Videos Of Purported Ritual Killings On The Copperbelt Is Mere Propaganda To Cause Fear – ZP.

Acting Inspector General of Police Eugene Sibote has dispelled online reports suggesting that there are rampant cases of ritual killings in Chingola and surrounding towns on the Copperbelt Province.

Mr. Sibote says the videos and audios being circulated on Social media of purported crimes have not been committed in Zambia.

“We would like to urge the Public to ignore these calculated falsehoods being peddled on various social media platforms and advise the general public to seek clarification from the Police whenever they are faced with any matter of security concern. From our preliminary investigations and findings these video incidents being circulated do not depict incidents that have occurred and recorded in Zambia. These videos originate from other countries but merely edited to suit the evil agenda of those behind their circulation,” he explained.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police adds that the videos or audios being circulated are intended to cause fear, alarm and despondency among the general public.

“So far the Zambia Police Service has not recorded any such incidents in any part of the Republic of Zambia. Further the public may be consoled by the fact that no family has so far registered a loss of their family member as depicted in the videos being circulated.
We also would like to warn all those behind such falsehoods that we shall soon catch up with them and they will be held accountable for their actions. We therefore appeal to the general public to go about their businesses with the full assurance that the Police is working round the clock to bring these alarmists to book,” he said.

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  1. PM

    Work around the clock to bring ritual killers to book and not alarmists. Next you will be accusing the opposition of being behind these videos.

    • Brian

      If it is the power they want they will never get it. Never ever will they rule this country. We the same people who are suppose to vote for them are watching from afar. Don’t underestimate Zambians!

  2. Jorginho GS #14

    Gatwamwikata tukamufunda ipapa wy killing people like animals ad u busy supporting them .tamwakwata amano

  3. want the truth

    not ukulalanda na sana

  4. CHIZE

    When we had cholera cases in Lusaka there was army deployment in large numbers our families are being killed only for us to be told to keep quiet on this matter.
    We want the the army to step in this is serious.

  5. Bashikulu Em2A

    What benefit are you gaining by circulating false videos,tarnishing your own country to the outside world?You get videos of other countries,and you say chingola this and that?Whoever did that,dont forget that zicta is there ka!If you are paid by God knows who,tell that one off and that God’s time is the best.No short-cut in life!

    • Noah Chabinga

      Do u stay in Chingola

    • Elmerian

      If you don’t have anything sensible to say just keep quiet. You think it’s easy leaving in fear that you and your family might be the next people to be hacked by these people.

      The problem is that you like politicizing everything happening.

  6. Steven

    Sir you have abused your power by saying there’s no killing in chingola

  7. Macmillan

    Comment are you you inspector there no killing in copperbelt?

  8. Peace

    The only way to escape this year’s calamities is to move closer to God.lets all pray for our country.

    • Ashley bwalya

      Yes let God help Zambians through this hard time.

  9. Fucked up

    May someone who stays in chingola to tell us the truth because we are not sleeping safe here in Lusaka than before,if it’s true that there is some ritual killing there stand up and tell the Minister the truth.

  10. Gondwe R.

    The police officers has not yet recorded such incidents…..?

  11. Kalulushi

    In kalulushi they are not sleeping,baleipaya, nachiba mu hospital lelo kuli mpumo.

  12. Chingola Residents

    Am from Chingola, this inspector is not telling the truth, the truth of the matter is that he has failed to do his duty as the police ought to do, we don’t sleep here it’s attack after attack. Just recently today a school was attacked and the people behind the killing spread some kind of chemicals if you want to know the truth ask the people of Chingola do you think people are stupid enough to protest or riot if there are no such cases? We live in fear as Chingola residents here he is spreading false news may God have mercy on you…… We are calling the news medias to come and interview the people here and see who is spreading propaganda

  13. lusaka

    Once u caught one of them tech them arcoding to what they ar doing please donr let them

  14. Chingola

    Mr IG you’re speaking nonsense, how can you say there no ritual incidences here in chingola are people stupid enough to be stubbing and cutting and suffocating themselves,,think Mr IG ..
    We are the victims here ,we are having sleepless nights !!!!

  15. Ba Kitwe

    The inspector is not saying that there are no killings happening, he is saying that the videos and audios circulating on social media are no where related to the reported killings so far received by the police. The context here is the videos and audios circulating on social media which are not the true reflection of what is obtaining on the ground. What is important here though is to put our efforts together to deal with this problem.

  16. Lusaka

    Some one told me that children were injured in Kitwe near nakadoli market any one to comment if it’s true or not

  17. Bellie

    Why are denying when you know from deep down your heart that these ritual killings are just happening in Zambia? Wake up Zambia!

