ConCourt Upholds Kang’ombe’s Election

The Constitutional Court has this morning upheld the election of Romeo Kangombe as member of parliament for Sesheke Constituency.

Mr. Kang’ombe was elected through a parliamentary by-election on February 5, 2019 but his closest contender, Dean Masule of the PF, petitioned the poll saying the election was not free and fair.

But High Court Judge Gertrude Chawatama, sitting in Livingstone last year, declared Mr. Kangombe duly elected.

Mr. Masule, however, still insisted that the election was not free and fair as it was marred by violence and character assassination and appealed the ruling of the High Court to the Constitutional Court.

Passing judgment on the appeal this morning, Constitutional Court Judge Martin Musaluke dismissed all the two grounds of appeal by Mr Masule and upheld the Mr. Kang’ombe’s election.

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  1. mr pound

    mr masule just wait for 2021 instead of organising urself you are busy petitioning

  2. Tupkay Theking

    In zambia ifya ma petition muleikalafye!!

  3. Uncle Marvin

    Mr Masule why embarrassing yourself like that? people of sesheke rejected you so loud & clear remember 5 wards weren’t even announced.

    • pfooolz

      Wow really, 5 wards were even not counted BT he is still crying 4 petition, so sad, & good news 4 kangombe indeed.

  4. THE GM

    Even if defeat is painful lets learn to respect the outcome,congratulate the winner & give support so that the nation can move forward.It amazes me to see bitterness of losers in Zambia.

  5. Davies

    Mr masule, being pf member it wo’nt help u you ar a looser.too march petitions pa zed avyakulola vye

    • 5x unfit for plot 1

      Mr.Masule don’t be like these ba kalusa who found of petitioning elections. There will always be winners and losers in a contest.

  6. Herv Rena

    Iwe ka Masule,stop crying.Kumuna amamina…Kikikiki


  7. Curtis

    Now if con court starts going this way then justice and fairness will be perceived to prevail.In addition Malawi c. court has set a precedent for their country.

  8. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Mr. Kang’ombe won that by-election. So let Mr Masule just wait for 2021. Thanks

  9. CHIZE

    Whether rerun or not you will loose again

  10. M snash

    Congratulations Mr kang’ombe

  11. Chilankalipa

    This is all they can do for a small fish in the pond while ignoring the hippo in the river. This is just cosmetic and adds no value to independence of the Judiciary. Go to Kenya and Malawi, you will come back with sense from your nonsense.

  12. Mr Man

    Ni forward chabe bafikala,🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

  13. Hh

    If upnd loose in chilubi at ni rigging, they petition and loose ati constitution court is for pf. So you want upnd to win everything? Cry babies always. Anyway, you will mourn and lament badly in 2021 because you always win on fb. Voters who are real are quite. Let the dogs burck.

  14. Sparta

    Bakamba Go Back To The Drawing Board And Rigg More Nxt Yr

  15. King

    If it was UPND petitioning u could say they just lost and demand the application to be thrown away but Today pf still crying for courts help,let your brother work u a one family you should not bring confusion in your family coz bill 10 politics and do as I say…kkkkkk pf bola Na yikosa!!

  16. Justo

    Just wait for 2021 and you are going to loose again because that sit is for upnd

  17. Musiwa mukubesa

    Mr masule time has gone just organise your team for 2021, even if how much you make petitions against our dully elected mp Romeo kangombe people of sesheke will not vote for you just accept the deafet.

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