PF Boss Links C/B Gassing to Opposition Elements

Patriotic Front Copperbelt Provincial chairman Nathan Chanda says criminals gassing houses want people to rise against the PF government.

He said there is no way criminals can just gas houses without stealing anything.

Mr Chanda said this when he held community sensitisation meetings in Roan, Mikonfwa and Mpatamato in Luanshya.

He, however, said the PF under President Edgar Lungu is on top of things.

“We are not sleeping and will ensure that there is order in the district. There is no way a criminal can come in your houses to just gas you and run away. That is not possible,” Mr Chanda said.

“They just want to make the people rise up against the PF government and President Edgar Lungu. They shall be exposed, and their days are numbered. These are just criminals.”

He said social media “lies” have also caused fear in the people.

“We are here to engage each other in matters affecting us as a community. You need to know what your government, the local authority is doing about these social media lies,” Mr Chanda said.

And Community Transformation Network Executive Director Stephen Chewe said it is evil for some people to sit idle and watch evil acts unfold in the country.

He said it is clear that the gassing of houses is meant to create fear in the people.

“This is clear that there are some people with an evil agenda of making the country ungovernable. But we thank the government for coming on board. These meetings have opened our eyes and we now know what is the truth and what is not,” Mr Chewe said.

Later, Mr Chanda, in the company of District Commissioner Patrick Maipampe, visited the houses that were gassed in Mpatamato.


  1. Brics

    That is where you get it all wrong, for anything that is bad happening in the country, its the opposition. You never dig for reality….poor pf!!!!

    • Yangu

      Ba PF can you replace this thing with somebody with brains and intigrity. He is even worse than the other Chanda’s who just fat all the way to the bank.

  2. Isaac Chimanga

    Comment Police Deputy Commissioner,Ben Kapeso has issued an instruction that no one comments on the happenings until investigations are Completed.Ba Nathan your identity crisis should not cloud police investigations.

  3. Frank Chombela

    That’s why intelligence organisations exist. Hv they been targeting imaginary enemies of the state? Here are real enemies to look for.

  4. Razor

    No rains its opposition
    Loadshedding its opposition
    Ritual murders its opposition
    Any worker goes on strike to demand his pay its opposition
    Now gassing its opposition
    So opposition are even gassing their own members since there is no way of telling if someone in a particular household is PF or UPND. It’s because of clowns like Chanda that we are where we are.

  5. man of substance

    Mr chanda if it is in class ninshi muli chikopo useless material

  6. beuka

    ba idiot you went and got power from sheer 1 these are the results munasokoneza malamulo what was the purpose of thos black rings dont blame the opposition blame yourselfs

  7. Wakwashiwanyangala

    If you have not sure don’t say opposition these days we depends on opposition ,so Mr Chanda you are not perfect so that you can judge others

  8. SEER1

    we all no Wat u are doing, but don’t think that we are sleeping,leave opposition parties out of your poor fashion. criminals nd thieves these two are different…..

  9. KondananiZulu

    It’s true this is what I was telling people just when these things started. It is also true that some Zambians made it clear in 2016 that they would make this country ungovernable.

  10. muuka

    Comment but what is seer1 saying,let’s wait for thursday

  11. man matter

    ba Chanda you are preempting things ,look the way terrorist and other forms of criminalityare fought in many countries do they blame the opposition .indeed leadership is difficult resign other than sitting there and wasting tax payers money.

  12. JLK

    Seer 1 members we know you.

  13. Kay Lee

    Look at him.Bootlicker Foolish man I will call Seer 1.

  14. Twasanta

    nathan…..awwe mudala the main question here is what are you gasing us with…what are the effects of those chemicals?what is in those chemicals??

  15. jjk

    awe ndelolesha fye as i wait for moses to come and deliver us from egypt,,,.

  16. Sosa

    This ka thing called chanda or whatever it is called can just close its opening ni kopusa cee.

  17. Man of substance

    Gassing -HH
    High mealie meal price- HH
    Seer 1 -HH
    Malawian Con court-HH
    Open your eyes you are dealing with educated pipo

    • Gigs

      Gentlemen what you are saying shows exactly that you are behind the gassing. Let’s wait for the police results report .this seer 1 you are mentioning is just bringing disturbances in the country . bitterness and love of money is what is working in seer1only a fool has taken the seer1 issue seriously. HH is supported by seer1 we shall see for receiving a fake prophecy .A blasphemy prophecy is the one seer1 has spoken out. Surely seer1 to be about God and Jesus. Then HH celebrates that prophecy. To me it means some one is telling lies or binding someone behind gassing . we pray to a true God we believe in not this God of HH Mason . This HH he has nothing to offer for this country . he always talks a about selling a jet which he never bought
      I wonder if it is possible his Excellency the president to be flying in a finished jet. Just from these small Small things can tell how HH stinge is he can’t offer nice things he thinks like a Satanists. Which gives conditions to things you have worked for. Please ba HH those conditions doesn’t belong Zambia impose those conditions at you home . this is why you sold miines at a give away price hence brought suffering in copperbelt . to tell the trueth HH you are not loved you are hated in copper belt . it is only that umunthu umubi tomfwe nsoni. Ba HH you have killed a lot of people indirectly .Edgar is trying to ressurect people you killed for your poor economics which you boat about. HH seer1 has spoken you have money but you don’t have money because you can’t use. This presidential jet it has made you confused. That jet is not for Edgar it is for any Zambia

  18. Ellie sampa

    Njala Bantu, PF is doing nothing

  19. Nathan cikala

    Pf is nothing without seer 1

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