OPINION: It’s Unthinkable! Where Is Your Faith?

When all options are exhausted to cause desperation in the hearts of the people to revolt against a duly elected government, the announcement and fear pronouncements of a witch can and may sound like a messianic call to total freedom, yet, it’s a trumpet call of deception that has lived its usefulness and now manifesting the true colours of deception.

It’s unthinkable that the announcement of a spiritist can cause us to throw our true values and faith to malign our own true faith and begin to look at every attire as satanic.

Do we stand to support any acts that violate our Christian faith? The answer is definitely no! But can we also be on a side of a witch who attacks our brother openly? It’s No!No! My own brother could have gone astray and there is a remedy to bring the sheep that have strayed, but I cannot be on the side of a spiritist who feels he can defy the deity and instead deistifies himself. That’s an abomination.

“Bring back my powers or else you die”, bane that’s defying the Supreme God in broad daylight. Which powers and what power? Where is the scripture that says,vengeance is mine, says the Lord. Who are you to issue ultimatums?

The act is wrong in both ends and must not be used for political capital. The one who gave the power is actually the one who manipulated those who recieved power. Being in the position of a prophet, true or fake, has a positive edge of manipulation over the followers.

Why should a self confessed killer be called your brother and live every minute to see another man die at the wish of a witch instead of the intervention to stand in prayer?

We are a Christian Nation, for God’s sake and our prophesy must not be shrouded in mixed worship. All those brothers who took that power or whatever it is, stay calm and focused. You did that out of ignorance and a manipulative force but you should not be allowed to be manipulated further.

Take that power before men of God near you and renounce that power. The Church is for such and that happens every Sunday and every day.

Rev. Lackson Malombola
Theologian & Leadership Analyst
Global Capstone Centre
For Leadership Development
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  1. Kombwe

    When soul was a killer the Almighty God turned him from his grievance,he later became apostle but why a mere spiritualist Tru to defile the power of the mighty God?it is an acceptable seeing our brothers being threatened, they might have been working contrary to the Almighty God but forgiveness is the only thing we can do as Christians.i personally reject that and I believe nothing will happen to our brothers.

    • Gig

      Kombwe if the so called you call brothers were given powers they have also changed. They are no longer human being some of them who knowns. May be they are the ones who have turned into ritual killers. They don’t know what they do.because they are being used by the powers given. Pls even the prayer you pray on there behalf can’t work .because they are also bad people. J


    That’s why I want to join the Islamic world,no insults,no pressure mind free.Viva la Islam,Allah wukubah

    • Monk

      This is not strange, we have been warned of such times in the Bible. As Christians, let’s remain focused on the word of God. Beware of the fake prophets!

  3. Sosa

    It is said that you lip what sow…..So let those who thought they were hiding by using juju to account for their deeds.
    Mr man of God,we must not forget that whatever is done in darkness at one time or the other comes to light.
    Even some so called men of god,they visit the very people you are calling spiritualist to get the so called powers therefore,take heed of such kind things.
    If anything let all those who received those powers so that they can win elections confess to the Zambian people whom they deceived before they go to the men of god you’re talking about……all else they will all die for sure.

  4. Zambian

    Eh why should some talk on behalf of those who have the power from see 1 . pls take back that charm to the owner we don’t know why our country is invaded with all sorts of calamity. We beg you don’t feel Shay . you went to collect that power in secret. Now you will take back in broad day. How can Zambia be operating on evil powers pls mwamutendekefye. We don’t want funerals . just go and surrender back those powers. Be like us operating with free mind. Nothing to fear and to think about . no wonder you are too talkertive because you know what makes you pampas. now you have come across real men .give them what belongs to them. Don’t think he is just threatening you.

  5. Judge

    Thy is no smoke without fire🔥

  6. Sosa

    All these ritual killings we are currently witnessing in the country are a result of the powers the mps,ministers and mayors received from seer 1.Then why should these pf quacks dragging the opposition into this foolish business which they started alone?

  7. Sosa

    Bane mwalacimona kabili ayo malibu yakuilombela………….tampenifye ukuya south Africa epo tamulatampa ukufwa one by one…..nabana benu nabo ninkupilwa kumo.

  8. Mac b

    God has said he will never do what he did to Sodom and Gomorrah so let us just believe in the almighty God him is everything protecter, provider to mention but a few

  9. Mangowanyi

    The moment one makes a convenant with the devil God will leave you,nor matter how much you pretend,in the first place,they were supposed to truly repent and take what ever they got and burn it in the name of Jesus our Lord and savior, not keep anything that makes them dirty like what the early Christians did.dinning with the devil those are the consequences 20 days

  10. Minister

    Mmmmmmmmm I’m scared what will happen to us

  11. Anthony pumulo

    People let us open our mind. Christian, Hinduism and Islamic all of them are not true religion. Why do i say so, once we where colonise by these white people through bring many thing to get our wealthy and after we have kniw there tricks again they change to the other side to make us not like them. The truth is we are still colonised by the white people without knowing. The only thing they have used to colonise us is the bible. We had good Gods we we knew and God who helped us to hear and bring rain to us. But now we are lyied by white to follow there own Novel which they call a bible. To say the truth most continent with christian is Africa and now they are just loughing at us. After lying to us we still go and preach the fake word let us return to our God please. Let us not follow what oters believe. To have wealthy in Our Zamnian traditional religion is to work had for better living. That was just my encouragement. If you want to find more truth about the bible just contact me on +26776363699 or +260967242778 its have taken me for more time to found out that the bible isńt true is just a Novel

  12. Kaya

    I don’t know why this fool is making headlines in Zambia.
    Most Zambians and other citizens know that a deported man can have nothing positive to say about those who have deported him. It is like divorcing your wife or husband, most people have unprintable to say about those who once were their best friends.

