Zambian Breweries Plc Dragged To Lusaka High Court!

A Siavonga resident has dragged Zambian Breweries Plc to the Lusaka High Court after he consumed beer contaminated with fungi.

Mr. Oliver Muunga is now claiming damages for personal injuries after he allegedly consumed the contaminated Castle lager.

He is further claiming general and special damages, costs and any other relief the court may deem fit.

Mr. Muunga is also claiming K7,500 as medical expenses, transport fares to and from the hospital as well as loss of earnings.

In a statement of claim filed in court, Mr. Muunga stated that on February 28, 2019, he bought a Castle lager at Indaba Pub and Grill popularly known as “Supu yambuzi”, which the bar attendant opened.

Mr. Muunga stated that after drinking half of the beer, he immediately got nauseous and started vomiting profusely.

He stated that he inspected the bottle and discovered some residues and settled matter at the bottom of the bottle.

Mr. Muunga stated that he was treated for food poisoning while the beer in question was submitted to the hospital which sent it for analysis at the Foods and Drugs Laboratory where results revealed that it was contaminated with fungi.

Mr. Muunga added that when he contacted the manufacturer, they offered to replace the beer but he declined.

He then sued Zambian Breweries in the Siavonga Magistrates’ Court, claiming K250,000 but he was advised that the lower court had no jurisdiction to hear the matter, causing him to sue in the High Court.

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  1. Bashikulu Em2A

    January things

  2. Kabs

    That is Mr.Muunga for you.January is bad.Learn to serve money for January in advance.

  3. Kajinta

    Mr Muunga knows how to deal with Janworry.

  4. Kasamwa FwatiConse

    consequences of taking Alcohol …..Wine is a mocker ..

  5. Ok

    For the first time, beer drinking paying back. Well done!

  6. viper

    This is true it also happened to me people I bought a big eagle after drinking around 24:00 I started vomiting and having diarrhoea at the same time for an hour it was bad thought I would die but thank God I recovered after taking too much water ……..

  7. kool

    following the story, the Zambian breweries should just improve on their startands, and compersate the man , i love local products.

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