Police Are In Control Assures District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu

Some schools in Kitwe, among them the Bread of Life School, have sent pupils home following a spate of riots and rumours of ritual killings, with strict security measures implemented to safeguard the safety of the children.

However, District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu has allayed the fears, saying the police are in control of the situation.

The riots, which started in Chingola, have now spread to Kitwe, with residents of Luangwa township stoning a police station after word went round that police officers were keeping a suspected ritual killer.

The volatile situation on the Copperbelt Province has forced some schools to either close temporarily or send back the pupils home.

Bread of Life Church School in Kwacha Township has since informed parents that the school will be back in operation on Monday next week.

“Every child should be brought and taken home by his/her parent/guardian for the safety of the child due to the on going issue in the community. Kindly note that tomorrow (today) Thursday and Friday, children will not be learning due to the same issue mentioned. However, they will have to report for school on Monday 27th January 2020. No minor will be allowed to take any child when knocking off. Please take note,” the letter signed by School Manager Betty Ngwezi stated.

But Mpundu says the district is safe for all.

“It is just rumours going on but all is well in the district. The police are on top of things,” Mpundu said.

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  1. Offset Migos Y.R.N

    We knw that political parties are behind this.We aren’t blind to see what’s going on! You guys are killing our innocent people for your own fuckless selfishness.The innocent blood being shed will be on your hands.That’s why these bunches of fools called “police” are not doing anything because they knw the secrete.You are even giving us stupid hope as if we are happy with your idiocty!

  2. Gushi

    Only God knows people I tell u that this killing where happening in Kitwe is just the time God will fight this bato ur know same of the gorvt members they myte be part of the killings happening

  3. G.O.D

    only GOD can protect us not this police officers so guyz let us jst join hand in prayer

  4. Mwa

    God will expose u idiots behind this ritual killings
    How can you say there are no ritual killings in chingola whilst people are being killed??
    You are a bigger FOOL

  5. Bryson

    This is bad and totally foolish for the government of zambia we’re tired and sick of this demonic situation that our brothers and sisters are facing in chingola how dare are you to call it a rumors you Satan are you part of it or what but God will punish severely people are been killed almost everyday then you are saying that its just the rumors going do know how its feels like to lose your beloved one in that way


    DC mpundu is the kind of people that we need in Kitwe.The young man is very sharp and intelligent.I saw the way he was interacting with Nkana west residents during the security community meeting at Rhokana Basic School.

  7. keysia

    I wish these killers can attack if possible kill every person saying that ritual killings in chingola are just rumors. you think we are happy staying awake during the night instead of sleeping may God punish you

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