Lubusha Denies Violence Allegations

Eastern Province PF chairperson Andrew Lubusha has refuted claims from his provincial information and publicity secretary William Phiri that he organized party youths to beat him up in Petauke on Wednesday.

In a statement, Lubusha Lubusha who wished Mr Phiri a quick recovery said he only learnt of his beating around 19:00 hours on Wednesday.

“However, it has come to my attention that our provincial information and publicity secretary has accused me of having organized PF youths to beat him up. This allegation is incorrect because I was nowhere near where the incident happened and I have no reason what so ever to inflict pain on my own brother with whom I enjoy a very good working

As a provincial chairperson I call upon party members and indeed the general public to maintain peace at all times.

We are all Zambians and it is important that we maintain peace and unity irrespective of our tribe, cultural or political affiliation,”
he stated.

Lubusha stated that the beating of Phiri had nothing to do with the party.

“I wish to state that the incident concerning the beating of Mr. Phiri was only brought to my attention around 19 hours on the fateful day and that the incident happened at a bar and had nothing to do with the party. I therefore, wish to advise my brother to avoid issuing unsubstantiated allegations or issue statements fueled by emotions.

As regards to his earlier statement, the Patriotic Front Party is an open political party and welcomes any person who could have left for one reason or the other. Therefore, contrary to what my brother said that he was beaten for calling on the party to accommodate those thatbleft the party; his beating incident was completely personal. I would also like to clear the incorrect message going round that he was beaten at the funeral and in my full view. Councillor William Phiri had a fight at a Bar at a named lodge and I was not even there,” he

When the incident happened Phiri accused Lubusha and provincial youth chairperson Emmanuel Jay Banda of having organized the youths to beat him for allegedly stating that the party should bring back those who left to help mobilize the party in the province.

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  1. Sosa

    Which party does Mr phiri belong to?that’s why if I remember very well,my brothers in the previous posts,they said that the author should be very specific and correct when reporting to avoid speculations which is causing havoc.Mr phiri your reporting is under par,please improvise if if you can not improve.

  2. Fucked up

    Mr reporter how do you know that Mr phiri had a fight at the bar when you were not even there? and among all the people who are staying in your constituency why did he point on Mr lubusha, something is wrong somewhere sir u are the one who organised those youths

  3. chizy khalifa

    Do not judge a person, you should find the proof.

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    Paipa pano

  6. Curtis

    They is say that there is no smoke without fire. If we could get it from both parties, could definitely be satisfied.

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