OPINION: Zambia Needs A New Political System To Attain Economic Emancipation

Those calling Paul Kagame’s Rwanda authoritarian have no discipline to live and appreciate Rwanda’s house rules, just like an indisciplined child sees a right parent authoritarian. Even Lucipher rose against what he termed an authoritarian God. He wanted his own roof not because God was bad.

Similarly, the opposition in Zambia today are not in politics to fight Edgar Lungu because he is not able to provide for an ordinary child in rural Zambia but because, like in the case of satan, they want Edgar Lungu’s seat. That is their priority. Do you seriously believe Hon. Harry Kalaba resigned because of corruption in the PF or that Mr. Hichilema believed himself when he was calling the then defense minister GBM a corrupt man?

Let’s open our own minds and see the world as it really is not what we are told to believe. Aren’t we all looking up to China and for the right reasons? No one is discussing the authoritarian China it ought to be but the future we can all relate to, where technology breeds solutions.

But why are we borrowing money from this country that makes money out of our raw materials? Well, China put its house in order first just like a responsible husband and father will not give chance to his wife and children to recognize another man outside of his home as their source of livelihood. Allow me to quote Paul Kagame…

“We need to mobilise the right mindsets, rather than more funding. After all, in Africa, we have everything we need, in real terms. Whatever is lacking, we have the means to acquire. And yet we remain mentally married to the idea that nothing can get moving, without external finance. We are even begging for things we already have. That is absolutely a failure of mindset.”

Decisions have to be made, some of them too bitter to our liking but we must accept that the current political system was designed by a thinking mind to yoke Africa with perpetual poverty. Let’s put our house in order as well. Why should we spend more time and resources on elections than on issues that literally bring food to the table?

It’s just that we have been brainwashed into thinking we know what we are doing but we are not any different from a happy mad man sitting on a rubbish dump. We have reduced ourselves to fighting each other for seats on a destinationless train and everyone is OK with it.

The current regional multiparty political system cannot bring development to Zambia. We need a well thought out governance system which will prioritize education, agriculture, technology, and all that matters to attain first world status over the current system that is all about elections!

Mpandashalo Evans Mwewa
Global Capstone Centre
For Leadership Development
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  1. Brics

    Your nice heading made me read even your shit, I thought you were talking sense, when you’re just one of them.

  2. Frank Chombela

    The writer reminds me of UNIP propagandists.

  3. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle masters

    We need change in zambia.We are tiered of this pf failures

  4. Daniel Banda

    That is fictitious thinking. Trump couldn’t have been wrong to liken us Africans to a one-way anatomical valve. We live on borrowed culture and systems which the owners can manipulate at will and leave us with no choice but to follow them begging. Just imagine someone wanting to be elected to the presidency by bringing $25b investment from America instead of talking about how they will maximally earn that amount from copper, gold and the oil still to be discovered. Sadly such is what the so called learned people around are cheering. Others want to maintain the external investment dependency from China. Zambians dig the copper and Zambians deliver the copper to China and elsewhere, it’s a one valve.

  5. Niabinghi

    Let’s not condition ourselves to opposing anything.I’v heard politians saying that democracy is expensive when defending the frequent occurances of by-elections.How much money has the govt. of Zambia spent on by-elections since 2016?Do we even caculate? Let’s not burry our heads in the sand and wait as the sandstorm is slowly engulfing our political,socio-economical, religious and cultural systems with mediocrity, mistrust corruption and phobia.The well-being of common citizens should be used as a barometre to measure the economy of a country in addition to using other indicators

  6. muddy

    Are you saying developed Nations use authoritative political systems? The problem that needs to be worked on is the enterpretation and application of law. This is what has led to our economic degradation.

  7. Mano M'mafupa

    Let’s wake up. We have reach at an extent of borrowing things that are already ours. Dou you think this will help us? NO. Wether in ruling or opposition Zambia it’s yours wake up before it’s too late. Please let’s choose on merits during the 2021 general elections for us to be safe.

  8. Hammer

    I have concluded that the author is one of the people paid by Kagame to uplift his image. If Rwandans are saying that Kagame is authoritarian. Moreover not any simple Rwandan but insiders of the regime. Who is Evans to dispute that . Kagame has been in power for 25 years and changed the constitution to be on power till 2034. How does the author think that this lifetime presidency will be achieved. It is amazing to compare Kagame to God and critics to Satan. We heard of politics of the belly now we are facing writings of the belly.

  9. Agogo

    Expressing rotten stuff in the name of democray! In a democracy you are able to hear all sorts of opinions.Even rotten ones. !!So , the writer has his version of what others call bad or wrong!😎

  10. Angoni

    I agree totally with the writer of the artical, i know that people of small minds will say nasty things about the author of this artical but they are many examples of countries that could sited in recent times that have grown fast economically using the authoritarian model. the democratic model. So if you want to grow fast economically the authoritarian model is a way that the democratic model, Some i wish a serious soldier should rule Zambia because there is too much democracy in Zambia even on things that are straight forward.

  11. *sileki@

    We need change we are tired of so called pf even muliyokela can do than pf

  12. Kubeja Badala

    The views of this author are not different from what is being parotted by pf .One pf surrogate in the name of Peter Chanda, so called president of a party has in the recent past been jumping from one radio station to another propagating that Zambia should not have elections but rather that opposition leaders come together to support the PF to remain in power. This chap us so passionate of the Bill 10, that he wants it to go through at all costs. Perhaps that is where this insane idea of no elections is hidden.

  13. Idiocy Detector

    Exactly how an idiot can display idiocy while thinking that he is not an idiot. Unless the idiot knows why Rwanda has become what it is today, he cannot made such idiotic comparison of local politicians.

  14. Sparta

    U Will Never Prosper In Life If U Continue Wt That Mindset Sir…Fuck Ur Comparisons Anyway

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