    Innocent people can have their reputations destroyed all because of one fools bitterness.

    Zambian must remember that the One that they serve is in heaven and He is greater than the devil. The Bible in John 10:10 has this to say: The thief ( Sear 1 and company) comes only to to steal and kill and destroy. I came (Jesus Christ) that they may have life and have it abundantly.
    Zambia, despite minor challenges, is one of the countries which has abundant life which deportees like Sear 1 are missing.
    Thank God that he has been exposed and he will never set his foot on Zambian soil.

  13. Concern citizen

    Let them just get wat they deserve, if it means to die let them all die, how do we continue living with such disgusting pipo around us they will definitely corrupt us, probably they are the same pipo hindering well deserving youths from acquiring jobs, these satanist will perish God is always watching

  14. Ck

    Country men and women we can go into prayers and God will not answering our prayers until confession takes place in those affected

  15. Angoni

    @ Kaya i love what you have said brother, i will not be shocked personally to hear that this witch (seer1) supports the UPND because as things are going the desperation from the UPND is worrying me. It is very possible for the UPND to bribe this witch to accuse innocent people otherwise, am waiting for him to name the people who got his so called lucky charm. It is God who set up Kings and Kingdoms and at his appointed time God will remove this Pf Government or leadership not by a witch. what this witch is saying is that all those of us that voted for the PF were blinded by his Charms which is fake and not true so Brothers and Sisters lets continue to pray to God the creator. If God Wills that UPND rules Zambia they will but not using such wicked men like seer1. God bless Zambia

  16. katey

    lets watch and see

  17. maverick nas

    Why these egregious ramblings of a lunatic Is receiving a lot of fanfare in Zambia just obstrusively shows the levels of degeneration as a people and an embarrassing insult to our intellect as a nation. People wonder why some of us shun relIgion, ah the reason is quite simple, just look at the shamble Christianity is in and this current melee is an archetype of the chaos the religion is in. Zambian christians are sanctimonious through and through. people are now forsaking their precious christian tenets for political retribution to the point of becoming advocates of death for the perceived ‘gentiles’. For crying out loud people, we have much bigger pressing issues to tackle than this asshole shooting his mouth off!!

  18. Spiritual Israel

    Haleluyah! Praise the Lord! Remember what happened in our camp when Achan stole and hide the forbidden treasures, did it affect him in the first phase?how many soldiers died in battle? What happened later to him and his entire household? Don’t you know that when one man from Lord’s land goes astray and acquire foreign gods in the name of fortune it displeases JEHOVAH that HE unleashes HIS anger upon the native of the land? Indeed our land has been defiled not only on seer 1’s disclosures but just a catalyst. Therefore those with clean eyes can learn and discover a great thing from an ancient biblical drama between Israeli armies and Philistine giant who disgraced, insulted the Lord’s army and went on to blasphem the Almighty one of Israel and the entire universe for forty days till a bush smelled shepherd boy took decision to confront the Philistine giant with the Lord’s testimony in his mouth . Here is the challenge on part of the saints be diligent with your knees in prayer and supplications on behalf of our land. Let us pray……..Amen

  19. Agnostic

    That’s actually rubbish. Faith is an apparent justification for anything. With faith, no can say brother no one can argue with you rationally about your belief because you just take it on faith that something exist, when it may not be true. The fact is that everyone takes fairytales on faith; unicorns, Zeus, Yahweh, Allah etc. If you don’t believe me, ask yourselves this question: Is there anything you couldn’t take based on faith if someone presented a thousands Gods to you? Obviously you will have a hard time deciding which one is real and which one is not real. This is because there’s no evidence to back up the claim. For me, I don’t sense in appealing to faith if you have a good reason (rational evidence). Currently, there’s no good reason to say supernatural entities exist and they’re causal agents of our actions. These miracles you claim happens everyday in Christianity actually happens everywhere. Buddhists claim they existed a long time ago and now they are reincarnated. They supposedly explain what they were and what existed before they got in another body. Actually, they are confused as you are. I believe there are certain things in this universe we’ve no understanding of but to render them supernatural is no sense. Let’s better render them as things we have no understanding of yet.

  20. Matumbo

    It is shocking that some people Christians and non Christians are believing the magician. This young man is a mental case who uses juju to get money from the uncritical mind. How many times has he quoted the bible verses in his talks. Some politicians believe he has so much power he he he laughable. People get loans and fly to meet such people! Kaya The excitement from the opposition is equally shocking!

    • Mubeto

      #Matumbo, I am equally shocked about the excitement. Any way this is what desperation can do to people.In one of his videos he stated that in 2016, he hated Hh, how can a man of God hate someone for no apparent reason? If he hated Hh for no reason, whatmore people who deported him?

  21. gift


  22. Dudu

    People of God do we understand what a covenant is before we protect the one involved in this matter? If we do then but we quit this discussion. It’s up to the party involved whether they collected or not by the icushi cifuma apli umulilo.

  23. Pundit

    Nothing is hide in this world Deutronomy 29vs 29. Look at also what happened to king Saul,he disobeyed God and decided to go to one of spiritist,and he was doomed!!! So the wages of sin if not repented is death….So those involved,you to be remorseful otherwise””””

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