    • Jac's jay

      Some people, especially our leaders need total deliverance in Zambia

  18. Bellie

    It’s a shame that the police will only wakeup when there’s a mass killing in the country. As far as I know, the police should be patrolling, 24/7. With or without ritual killings. Zambia wakeup!

  19. Bwalya

    Let’s wait and see

  20. Elmerian

    Apparently, we only take things seriously when it’s us experiencing it. God is watching you, imwe ba Inspector.
    God will remember how you have neglected the people in need of your service…the service you vowed to render when you put on that badge.
    God will surely remember how you have left the people of Chingola at the mercy of these murderers.
    And he shall do so in the time when calamity will be upon you.

  21. mwansa mwansa

    Ba inspector so u cant see whats going on in zambia? Do u think people in zambia are all giving out the false stories? Wait we shall show u how this country is pantu pa radios balelanda pelyanshi limo line but imwe mulekana twebeni limbi mwalipapamo ama half te? Only few days remains zambia to react.

  22. Zambian Meleki

    Are you sure that these people are not telling the truth?

  23. Mwaiseni ktk

    And if there are any killings report to the police and media and don’t upload old videos from outside .iam also thinking in the same way as the minister.iam in Kitwe and I haven’t come across such and yet they are saying ritual killers are here and they are already killing…I was also in chingola try to investigate more and listen to the family’s of the victims yet I can’t find any…except for people are spraying chemicals bla bla….

    • A.chanda

      Stop misleading the nation, you imbecile. what you head in Kitwe are just near misses. The more people that are being gassed were just on the verge to be killed had it not been the kind concern of the neighbours. Open up your eyes and perceive the reality of those brainwashed fools that are killing our beloved families on the copperbelt. we are appealing to the government and wise opposition leaders to find means and possible ways to crack down whoever is responsible for the death of our innocent families. we can’t continue spending sleepless nights and living in fear when we have our trained commando’s and soldiers.

  24. Joseph Mwamba

    At least clinics and hospitals have records of people poisoned by chemical sprays
    every day , whichh our Sharp and ever hard working police seem not to be aware of . And after the chemical spray our plolice are still struggling to know the next intention of those spraying the chemical.

  25. King David

    You know I am also puzzled on how our Zambian Police operate…….Mr. IG you say we should just go on and live our normal lives, while you are protected having your junior Police officers guarding your house…..I’m sorry, I love and cherish my family too much .
    Today I received a call from my Uncle who resides in Chingola and he said that his house was attacked last night the 24th of January 2020 at around 22hrs, thank God they are all safe. Can you please ensure that your offices are patrolling 24/7, surely if there are constant patrols in all areas, the attackers would either Chicken out or eventually be caught……what is the problem????? fuelo kulibe muma galimoto???? Ti zonke tifakemo fuelo, so that aggressive patrols are done.

  26. Roger Wong

    Believing in nonsense is a real problem in Zambia.

    Witchcraft and other superstitions are widely believed among Zambians.

    The Zambian government needs to bring education and enlightenment to its people.

    I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Zambia five years ago and I saw first hand how Zambians believe in witchcraft and other superstitions.

    Instead of working to educate its people the Zambian government is full of corruption and theft.

    Money that should go to schools goes to the pockets of corrupt thieving government officials.

    How is Zambia supposed to become a modern developed nation if its people are uneducated and stupid and ignorant?

    What is the Zambian government doing to bring education and enlightenment to its people?

    I worry about the future of Zambia.

    When I read an article such as this one I am reminded of how far behind Zambia is and how much work needs to be done.

    And I am reminded of how corrupt the Zambian government is and how money that should go to schools goes to the pockets of corrupt thieving government officials.

    The Zambian people need education and enlightenment.

    I had a wonderful time in Zambia and hope to come back to visit someday.

  27. Cool

    what is happen in chingola, i feel bad becouse smoke canot appere without fire. the chingola residents they are crying for help, pliz gov do somethng before its to late. our brothers, sisters ,mothers, fathers, grandparents and our fulture leaders they are leaving in fear as if this home doesent belong to them, wake up Zambia. AND to those whose are killing soon u will be cought in jesus name, and u will never proceede to the next level no matter what unless u said these world belong to u.
    Poor mind makes the country to be poor.
    A country with a lot of commados felling to hear the cry of our beloved ones. May GOD REVIEW THE TRUTH IN COPPERBELT IN THE BLOOD OF JESUS, LET IT BE SO. LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST DONT WORK FOR THE DEVIL, LEARN TO FEAR GOD …

  28. Tembo

    These people they want to make us live in fear, ahh! God is there to protect us.

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