Don’t Riot, Katanga Warns Agrieved Chingola Residents

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga has warned Chingola residents against riots following a spate of the suspected ritual attacks in the mining town, saying Police are equally unhappy with what is happening.

And Katanga has clarified that residents have the right to own firearms, provided they are licensed, adding that being found with such in public places is an offence which attracts about five to seven years in prison.

Speaking when she featured on Kokoliko Radio, Katanga said the police are as offended as the residents about the attacks going on, stressing that police will be changing strategies in order to apprehend the perpetrators.

She warned those inciting people to protest that maximum force would be used on them.

“Police are not happy about what is happening as much as you also residents of Chingola are not happy about the happenings. I can assure you we are doing everything possible, you will be seeing us changing strategies just to close in on the accused persons. There can be suspects here or there but we cannot reveal for security reasons or the like but once everything done, we can come up and say okay this is what we have done. Nangu tatubekete (Even if we haven’t apprehended them) you give us time. I am warning those who like inciting, even in WhatsApp groups and other social media platforms under the guise of saying police are not protecting them, to incite people to demonstrate, to cause public disorder…We are going to ensure that we use maximum force. Nga nipa police tepakwesha kwisa (If it is at the police station, don’t even dare coming), ndemisokela chalimo (I am warning you in advance),” Katanga said. “So those who are going to say ‘we are going to protest’, even when we arrest some people, I am not going to allow the situation where people come to the police station to come and protest, you will be ruthlessly dealt with.”

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  1. Frank Chombela

    I agree with Charity Katanga. There’s no need to riot. They can march peacefully to express anger, no more. That’s all they’re entitled to in a democracy, flawed as our democracy is.

  2. Gringo

    i agree as well no need for the citizens to riot

  3. Bin

    I also disagree with those rioting coz if they can manage kill a suspect as a mob justice, then whats difficult just to apprehend that person they suspect n take him to police

  4. Kabs

    Please let’s not resort to violence.There are channels to follow wen airing our grievances.Remember this country has got lawsome.

  5. DMK

    Mayo good advice the way to go.mwebantu listen she is talking sense,tolenimo Solomon

  6. Razor

    Protesting peacefully even at the police station is a fundamental right enshrined in the constitution which even Katanga cannot stop. Instead of apprehending the killers she is busy threatening the people of Chingola who are merely showing their displeasure over the police inertia. Signs of a dictatorship.

  7. Kenney one

    all of you are saying nothing including the said IG,because these killers have not yet visited you and you have not witnessed these ritual killers are real.

  8. Chileya

    Mwe Bantu in English there is some word’s we pronounce as norms & proverbs when police IG said the is no killing or riots in copperbelt it means that police IG & the crew are very much aware but have to take it that way to blind fold the killer’s but busy working underground see.



  10. Fucked up

    Last time I heard that there is no ritual killing in chingola and today I have heard that there is ritual killing there and people want to protest,am confused.

  11. Blessings

    rioting is by no means a solution of solving problems.

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