FIFA Guides on Elective FAZ AGM

FIFA, the World Governing Football Body, has responded to the letter written by the Football Association of Zambia President Andrew Kamanga who sought guidance on the elections.

FIFA has guided and expects the process of elections for FAZ to be transparent and free from any interference.

FIFA Chief Member Association Officer Vernon Mosengo-Omba has given the position of the Football Governing Body.

This is in response to the letter written by the Football Association of Zambia FAZ to FIFA dated 16 January 2020.

In a response letter dated 24th January 2020, FIFA has made demands that the elections should be held in line with the FAZ statutes.

“In this context, we take note of the different steps outlined in your correspondence which should culminate in holding of an elective Annual General Meeting in 28 March 2020 in accordance with the relevant provisions and deadlines of the FAZ statutes. We kindly ask you to continue to keep us informed and provide us with the following documents after the extraordinary General Meetings which will be held on February 1, 2020,” stated Mosengo-Omba.

“A list of the names of the Electoral Committee and of the Electoral Appeal Committee as ratified by the FAZ council. Consequently, we expect that FAZ will be able to carry out its electoral process independently and in full compliance with the FAZ statutes and Electoral Code. In this regard, we encourage you to inform us immediately about any undue influence in the Electoral process.”


  1. Bwalya

    The sports minister should stop interefering if we fail to qualify to cameroon he will be held responsible.

    • kasunga

      there is no interference, the minister was just concerned with the way faz was handling issues, like 1. Faz is suppose to give notice 2 months before Extraordinary general meeting, according to the FAZ constitution, but it was only given 24, when EGM is on 2 February, the man is just to fast and cry baby, he wants to have a relationship with FIFA, hence these directives you are hearing from FIFA

    • Zifa

      It’s Kamanga who should stop interfering in the minister’s job. He should stop asking for the ministry to help pay Chipolopolo s salary for the coach

  2. Zuwaya

    Leave faz

  3. lawrence

    FAZ has no vision to bring back the glory zambians used to enjoy.

  4. mwanatumpako

    This so called FAZ president have failed to run 🏃 football ⚽ and he can’t bring glory in football ⚽ never next election he should go

  5. Herv Rena

    Clearly this new minister is pro-Kalusha and would do anything to make him come back.He really wants Kamanga out from from criticisms he is pouring on Kananga so far.

    • Anyone but Kamanga

      I grew up supporting the KK11. We have never had national team as bad as the one of the past 6 years. It’s because Kamanga can’t manage our soccer

  6. DMK

    People don’t judge AK on the performance of the national team.try and look at the performance of lower national teams and the women national team is it compaireble to all the past executives

    • Carli Lloyd

      Iwe who watches women soccer? Noone because they don’t win any thing

  7. jj

    It’s clear that the minister he’s the fan of Kalusha bwalya. That’s why his doing this so that Kamanga can get out of Faz job. This is builshit

    • + or -

      My opinion is, both de minister and kamanga error. minister did not carry out a throughly research on the FAZ constitution what is written on issues like AGM meeting.
      2.Kamanga also errored to rush to write to FIFA that the government is interfearing with the affairs of soccer, this can result in banning Zambia from any football activities by FIFA. Q: Are their any Zambians wishing fifa to ban football activities in Zambia?
      -if “yes” > continue reporting to fifa.
      -if “NO” < address the matter within.

  8. Youth movement

    Simple and straight forward guidelines from fifa period.

  9. Razor

    A slap on the face of the Minister by FIFA.

  10. kasunga

    it’s interesting to see and hear his cadres, all they see is kalu’s shadows when ever kamanga makes a blunder, leave kalu out of this, kamanga off course is a failed project no doubt about that, don’t talk about the lower teams to be successful, that is amateur football, latter on women football, the previous admin women went to the world cup which was held in Southern America, so don’t talk about female football to be successful, coming to the minister’s issue there is no interference here, just because the minister said NSCZ should be vigilante in the way FAZ wants to handle elections and he should be too quick to report interference, according to FAZ constitution, the FA suppose to give a notice 2 months before the Extraordinary general meeting, but it was only given on 24th January and the EGM is suppose to be on 2 February, prompting FIFA to make demands of the list of EC, its a slap on the face of Kamanga not the minister, check the latter that FIFA has written, Kamanga is not straight, he wants to be a sole candidate and has already manipulated that to his advantage,

  11. Patriotic zambian

    1.Who pays the National football coach.?
    2.Who finances national football team international enagements?
    3.Does Gorvernment provide stadiums for the football national team to stage matches?
    If GRZ is involved in any of the above then why does FAZ not call it interferance and report to FIFA

  12. Ba zed

    Ak nabafilwa,minister just doing his job.

  13. Deman

    Gentlemen, to be honest the big man has failed let’s just vote him out of the office. people results shows when you are are doing fine but apa chashupa.

  14. Nmkjbb

    Hey let allow Ak to bring anew coach mulebosaili fye kwati nimbwa

  15. Dr Fonicks

    I really support what most writers have said. Firstly, the minister of sport is an interested party in FAZ issues. Secondly, the government usually bails out FAZ when chips are down. I don’t know what AK is afraid of. If you don’t deliver the required results, the best is to let other people take your position. Bushe uno mwatwala ama complaints Eba misovela imilandu ? We want positive results. How can we fail to qualify for two consecutive Afcons. We are regarded as a football power house. This is one of the reasons why our players fail to break into big leagues. If you have failed please let other people take it up. Not ukwamba ukusabaila.

  16. Bob

    The issue of elections any where they appear, they bring along FEAR of the unknown. AK is scared, b’couse of his poor performance. Failing to qualify the Senior Team to two AFCON meetings is a sin by any standard. Others have rested, let him too. Football is all about motivation, prayers and couching bench inclusive.

  17. Jms

    No matter what you hold, the answer is what has been put in place.

  18. edgar chibuta

    true. AK must watch his position otherwise he ll end up bring the community on fire. Very careless

  19. Manford Siwale

    Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to make this proposal. After their AGM and after a new Executive in voted in office, FAZ shud consider amending their Constitution.
    In this Amendment:
    1. Soccer Fans (individuals) shud be registered with clubs they support.
    2. Registered Soccer Fans must have the Right to participate in elections at Club and FAZ levels respectively.
    At club level each Registered Fan must have the right to take part in voting for the Club Chairman only.

    Secondly, each Registered Fun must have the right to take part in the election of FAZ President only.

    I personally feel Soccer fan have contributed 60% of income to the football fraternity in Zambia.
    If this is allowed we will have no candidate that is going to manipulate the FAZ System in order to win an election. In fact he or she will be on their toes to make sure development is achieved.
    These are my thots beloved.

  20. Joseph Malombe president

    Manford SIWALE well spoken. We need sunity in Zambia where football is concerned. Furious we shall not support them.we want people with ambition to achieve the go.don’t go there just for a name we need achievement thats what Zambians want.

  21. Nyengo

    Minister mulenga yo job is policy directive and faz rule by fifa not yo blind follower 2 kalu. We won africa cup in 2012 under kalu and u20 africa under kamanga so. Kalu can continue in fifa committe but not in faz executive bcoz we had more problems when he was president of faz nd he won’t bring new ideals but new ways of illegal selling of young players

  22. Ozzio

    If the Ministry of Sports works on satanic INSULTS that go to coaches, players,linesman and other officials while the games are in motion then ZAMBIA will start WINNING bcoz no one could stand these EVIL trends in the STADIUMS.

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