More People Gassed As Police Zero In On Suspects

A family in Kasama survived gassing by unknown people who left behind offensive weapons in the hours of Saturday, and Copperbelt Police Commissioner, Charity Katanga confirmed that unknown people gassed two dormitories at Lufwanyama boarding school.

She said 17 pupils from the boarding school had been affected and were the District Hospital, where they were currently admitted.

Ms. Katanga said the police are investigating the incident. In the last few weeks, unknown people have gassed several households in Chingola on the Copperbelt.

A first year Copperbelt University student last week died from suffocation. After his parents’ home was gassed.

And in the case in Kasama, one of the victims, Ms. Alice Musonda said when she woke up to pray at midnight, on the fateful day, she felt dizzy and weak. She said the throat was also very dry, while the nose and the eyes were itching.

She said several attempts to get out of bed failed as she could not get the strength to stand up.

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  1. Ms lungu

    Do proper investigation you guys or else we’re finished.people have turned into wolves they are no longer human beings.

  2. Indoshi palupe

    Ba katanga you’ve failed your job mama

  3. Elias chirwa

    Oh! Its a shame to realize that the investigative wing has failed to man handle the spearheader of all this skirmish behavior which can lead to total havoc in our communities, innocent people are killed on a susciption of being ritual killers, our communities are moving on a boat of mistrust, and every man is at risk to die in the hands of the mob, coz the more these things goes on, the more fear and panic people become, and the eager to kill someone as an example to would be offender, who maybe an innocent person. is it one of the opposition party or foreign haters try to divide us by bringing confusion or has it been masterminded by the govt to keep us in fear and spend much of our time over analysising this useless issue so to forget about the economical issue and the rise in the price of mealie meal? Please Mr inspector do more to save our nation before we may end up killing ourselves!

  4. Mwenya

    Police are useless…


    what about those they arested,cant they torture the truth out of them

  6. Youth movement

    I just don’t understand the whole thing,from the police investigations to the gassing.please guys do something you’re paid to perform not to fail,we can not have so many cases but no clue.

  7. Davies

    This is satanism not 2 blame de governt or de opposition let us pray

  8. Enock salunoka

    My family was nearly killed the day before yesterday but we God’s internvetion they failed but even if the people try call on the police they respond after two or three hours later wchbis a total disgrace to the so called police unity


      Very Sad Br,GOD never sleep he will protect us

  9. CHIZE

    We saw that six were caught in Chingola how are investigations going?
    Can you fail to torture them so that the bigger bosses involved are arrested?
    Why is the investigation thing too slow?
    We need answers minister of home affairs
    Let the rule of law be exercised

    • julius kamau

      yes chize it is true why those six can’t menthoned they are bosses,police you leave us as mob we do our work, and give us those six so that we deal them,if you,you are failing to deal or handle cases of ritual killers why should we continue bring them to you,let the mob continue burning them ?

  10. Panganani Webster

    Ba police you have failed to work your task,to be honest,,,,, don’t you know how to read! Sue the company that are producing the same chemicals,,,,,,shows us the label of that gas battle.Torture them till say something i believe they will be name their Boses

    • Chifwani

      What is the gas called? Ba Katanga tabalelanda? Kale mwa KK criminal nga ba mwikata ale sokolola epo nyina atulila (Umushi). Lelo it is like they are treated with kid gloves. How long has this been going on. How many suspects do we have in Police custody? It could be something or it could be a hoax.

  11. Anthobalacho

    Tubomba nalesa not naba police

  12. Sparta

    Zp(zabwino Palibe )u guys are a disgrace to the defence wings in Zambia

  13. Munjunga Cynthia

    Iam sure the master of all these killings is among the known leaders.. hiding in sheep’s clothings…
    thats why they are failing to investigate.
    Lets just commit the Nation in God’s hands…The truth will come out

  14. Mbuluku Mbuluku

    Why why you Pipo please

  15. Andrew kayuwa

    We have vampires roaming our streets at night and every one of us is at a big risk. We are not going to allow this nonsense to continue. I suggest that the police should do a door to door clean up of each household and do a head count of people. Anything suspicious investigate and arrest.

  16. Dr Fonicks

    Men and women in uniform, this is the time to act. I concur with those who earlier said that suspects must be subjected to intensive torture. Am sure, if tortured nicely, any suspect can reveal the originator of this barbaric practice. Unless, may be there’s someone up there, who may want to cause panic in the country. For us citizens, we should collaborate with the police so that these devilish minded people be brought to book. The Police can perform much better if we give them information leading to the apprehension of these trouble shooters.

  17. Edwardo

    This issue is getting more complicated than most people thought. How powerful is the sponsor of these ritual killers or could this be the work of foreign countries or Rebels ? These people are very consistent and very organised. We need to work out this puzzle.

  18. Pat Rica

    We don’t care about the police. They fail to perform their duties kano fye kubalishamo awe mwandi zed police too corrupt!!

  19. Frank Chombela

    This is a despicable, abominable, deplorable act. What are the security agencies that cost us so much to maintain up to? In this country we take too much for granted. Look at urban growth. Can u really say govt is in control? Do we know the security challenges that come with no control how people are developing property? What about illegal vending and economic risks and health challenges that it poses? Where’s the long arm of the law?

  20. Kubweka

    I do not believe there is satanism or witchcraft involved in this gassing I think some people are using terror attacks so that the country can go on lockdown. These attacks just do not make sense.

  21. pp

    Comment Zambia whats going on kanshi…. we cant even sleep…. if its ndeke ndola copperbelt its massive of them… why cant the police find out were these pipo meet for there meetings sure….. God help us…. its nt things…. u say they are OP officers , policeman,commandos what are u guys doing abt this issue sure…. its just too much its getting out of hand. .

  22. Musenge

    This issue needs concerted efforts. Police alone cannot handle this. I believe these monisters are living amongst members of the communities. I suggest police senstise locals and provide some incentives to smoke these wolves out of hideouts

  23. Chanda

    Once there is lockdown, there will be state of emergency after that postponement of elections until sanity is retained. This the way it is going, it can spill into 2021. It will be a reason for anything including brutality.

  24. Joe kawimbe

    Mwebantu bakwanLesa, what is happening in our beloved motherland? During the days of Kenneth Kaunda, Zambians used to love each other like they were born from one mother. I have been living out of Zambia for over 25 years, and all I hear and read from Zambia is about people hating each other; being tribalistic, and now “gassing” each other! Has the devil taken over our country or what? God help us. What happened to “One land and One Nation is our cry….Dignity and peace ‘neath Zambia’s sky…”?

  25. Sydney Chungu

    My advice to the police don’t wait until you hear that they have gassed in Kasama then you run to Kasama and make patrols No, you can see it was Lufwanyama now Kasama meaning these criminals are Swift if not they’re everywhere, plz make a daily routine of patroling in every town not you conquer this battle.

  26. Sacb gtg

    Ba police be careful because you are not doing anything

  27. Nomba Pishamo

    The role of the army is to protect the citizens from INTERNAL and external aggression…. Kwena ba Army not just tuma Gala’s ah ah do something, who knows if these gasses contain casinogen (cancer causing matterials)? kailee they had and run…. Furthermore The Commander in Chief when it comes to Holidays u talk to us but look we are spending sleepless nights affecting productivity and u keep quiet? Come On

  28. milambo kanenen

    Zambian police is a piece of hell and the most useless thing that ever existed, i really wonder if these guys have been to school, failing to apply simple logic, idiots, fools and beasts…you think we are happy of what happened to our relatives, you will surely pay

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