Let’s The Embrace Spirit Of Dialogue, Urges Minister Of Sports, As FAZ Reports Him To FIFA

In the latest twist to the FAZ – Ministry of Sports misunderstandings, FAZ has reported Sports Minister, Hon. Emmanuel Mulenga, to FIFA, for alleged interference in the running of football in the country.

The Sports Minister has confirmed, saying FAZ has accused him of trying to change the association’s Constitution, ahead of its elective AGM this March. The Ministry of Sports, through the National Sports Council, will write to FIFA to clarify on the allegations made by FAZ.

The FAZ President, Mr. Kamanga, in the said letter to FIFA wrote, “Of particular concern, is the Honourable Minister of Sports’ intention to review the FAZ constitution which matter was brought to your attention in my letter addressed to the Hon. Minister of Sports dated 20th August, 2019 on page 7 (copy attached).”

In the letter, he alleges that the Minister of Sports suspects that the Executive Committee inserted the Ethics Committee in the FAZ statutes in the amended 2017 FAZ Constitution to stop certain individuals from contesting elections and the Minister wishes that the Ethics Committee be removed.

That, according to Football House, is the bone of contention and had little, at the time of writing the letter, to do with the selection of the National Coach.

But the Minister, on the Red Hot Breakfast Show, this morning, wondered why Mr. Kamanga rushed to FIFA when he could have first approached the FAZ Patron who is his boss as Minister of Sports. He has since urged FAZ to avoid conflict by embracing the spirit of dialogue.

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  1. Mule

    Mr Minister you were asking for a bone, now you have been given a chance to chew it with FIFA

    • FAZ failures

      FAZ needs to raise its own money for the national coach salary. Government does not pay for ZAAA coaches or Zambia rugby coaches or basketball coaches so who does FAZ think they are?

  2. John Phiri

    There is no smoke without fire bwana Minister. I believe you must have said something directly or indirectly that prompted FAZ to complain to FIFA.

    • Leave our football alone

      No FAZ just wants Zambia to be banned by FiFA. But bailasha fifa won’t and Kamanga should be kicked out of Zambian soccer

    • pzuze

      Dear sir,does it mean u have yo own coach whom u want to take this job,but remember that its not yo job let the coach whom the faz has chosen to start working as soon as possible we dont have time we want to we want to go to africa cup next year corrupt minister.

  3. Bandaf


    • Edison

      Ubututuiwe Zambia may be banned from all FIFA organized tournaments.

    • Shikantwa

      FIFA normally would suspend or expel the Zambian tram

  4. Twaileta

    That’s why there’s is a bedroom to table sensitive matters. They would have find means & ways to resilute than exposing themselves. This simply indicates as if we are not capable of finding solution as the sovereignty state. We are colonies in minds. Very childish decision by Faz. Weather the Minister is wrong or right,the matter will be twisted in support of the Minister.

  5. Kcm

    Kudos to faz,mulenga needs to have boundaries on how to run football affairs,football is an independent govt that does not tolerate politics.Now dance to the tunes of fifa and let faz do their best till their term is over.

  6. Edison

    Mulenga should be worrying about The Chipolopolo pLaying Tunisia soon without a permanent coach. If he doesn’t like FAZ choices of coaches let him name one and let’s get on with preparations

  7. Uncle Marvin

    Mr Bwana Honorable E Mulenga twamipapata leave our beautiful game through FAZ alone in Jesus’ name. AMEN🙏🙏🙏

  8. Fisunge

    We’re not worried about the minister getting involved were worried about being banned maybe for 10years without playing elsewhere kamanga has just failed faz and he wants to put all the blame on the minister he’s such a dull fool he could have thought of the consequences first and then report suppose were found wanting

  9. masauso

    Comment Please why can’t you leave the man alone. since assuming office its battle after battle why can’t he work in peace. please. bwana minister yo office is too big for you to be coming out like that. remember you are representing the head of state so be careful. av u seen how my president comes out nangu nafibipa he always uses wisdom to handle things lean from him

    • Fonko Fonko

      True, Kamanga is not a leader. He has failed football but wants to put the blame on the Minister. The minister could have been wrong but this is not the best way he ( kamanga) could have handled the case. His actions has just exposed his weakness… collaboration skills.
      Kamanga kuya bebele!

  10. Micheal siame

    Ba minister plz respect yo self

  11. Youth movement

    Please fellow Zambians lets be real,I don’t see anything wrong with kamanga just give him chance coz from the way I see things the man is being treated unfairly.

  12. Sunzu

    Mr Emmanuel mulenga know your opposition Constitution is not bill 10

  13. Razor

    The ethics committee is there to make sure former thieves who stole money from FAZ or even current thieves who have cases of stealing within their clubs are not eligible to contest for a post in FAZ. This is so because FAZ just wants clean people to contest and not allow anyone with a questionable character to get into the FAZ committee for personal gain. This is the clause which the Minister wants removed so that his fellow thieves who have promised him a share of whatever they intend to steal from FAZ coffers can also get into the FAZ committee. They FAZ were right to report him to FIFA so that he is stopped from removing this clause from the constitution and in turn stop the thieves from getting into FAZ for purposes of looting.

    • Joe Denly

      The ministry pays the FAZ coach so don’t label what he does as interference. he should be involved in certain issues. FAZ were wrong to report him to FIFA Kamanga should pay the coach

      • Kuwayawaya

        Ba Joe Denly…so u wanted kamanga to report the minister to ECL don’t put politics in football guys….

  14. Buta

    The minister is always into faz issues I don’t
    know what’s wrong between him and faz president because he is always against faz

  15. Raban sengo

    Ba minister try to control things pantu its lik ba kamanga nabafilwa.

  16. Fisunge

    Mwebantu kamanga has surely failed nothing tangible is coming from football apart from wasting taxpayers money it’s better to give the money to the needy or buy drugs for the hospital than support the national team who doesn’t want to win games for reasons based on themselves

  17. Man of substance

    Politics in football sure where are we going

  18. One Mate

    The time is coming,we will harvest the results.

  19. Kamz g s

    Ba mule u re not the minister of FAZ but rather sport ur ministry z broad y so much interest n football house matters mulefwaya ukulyamo or may be u huv a hinden agenda let kamanga run football affairs indpendent without any external interference u re there to advice

  20. ibra moudinho

    itx mo lyk futbo has turned in2 politicx manje, wetha zambia gt banied frm futbo us we shal stl watch internal gamez lyk brazil & barca dey wl stl mak us luv futbo,xo EM & AK tel us wat wet wrong b4 itx 2late.u leap wat u sow.dnt b nut cracker 2 echothr..

  21. the jackson five

    Leave faz alone please minister

  22. Bob

    Wat does Kananga by interfering! Wen setting up big stage soccer competition, government is brought to provide funds. At such snario, no interference by Minister. Now dat elections are around the corner, Mulenga becomes an enemy. Government runs sports activities in the country, full stop!

  23. TJ

    Zambians should be patriotic and be proud of being Zambians .Lets table solving sensitive issues ourselves before seeking for foreign help

  24. Reasoning

    Kamanga is a Chililalila always quick to report to the outside world before tabling the issue with local stakeholders of which the government is key. He’s just a failure trying to transfer his failure on others he should just shoulder the blame, period.

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