Kafwaya Underscores PF Infrastructural Drive

Transport and Communications minister Mutotwe Kafwaya has said the government is investing heavily in the transport and communication sectors.

And Kafwaya has said his government will endeavour to develop the railway and aviation sectors with the aim of developing the country.
Speaking on Pan African Radio’s News Feedback Programme on Sunday evening, Kafwaya, who is also Lunte member of parliament, said the government will not leave any sector underdeveloped in line with the Seventh National  Development Plan (7NDP).
“This government under the leadership of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu wants to develop these important sectors. We have set targets that we should not leave any sector underdeveloped in line with the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP) of not leaving anyone behind. As we develop these sectors, we are aware of the needs of our people and that is why the PF Government is keen to develop all sectors,” the minister said.
He added that the government wants to ensure that the railway sector, aviation industry and the telecommunication sectors are well developed.
“You will appreciate that this government has done a lot in improving these important sectors. With the reintroduction of the Zambia Airways, it will result in quality service provision in the aviation sector,” Kafwaya said.
He further said the government is revamping the water transport sector due to its positive impact on the movement of goods and services.
And Kafwaya also said the government is constructing communication towers across the country with the aim of improving mobile service provision in the country.
He added that it is an undeniable fact that the PF government has done tremendously well in terms of improving the road network by constructing new and rehabilitating roads.


  1. Joseph mulenga

    CommentBring back Zambia Airways there is no way a Small country like Mauritius can have an Airline and Zambia we don’t have please bring it back so that even our Children can become pilots and please let Kabwe also have an Airport

  2. Joseph Mulenga

    Commentwhen is Kabwe going to have a Modern Market? please Kabwe has grown hence we need two or three Modern Markets please our Listening government hear us put it just adjacent to Kabwe Mall or behind Residential or Just erase pollen Market and put a Modern Market there so that town center is decongested


    Don’t worry the modern market is coming to kabwe soon

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