Katanga Sheds Light on Chingola Ritual Killings

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga yesterday told Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo that other interests cannot be ruled out in the alleged ritual killings in Chingola where residents have been rioting in anger.

Ms Katanga said the suspected ‘ritual killers’ are turning into cats when police visit any house they are called in.

She has, however, maintained that there are no ritual killings but criminals who are just troubling people.

“The police receive calls from the public, we rush to check what is on the ground. Like we have a case, one suspect entered the ceiling board and later just saw a cat coming out and later it disappeared. Most of the cases are of gassing the people in their homes. We can’t rule out other interest groups. They have a common cause fighting for the same. If there were ritual murders, they would have finished everyone, but they are just troubling people. Just the other day, we tried to fire at the cat, but it started reducing and disappeared,” Ms Katanga explained to Mr Kampyongo.

Mr Kampyongo later said the police are on top of things and very soon, the happenings in Chingola will come to an end.

Mr Kampyongo has been on the Copperbelt with Deputy Inspector General of Police Bonny Kapeso and Chingola Member of Parliament Chali Chilombo.

Chingola remains under heavy police presence to keep vigil.




    Government should now realize that witchcraft do exit, moreover we have plenty witch-doctors in zambia let them prove there competency by catching these guys

  2. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Okay, now the Government has seen that people are wizards and witches in some parts of the Country called Zambia. The people who are doing these ritual killings are wizards and witches nothing else. Thanks!

  3. Citizen

    Comment War of the fleece or fighting superstition with guns?

  4. Richards Merry Milanzi

    First of all what we should realize is that,Zambia is a Christian nation.so why is the government allowing witch doctors in our country Zambia and giving them licences?
    Which doctors are the ones who give charms to these guys because which doctors don’t work for God in heaven but for Satan. Let us keep our motto”zambia is a Christian nation”
    God bless Zambia!

  5. Trevor Nchimz

    Government should call witch doctors and wizards especially those licensed to arrest these ritual killers or suspects who are turning into cats and disappears, failure to which a decree by His excellence the President Dr ECL in like matter Daniel chapter 2: after the wise men and magicians of babylone after failing to reveal the dream to the king was issued. That they will be killed

  6. Richards Merry Milanzi

    Zambian country men and women
    Remember what the Bible says that thou shalt not judge.so what you should do when you catch a ritual killer is not to kill or burn them but to catch them and take them to the police so the law can work on them not us to kill them… Because God has commanded us not to kill/commit murder.let us a community work together with the police.God is for all

  7. viper

    The bible says an eye for an eye
    but remember when God says enough is enough it means it’s enough see What happens from today till Friday


    just indoors flexing niku coperbelt bangala in Lusaka when it starts its time to tell all those degree holders in naked flying and disappearing to show ther skill and build their c.v


    This is so sad people here on the copperbelt may the lord God be with us there’s nothing we can do let him take full control without him we are nothing

  10. Leonard chanda

    If they is no more ritual killing the country it will have peace

  11. likish

    Goverment you engage ZNS solwezi coz the past 2005,the ritual killer were here and those people were turning into cuts, police failed to arrest even one,but the ZNS managed.

  12. molin mukiya

    ah ah ba buju a suspect turns into a cat and you are still in a human being form turn into a cat also, when he disapears also do the same you will meet on the other side,if you cant do these things then u are unprofession


    zambia is a christian nation,but we are divided into two groups,belivers and non belivers, so as GRZ call apon all african doctors and pay them,and tell them one by one to trace the ritual killer in chingola, if failed grab the licences from them and warn them like the way you warn drug dillers,guy and so on,and create a ministry who now starts arrest the so called african doctor, as DEC inforcement his?

  14. Boko haram

    Government please help pipo let’s us see what you can do


    chingola resident, instead of rioter inocent people,first you hammer badly all african doctors in chingola teach them reson coz are the ones given charms to the ritual killers.

  16. zephaniah sichone

    let the clergy be involved ……

  17. Ik

    End times…things are go crucial! Messiah near

  18. Charles Zulu

    These ritual killers are just trying to drew attention to chigola so that they can strike in other parts of the country.

  19. lxt

    Comment Thats why the UNZA course, degree in witchcrafts should be embraced so that we understand how and why witchcraft is conducted.

  20. C.M


  21. Asante

    The government is failing and there is no such as dont kill when you catch them, i can only say that is stupidity if you let them score free you take them to police station they will still come back and become hardcore witches and criminals after shedding so much of blood i say kill the bastards and it is not against the law. should you get arrested for killing these evil doers then i say our leaders are useless. we pray that God should guild us and save us all from these animals.

  22. Nomba Pishamo

    Careful police, I see a revolt against the government, if you don’t deal with this carefully you risk
    1) Zambia losing its peaceful Nation Status
    2) Loss of Investors
    3) Failed State
    4) Possible Civil war

    So please do your Job twapapta, engage other competent nation’s to aid you, don’t be ashamed mwalibelela ukulomba

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