and has Kalusha Bwalya in mind who he supports. Please leave football its the only thing that unite our Country

  20. mwenda

    he z a gud guy, we(nation and I) have seen him de way he transformed pirates and de way he was using our players wen he was there… All I can say z tht , all de best micho…

  21. Matumbo

    Does the Minister want FAZ to directly send letters to him. Ask his secretary for correspondence. He is usually interfering in the running of FAZ

  22. Kamz g s

    Ba minister it’s too much just bcoz kulu was not involved n de selection process do not bring politics n de beautiful game of soccer

  23. Saghdf

    Minister leave your friends

  24. Razor

    Minister try to ask your PS before commenting and making a fool of yourself just like you did when you tried to force matters to change the FAZ constitution.

  25. Beston kangwai Goodson

    You minister are you not in a country not knowing what is gowning in your ministry uli chikopo thats why of lacking communication.

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