Zimbabwean Billionaire Masiyiwa Doles Out Cash To End Nationwide Doctors’ Strike

By Nii Ntreh

A nationwide strike involving Zimbabwe’s public sector doctors has been negotiated to an end thanks to a donation by the country’s richest man, telecoms businessman, Strive Masiyiwa.

The four-month strike had paralyzed healthcare delivery in Zimbabwe. The over 2,000 doctors were protesting poor salaries which they hoped would be adjusted for the country’s 500% inflation.

But Masiyiwa, who owns Econet Wireless and worth some $1.1 billion, agreed with doctors to go back to the hospitals while he disburses $6.25 million through his charity, Higherlife Foundation.

Zimbabwe’s public doctors earn about $200. But Masiyiwa’s measure will take care of six months of $300 salaries for 2,000 doctors.

A statement on Tuesday from the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) said the doctors have accepted the offer and are going back to work.

“In light of the recent development, the ZHDA wants to extend its gratitude to the Higherlife Foundation for extending its offer once again to all government doctors. The ZHDA is encouraging its entire membership to go and apply for the training fellowship before the stipulated deadline,” said the statement signed by Tawanda Zvakada, the group’s acting general secretary.

Zimbabwe is yet to emerge from a near-decade of economic difficulty that stagnated growth and impoverished many in the southern African country.

Western sanctions against the government of erstwhile president, Robert Mugabe, as well as failed economic experiments, have worsened the plight of millions.

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  1. Com

    This country economy is so worse than ours
    If it’s k14 per $ in this country
    Definitely a doctor is getting k2,800.

  2. molin mukiya

    if it was a donation from the opposition wil the zim gvt broke it as it is a case here in chambia? anyway thanx to the donor the almight wil reward you.mnangagwa wake up

  3. Angoni

    Lets not waste our beloved Country Zambia doctors are paid much more better than our neighboring Zimbabwe. Let us support our Country and the Government of the day. Zimbabwe is a very good example of what Zambia could be if we support careless opposition parties that want us to marrying man to man or Woman to Woman (Gayism)

  4. Bashikulu Em2A

    Thats the way to go.Who can do that here in Zambia?

  5. Kamz g s

    That gud let also happen n zambia

  6. Daniel shawa

    HH can’t do this, unless criticising the government.

    • lemmy hooks

      Iwe chi Daniel shawa leave hh alone why can’t you do it yourself.

    • kufahakurambwe

      Why can’t your father do it!


    IWE..Daniel Shawa,the Zambian government are full envy and jealous remember they refused to except a gen set which was donated at chawama clinic..so just quite.

  8. Munzanga

    How many bilionares do we have in Zambia? In our country, all what pipo know is insulting each other and if one is struggling the one will be there celebrating. Kindly learn from the works of this man.

  9. Kay Lee

    We have to learn from such personalities and its a shame that the whole lot of Zambian sauzandeyaz are failing to render such compassion to the suffering mass and let alone our own govt.Now if a single person has such a capacity to help, what more 5 of them? We need to wake up zambians and change how we merit our presidential candidates from just a mere slogan and song Dununa reverse to one who has a record of helping the poor.You remember the late Hon. VICTORIA KALIMA mhsrp of Kasenengwa constituence how she used to do it? Infact each year she had to grow crops for sale specially for charity purposes even way before aspiring for candidance and never sweated during campaigns cuz her help already had done the jobb and continued even after being elected. @Bashikulu Em2A I like your point.”Who can do that here in Zambia?” Home work

  10. logo

    daniel if cant speak something good about somebody o shut up.nosens

  11. Fisunge

    H2 can’t do that if he fails to buy blankets for his mum what more fwebantu he doesn’t like the women that’s y he wants men to marry them selves we shall see who will vote for him because women are the majority

  12. AZ

    Bushe abapuba mu zed nanomba tabalapwa ukufwaa.. HH Te millionaire fye eka eyo.. Nga ba lulu or lusamba balls man can they do it or can yours father do it?????

  13. AZ

    This post was deliberately posted so that foolish pipo can start attacting HH.. Guess u have failed though.. Look at yu shame..

  14. Olala

    Poor leadership is the main cause of most collapsing economies. The billiinaire has just cured the symptoms of the disease and not the cause. So what happens there after? Just from day one of assuming power, all they think of is competing on how to amass wealth through corruption. This results in the collapse of economy. HH looks at poor and visionless leadership as the causative factor to collapsing economies. His thinking is correct- to attend to the cause of the disease and not jus treating the symptoms. Zambia will be far better under HH. He is visionary.

  15. SEE MIND

    God bless you millionaire to feed 2,000 doctors for six months. God will reward you more blessing. Take an exanple you millionaires Zambian to help when have problems like in Zimbabwe strike !!!

  16. Katis

    Millionaires of Zambia take an example of a Zimbabwean billionaire congrats

  17. Kikiki

    And the same govt he is helping is busy planning on how to plunder the economy further. Creating a payroll for ghost workers instead of paying those drs. Busy thinking of how they will extend stay in office even when they have failed to deliver. Much as it is a short term appreciation, but this is encouraging govt incompentence

  18. Manex rich

    HH supporter’s why get annoyed when people say why cant he donate? Its a milestone for him if he can be able to do that,all you need to do you his supporters is tell him to do so when there is a crisis.& the man will make a big impact in his political life.that’s your duty us his supporters to advice when there is a crisis & capitalise to the maximum.

  19. schoolboy


  20. wajimona

    We have poor billionaires in Zambia,all they want is to enter State House so that they become real billionaires.

  21. Martin cwannyd macwani

    Strive Masiyiwa, wow this nigger
    Is rich indeed……………………..

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