Sumaili Urges Zambians to Pray for Copperbelt Residents in Light of Ritual Killings

National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili has asked Zambians to stand in prayer for the Copperbelt Province following riots sparked by the alleged ritual killings.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka on Thursday morning, Rev Sumaili said the government is concerned about the unfortunate situation, hence President Edgar Lungu’s intervention to task the Ministries of Home Affairs and Defence to investigate the matter and restore unity.

She said peace should be nurtured in the country because in its absence, there is fear which breeds hate, violence, disorder, confusion and anxiety and affects productivity.

“I am calling for effective and fervent prayers from the children of God, intercessory teams, intercessors, families and all peace loving Zambians to arise and pray. I encourage the church mother bodies to encourage their members to pray,” Reverend Sumaili said.

She further called on all Zambians to cooperate with the defence and security wings in maintaining law and order and avoid taking the law in their own hands.

Reverend Sumaili has also warned those circulating videos where people are being murdered to stop immediately as they have the potential to spread confusion and plant seeds of violence and death.

“I encourage the people of Zambia to stand together and restore calm and peace. We will hold hands in prayer as one Zambia one nation because blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,” Reverend Sumaili said.


  1. Frank Chombela

    Why pray if there are no ritual killings?

  2. Thomas Mwanza

    I see it ridiculous Reverend..cos the fact is that the police refused that there are no violents in our country Zambia and what’s the use for praying.are you in politics or somewhat.

  3. Abantu mucalo

    Don’t play with our mind,their is no killing as police indicated, very shame in Zambia, who is going to help people

  4. Kcm

    What ritual killings are you talking about Mum?

  5. Razor

    The only job description that this woman has in this irrelevant ministry is prayer. Otherwise this should have been the first ministry to be disbanded as part of austerity measures.

  6. musonda mwewa

    why did ask for prayer if the ritual killing is no there or they not looking the people

  7. musonda mwewa

    why did ask for prayer if the ritual killing is no there or they not killing the people

  8. Jungle unchained

    This ministry must be abolished, it’s useless.parliament means business, that madam is been paid for doing nothing.the church mother board are there we don’t need a minister for prayers.

  9. Josphat

    The ministers are contradicting themselves. Yaba

  10. Kay Lee

    Fuck off! Don’t take us for granted girl. we are not fools to play with prayer works when every means proves futile but in this case you are confusing us cuz it seems the govt is behind the killings and some officials are part of the fuckin cult including senior police officers Why? They were in hurry to arrest the angry mob for looting and rioting as a serious crime but non of the killers on the C/belt has ever been arrested so far and worse still the authorities go on News sayin there are No Ritual killings meaning what? protecting the real criminals? And you think prayers will do the job? Are you kidding? Dont waste our time What do you pay the cops for? Shishita maybe…tough on drunkards mu street but fail to pounce on muderers.Do what is practical first and God will do his thing.Your ministry is wack mama! A worst of tax payers hard earned shit.We will only pray that God bring yo regime to non existence and expose your Hypocris SHAME ON YOU mum!

  11. prophet

    we know them one of the politician remeber in 2005 it was the same,me am a african witch doctor, these politician who is involve in this before it is too late try another means coz 2021 is not yours? people have payed me money for making a lightening i have given you 14days.

  12. Roger Wong

    This is a real sad situation.

    Believing in nonsense is a real problem in Zambia.

    Witchcraft and other superstitions are widely believed among Zambians.

    The Zambian government needs to bring education and enlightenment to its people.

    I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Zambia five years ago and I saw first hand how Zambians believe in witchcraft and other superstitions.

    Instead of working to educate its people the Zambian government is full of corruption and theft.

    Money that should go to schools goes to the pockets of corrupt thieving government officials.

    How is Zambia supposed to become a modern developed nation if its people are uneducated and stupid and ignorant?

    What is the Zambian government doing to bring education and enlightenment to its people?

    I worry about the future of Zambia.

    When I read an article such as this one I am reminded of how far behind Zambia is and how much work needs to be done.

    And I am reminded of how corrupt the Zambian government is and how money that should go to schools goes to the pockets of corrupt thieving government officials.

    The Zambian people need education and enlightenment.

    I had a wonderful time in Zambia and hope to come back to visit someday.

  13. Dr Fonicks

    Well spoken my fellow country men and women. Chilufya Tayali, please do not alarm the situation. Why did you single out UPND as the party behind this ? What facts have you got about. The issue of ritual killings is quite delicate and if not handled nicely, this is a recipe for anarchy. Mr. Tayali, do not play with fire. Personally, am non partisan but I don’t like Zambians with cooked stories. If you have proof, tell it to the nation. Careless talk is dangerous. Whoever is paying you to start baking such stories, you will Go down with them. Mwaice wandi, utekanye sana.


    It’s just a reminder to you Tayali on this topic becoz we love you and trust that you are telling the nation the truth in your heart concerning the issue at hand and Hakainde Hichilema. Wikatila takwali bantu elyo uwakwebele mfwa yakwa noko mutanshi.

  15. Jetson p smooth

    This is total bullshirt for this lady Aunt of this nation to say let’s pray when the IG said there r no killings wat the hell is wrong with you people 😢 if you know the cause of this shirt end it now ata ba kolwa😠😡😡

  16. Curtis

    when ever there is a problem,ask your self what the root cause of the problem is so as you know how to tackle it. I will give you an example of doctors who do not rely on the explanation of patients but medical examinations so that they are 100% confident of positive treatment other than wasting resources as well as putting patients at risk of taking in wrong medication.

  17. Confused

    I need to know the truth, some says no ritual killing and other stuff says pray for the people of copperbelt. I’m confused tell me the truth please.

  18. Mike

    Indeed we should pray for these ritual killings as zambians

  19. nshilimubemba

    Prayer is the only solution to evil activities, the devil is furious and mad about Zambia since it was declared a Christian nation men and women of God need to engage the enemy it is not time to talk politics but praying without ceasing.
    There shouldn’t be any confusion but repentance and prayers and fasting that is the work of the church forget about partisan politics if you are a man of don’t accuse any mortal man he is just being used by the enemy.

  20. Irukandji

    This useless ministry is a share waste of Zambians tax payer’s money. Poor use of resources is causing these things. And which ritual killings, police said there is no such killings or are they hide something.

    • Scared

      These things are true my neighborhood was under attack. And now I knw its really happening God be with us all

  21. Sifuzi

    #scared…Talk about yourself not your neighbour. It becomes a fact when it happens to you. The rest are distorted stories. Dont follow the uncoordinated pf kind of illogical reasoning. And this minister gets a full salary by asking people to pray. It is an irrelevant ministry that has failed to tackle political violence and naked pf tribalism.

  22. the genius

    Real sad stories which should be delt with within a short period of time cause it is deteriorating the economy

  23. Richards Merry Milanzi

    Madam sumaili we love you and all we ask of you is to plead for us to the government that they should stop giving licences/certificates to these witch doctors.so you as a national guidance and religious affairs minister you work for God not Satan so as our mother please help us to raise the motto which says that “Zambia is a Christian nation” so that our country will be free from charms

  24. COOL


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