Police Launch Manhunt In Chipata For Armed Robbers

POLICE in Chipata have launched a manhunt for two armed men who attacked a businessman from New Jim Nabvutika compound in the early hours of Friday and got away with US$9,600, K276,000, a Tecno cellphone valued at K1,600 and a Toyota Probox valued at K70,000.

And one person had both hands amputated while two others sustained serious injuries after the explosion of a grenade which they tried to break.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner Luckson Sakala said the total value of the stolen property was K488,500.

“As police, we have actually launched a manhunt for these two armed robbers. May I also appeal to members of the public to be on high alert as these two robbers are armed with a fire arm suspected to be a pistol, so any suspicious looking person or people that will be actually spending money lavishly because this is a lot of money, report them to the nearest police station,” Sakala said.

He said the victim Henry Banda was attacked around 02:00 hours on Friday.

And Sakala said police received a report of bomb explosion last Thursday around 15:30 hours in chief Mumbi’s area in Petauke district.

He said the report came from one of the concerned villagers from Levi village indicating that the explosion left three people with injuries.

Sakala said two males sustained deep cuts on both legs while one female aged 25 had both hands amputated.

He said all the victims were admitted to Minga mission hospital and were out of danger.

“This bomb is expected to be a grenade. Brief facts are that after picking this grenade they took it to one of the houses in the village
and broke it with a hummer. They were trying to break it so that they could extract red mercury from the same grenade and in the process it
exploded leaving these three with serious injuries,” Sakala said.

He appealed to members of the public not to temper with some of the suspicious looking objects. Sakala said people should report to the police when they come across suspicious looking objects.

He said recently two female juveniles died in Chadiza following a bomb explosion.

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  1. Curtis

    Even if we are experiencing poverty, we should refrain from involving ourselves in dealing with strange things in order to sustain our lives.

  2. Dr Fonicks

    Surely, these people knew what thing was in their. It is quite unfortunate that severe injuries were sustained. If they really knew that it was a grenade, then they deserve it. Most people don’t even know that grenades contain mercury. The love of money has caused them this. It is very bad to cause an accident that could have been avoided. My mbuyas please report any suspicious looking objects to the police. Ukuimona ukucenjela takwawama.

  3. Dr Fonicks

    This robbery, in my opinion was an inside job orchestrated. Why do I say so. How did the robbers know that the victim had cash ? I smell a rat. But again, nowadays, those with money, please don’t put it in the house. It is very dangerous. Maybe, one of the workers may have conived with the robbers. Sorry, Mr. Banda but next time don’t keep alot of cash in your house.

  4. Shanbbwanji

    They are armed robbers now after arresting them will be suspects.

  5. Nsalanjala

    Enough money indeed to oil anyone all the way and never get arrested.

  6. chrispin chomba

    How can you keep such alot of money in the house honesty ba pipo were are the blanks.

  7. molin mukiya

    boss dat cash shouid have been kept inthe bank anyway too bad thats how it is you sow others reap. i gues these robbers are allready out of zed k488pin oh shit

  8. Nash

    Sorry for the injuries sustained. But how do you keep all that money in the house sure! Chaipa mwandi.😖😱

  9. Man of substance

    Chipatians sure more money in the pocket not in the bomb

  10. Nkwndu Joseph

    too bad

  11. Josphat Banda

    To bad why keep alot of that money in house we have Banks please people.

  12. Enalo

    That money in the house. Why? Who new of it. Sorry. Don’t keep such amount of money in the house. Look now!

  13. BMK


  14. Philip

    Sad development

  15. Chabipa

    Holding is a crime a crime. K276.000 keeping it in the house? He attracted the rivers himself and made innocent sours suffer. Those Roberts knew that he was keeping the in the house and started making plans. To bad for the person whose hands are amputed. If the bank is far, please, try to use even other small financial institutions like airtel, zoona, mtn, nanaco express etc just to make sure your money is safe. Money also has to speculate so that we all have access to it.

  16. Moses zulu

    Too bad to the injured people. And as for the robbers the first suspects are his best friends whom he shares his secrets with. Having said so because there is no way a person who doesn

  17. TJ

    Sad indeed

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