FIFA boss wants African Cup of Nations every four years, not two

Sunday February 2, 2020

FIFA boss Gianni Infantino told African football leaders on Saturday that he wants their continental Cup of Nations to be played every four years as part of a package of reforms designed to lift “African football to the top of the world”.

Infantino also told a seminar in Rabat attended by delegates from each of the Confederation of African Football’s 54 member associations, that he wanted new stadiums in every member state and had earmarked $1 billion to finance the ambitious program.

The Africa Cup of Nations is currently staged every two years, which makes it unpopular with European clubs.

“What I’m asking you, and it’s your decision, is to discuss and consider moving to a Nations Cup every four years,” Infantino said.

He said he wanted to “revolutionise African football”.

“Pele once said that an African team would win the World Cup, but this hasn’t happened and it seems we are not making progress. Today must be the day we turn that page” Infantino said.

(Source – AFP)


  1. Experimental

    The problem is African players have a short playing Span with there national sides they only rust for 1-2 years of there pick mainly Zambians and most southern Africa players

  2. Detector

    The problem is African players have a short playing Span with there national sides they only rust for 1-2 years of there pick mainly Zambians and most southern Africa players

    • Zamzam

      We say no to that request,we can not be dancing to your tune every time,last time you made us to change in terms of odd number or even number

      • Havelange

        The previous fifa president Sepp Blatter in fact wanted the world cup to be every two years. And here you want to dictate Liverpool’s wants and needs to us! Atase!

        • Mubita

          Don’t mention Liverpool here, show some respect to the best club in the world

  3. Harness.

    yes building stadiums its ok not 4 years.

  4. rico

    holding the africa cup every after 4years is a bad decision to make. its good the way it is. after 2years is very okay. dont change.

  5. See Mind


  6. Umwana mpatamatu ku Luanshya side kulya ukwaba gate

    How can 4 years make african football popular to the world? They will even forget about it. This change is rooting from Klopp Liverpool Coach’s complaint of his team. Been. Without african players. During the africa cup of nations

  7. jj


    • Nicholas Bob Moyo

      It’s good for 4yeas, because it gives chances to building the new stadiums and renovation of stadiums and hotels

  8. Nicholas Bob Moyo

    It’s good for 4yeas, because it gives chances to building the new stadiums and renovation of stadiums and hotels

  9. Moses Mwamba

    We respect FIFA as a soccer governing body, but I would rather like to see CAF run its affairs. The suggestion will only bring down African football to the worst, and European soccer to continue raising on the expense of African players.

  10. Tupkay Theking

    I think the suggestion is jxt okay .
    Because the tournament will be much competitive

  11. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle masters

    Waiting for 4 yeard? What is that. That is madness

  12. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle masters

    Waiting for 4 years, what is that? That is madness

  13. Papa

    To me even World cup 4 years is too much! Reduce it to 2 years. Ninshi Bambi kakasendapo lilali?

  14. Not true

    Even two years is long we say no to that idea

    • Zoom Ndlovhu

      Noooooo! CAF must only agree with him if he gives Africa 15 spots in the World cup. It must be a deal!

      • Chrisman rko

        It must be a deal,15 spots.the man look’s racist.

  15. Jms

    It maybe a good idiea but we should think twice, are we promoting African football or having a race with the world cup?if we are promoting African football then its better to go for two (2) years. Don’t blame him that was his opinion,for us to brainstorm,thats so .

  16. Oh, Shit!

    It’s perfect. More time to plan, hence, development

  17. Prince

    Progress and development that’s nice

  18. Iwe Ciliipala

    Dont change ! you buddy head, 2 years is just okay. Wrong decision. This is not a world cup think like a wise, dont think like a fool !!!

  19. Ken d

    two years is jst ok not 4yrs iwe we can be finished before 4 years so please I beg 4that let it not 2be declared

  20. futstar

    Put more reasons 2 it then will think about it


    Mmmmm four years why not five years …… 2 years ili che according to my side.


    Mmmmm imwe ba FIFA mano nshi ayo eeee!! 2 years africa cup ilifye naimwe Mmmm . problem these Europeans think they are clever ayi


    4years instead of increasing the number of African countries to participate in the world cup

  24. KM

    That’s his own decision but for us africans we say no to it .majority wins.

