Solwezi Lady Burns Boyfriend Over HIV Infection Claim

Police in Solwezi have arrested a 24- year-old woman who burnt her 53-year-old boyfriend as punishment for infecting her with HIV.

The incident is said to have happened on Saturday night between 22:00 hours and 22:30 hours at House Number 12959, Mulomba Street in Kabitaka.

North Western Police commissioner Hudson Namachila identified the suspect as Evelyn Simwinga who allegedly poured kerosene on Samuel Mumba whom she had been dating for two years, before throwing a lit match stick on him.

He said an empty two-litre container, used match stick and a partially burnt door mat were found on the scene of the crime.

“The victim has sustained multiple superficial burns on both shoulders and back part of the neck and is currently admitted at Solwezi General Hospital,” Namachila disclosed.

According to Namachila,  Simwinga, who is in police custody, told officers that she burnt Mumba because he infected her with HIV.

A month ago, another Solwezi man died after his jilted lover poured petrol on him and set him ablaze.


  1. 24/53

    Amalibu yakuilombela, the age difference is to much 19years what did the girl admire from this old man.

  2. Emmanuel kakoso

    Watch out nextime you will die

  3. HIV

    Wamona nalekulanga ama symptoms

  4. Ekechukwu

    What did this bitch admire from this old man.? na me think is moni. age difference 29, mmm too much.

  5. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Gosh!!!!! Too bad for that! The many is 53 years old and the woman is 24 years old. The age difference is too big and this tells me that both of them are trouble seekers!!!! A big man dating a small girl why???? Is it because of money which this gentleman was giving this small girl???? Next time, find someone of your age for dating!!! Thanks!

  6. molin mukiya

    u see young lady when i said i love you u said no, u wanted someone with more cash, more cash more viruses, and u chimudala mwanyanya kutubana sembe ni petro 53yrs to 24yrs were was ur wife?

  7. Inety

    Walila mvula walila matope.

  8. Malama kennedy

    girl of nowadays they Love’s money that’s why she end up in that case

  9. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Cage her chipuba. Why didn’t they go for vct testing before (baondonganya). That is what you deserve

  10. anti-viras

    we chi father naiwemwene wat were you looking for ku mwana obe?? chimo nomwana uyo!

  11. Phiri

    I don’t understand why people are hitting at the age difference. The main issue here is an HIV infected person having sexual intercourse with one who is negative. Why wasn’t this man honest to the young lady? Even young people infect each other with HIV. People who know that they are HIV positive must not sleep with a negative person whether they are old or young.

  12. Jms

    Age here doesn’t county, the case here is for all that two (2) years a normal man should have had enough love,hope and faith to let that fierce know that he had HIV during their first times but its the way round. U asked for it. Its unfortunate the young lady is stranded.

  13. prince samulocity

    to bad ,think learnt a lesson,, next time watch out

  14. Experimental

    Police let this lady b an example to her friends burn her as well its becoming a habit of burning men do we luk like pork meat tasanduka shokazi yesibakudyanakudya

  15. High Viral Load

    Washininkinsha and you will never forget that in your entire life, what captiveted you more to be in a relationship with that old man you young girl ?? Is it money or what ??? AIDS is real and it is un incurable no more remedies for that bulwele. You have harvest what you sow.
    Just start taking ARV’s before it turns into AIDS because so far you have only HIV there is no any “OPPORTUNISTIC INFENCTION RIGHT NOW.”
    Naiwe cishikulu walefwako inshi kukaice ?? Tawaupa ?? Wasumina ngawa fwile fye cikala !!!! Both of you, you are insane !! Mwembwa mweee !!!

  16. Chana chimo

    Jail ne shoko lya AIDS uzamuziba jesu

  17. Man

    Ure going to die stupit, 24 yrs against 50 kolwe

  18. Mr single

    Kkkkkkkķ tipima

  19. Cool

    dont worry both of u just pray to GOD 4 the wrong u have dane, GOD is there for us in any situetion, may GOD give u peace of mind both of u. dont foreget that we are all siners all we need is to be close to GOD THROUGH PRAYERS. May GOD show us the right way that will make us to be with him in paradise. i end up here GOD BE WITH ZAMBIA…

  20. Lisa

    It is not about age but being aware of one’s HIV status before having unprotected sex. Hiv self testing kits are now available on the market if you fear queus at a hospital. Umwana wamunobe mukashi so they say. Girls start sex ealier than men and in most cases are the ones that infect men. Most girls at 24yrs have already lost virginity and become compatible to a man of any age. So age is not an issue but kwowing ones hiv status before contact. DONT RUSH OR ELSE YOU CRUSH!

  21. Herv Rena

    What our frustrated lady should realise is that HIV virus is not a disease and having it is not a death sentence. She just needs to accept living with the virus and start treatment .it’s easier to live with this virus than suffering from some of these Diseases that are life threatening like TB,Malaria,, asthma and cancers
    Us who are positive and take arvs are even healthy I’ve seen around. Just be positive and Happy!!

  22. Nyolola

    Age is just a number,a stick fitted in a hole,so both of them enjoyed sex.we die from different diseases AIDS inclusive

  23. Loverman

    24 against 53 its too much any way everyone derserves what they got she has to start medication ASP she wanted it HIV its not death sentence pipo have stayed more years

  24. SEO

    You young ladies why you love old men because of there cash ayo ndiye ma results yako.

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