Government Does Not Prioritise Politics Over Health

Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya paid a visit to former Vice President Dr. Guy Scott on Fri. January 24, 2020.

The Minister relayed President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s best wishes for a quick recovery to Zambia’s former Vice President who has been recieving treatment from the United Kingdom with support from government.

And Dr. Scott who was in high spirits thanked the President for all the care, love and support that he has been recieving and assured the Minister that he is feeling much better.

Dr. Chilufya visited Dr. Scott in the company of 2 senior consultants from the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) and assured the former Veep that government would do everything to ensure he remains in good health.

Source: Smart Eagles.

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  1. Davies Mulenga

    This is wonderful, I am happy to hear that ‘our former vice president is receiving help abroad with the help of government ‘.
    this is indeed a good news…. we should love, support, care and pray for one another.

    thank you so much Dr CHITALU for visiting the big man.
    unlike others who do things to gain political mileage.

  2. bkombe

    That’s a good spirit keep up

  3. Giggs

    The man is receiving treatment from Uk because of no medicines in hospitals. Money is channelled to endless byelections leaving hospitals empty. Is that not priotising politics to health

  4. Mwabamacco

    I like that and I wish this can be extended to the opposition parties

  5. Chagwa

    It is priotising

  6. Wisdom Mwale

    We were expecting this before Kambwili’s visit.
    Non biased comment.

  7. Samuel

    That’s spirit that’s good news health over everything

  8. mwanatumpako

    That’s a good spirit we want as a Christian nation

  9. Tatilalungu

    After office that’s wen u will see and confirm that most of them the are taking boaters,

  10. Razor

    Immediately after kambwili goes to visit Scott then the government has to follow to counter the visit and yet you say this is not politics. Where were you all this time?

  11. Ephestus siaziyu

    That’s the law of government to consider citizens.its not lungu but government.even you yourself you can do that once ashered into power.even mulyokela can do that,as long as he gives only presidential directives.muyeeya kuti nkulya mbula biya na nywebo kwa.

  12. Justice

    Razor is foolish. What is wrong in visiting the former Veep after C. Kambwili has done that? Medical expenses are being handled by GVT and not by NDC. Your criticism is senseless coz u a always bent on blaming whatever the mighty PF GVT is doing.C. Kambwili cannot make a good president for this beautiful mother Zambia. Watch yo comments they a not sincere.

  13. Peter

    Seaking medical treatment outside the country is the biggest concern for people can not manage. The best way the government can help people is to have their own good health facilities in the country. This is happening to those in active politics and of u and me, can that happen? Think twice………..

  14. Brianation

    Good work but i will still go for upnd

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