  25. Binoculars

    They Want to benefit from our players in Europe before we summon them for AFCON. We Refuse 4yrs,

  26. kelvin

    What about Euro,how year?

  27. kelvin

    What about Euro,how many years?

  28. Boyce Chabala

    4 is very ok and please increase the number of African 🇨🇫 national teams to participate in the world cup

  29. Mupapa

    Africa already won the World Cup in 2018 Mr FIFA boss. #TheBlues

  30. Kerk

    There’s no way he can say 4

  31. Kerk

    There’s no way he can say 4 years, come on… This means every player will play 3 to 4 times before their careers end for good, though I like the idea of constructing new stadiums but it shouldn’t be as if he’s buying Africans

    • Africa is for the taking

      They have already bought CAF president

    • buzzman

      no way 2years is just OK think how you can increase the number of African teams to parcitipate Ku world cup

  32. Zachariah

    fake ideas why changing it to 4 years is a world cup? let it at 2 years space it’s fine

  33. Pa Chilata

    These Europeans want to dictate world soccer to do everything they do or want. Recently they made stoopid CAF to change seasons to match European football seasons . There was nothing wrong with African seasons that ran from March to December as they were convenient for our climate but the Madagascar man who took over from Issa Hayatu was sponsored by Europe to take over CAF and change stuff for them not for the Africans
    Now because klopp is complaining about Salah and Sadio Mane being absent for Afcon they want us to continue pandering to European wishes. Very soon UEfa will be running CAF. Africa must stand up and refuse to be recolonised

  34. Four dimensions

    I think 3 year’s would be okay if development of stadiums and other facilities is what
    they want otherwise I ain’t waiting for 4 years as if ni world cup 1.

  35. Jalubeki

    Africans Lets Open Our Eyes To See And Ears To Hear.

  36. fb

    The problem of African football leaders is that they will accept without analysing, for a big reason. Let these football leader think before accepting . 4 years ,why?

  37. Chrisman RKO

    The man look’s racist,two years is great don’t just follow what those racists want,they destroy our economy,now they want to kill our football.

  38. Kesha

    Hallo boi this is not World Cup, ninshi iwe? Ulamona abafwa?

  39. cephas k nyambe

    2 years is okay

  40. D Zulu

    We want two years not four.

  41. Dddd

    Mmmmm even world cup 4years is too much reduce it to 2 then afcon 1

    • Havelange

      The previous fifa president Sepp Blatter in fact wanted the world cup to be every two years. He was progressive and pro Africa despite being fired

  42. steve m masupa

    Mr infatino 4 years is too long a period to wait for a big stage football show for africa” we like and enjoy the 2 years setup bwana. do not raise to impart this idea into Us and this will mean any african players in europe will be for the taking by there clubs 4 years and such players if still standing firm on the pitch it will only be for six years europe would have taken its toll on them by the time they come to play for afcon finished.” NO..! we like the afcon stage every 2 years to see our boys fight for it on the pitch. what about euro, copa america, asia, latin cup 2 years is fine for the zoned continents the world cup is fine with its 4 years to bring together all the teams that make it from the continents. i do not no, but as from me No bwana


    Very stupid idea ka FIFA BOSS

  44. No Nzelu

    Every year not 4 years

  45. Thompson Lu Musuku

    The idea of wanting to up lift the years of AFCON is a bad one in the sense dat it will only decline African football we love it having it every two years CAF please say no to this and don’t give in by any chance to this suggestion

  46. ba bee

    two years ostensibly much good and fine just reduce years for world cup not Africa cup Pliz

  47. Gado

    Not 4years

  48. Royd

    I agree with 4years because thats when it will be more competitive ad there will be more chances to improve stadiums, they should also increase the money for African cup.

  49. Captain poison

    2 years its just ok.. And one thing mr FIFA president. Us African we are just comfortable with our wooden sits in our stadiums..

  50. Mbunji k

    Two years is jus cool with us Africans
    Wat more UEfA its every year

  51. domino

    White people to much alibaba can 1million £ build 54 stadiums

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