Police In Mwinilunga Pick Up A Woman, 52, With Explosives, Unknown Chemicals And Drugs

Police in Mwinilunga have picked up a 52 year old woman of Zesco Compound for being in possession of four explosives, unknown chemicals and an assortment of drugs in her house.

The woman was picked yesterday during an operation conducted in the District by Police.

This was revealed when the Deputy Inspector General of Police In-Charge of Administration Eugene Sibote visited Mwinilunga and Ikelenge Districts to check on the Security situation.

Mr. Sibote said Police will not rest until perpetrators of crimes were brought to book and face the law.

“We will follow these criminal elements even to their bedrooms to ensure that they are dealt with decisively and face the full wrath of the law,” he warned.

He commended police officers for the good job done and encouraged them to work even harder and make sure that individuals who were bent on distabalising the peace and order of Mwinilunga and Ikelenge districts were nabbed.

Recently, one person in Ikelenge District died when a rocket propelled grenade exploded killing him instantly as he was trying to extract mercury from it.

The seized chemicals have been submitted to relevant institutions for analysis.

Mr. Sibote is in North-Western province to analyse the security situation after incidences of gassing were reported in the province.

Issued by the Police Public Relations Unit.



  1. Reubenk

    Job well done zambian police. Icalo nachi mena ameno people av become cruel and aggressive

  2. Reubenk

    Job well done zambian police. Icalo nachi mena ameno people av become cruel and aggressive

  3. julius kamau

    job well done zp,but as you have mentioned picture of that women, we need also to mentioned us photos of six ritual killers who where arrested in chingola and bottles of chemical are using,as you waken us up with this photo maybe the ritual killer is using mixture of exprosive chemical try to investigation from exprosive. makers .

  4. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Job well done ba Zambia Police!!! Make sure that you bring all the perpetrators to book. Thanks!

  5. Davies

    De one in possession with chemicals knows de use of it, let her explain to de nation, it may be an insect cide killer

  6. kascol

    ZANUT CHITENGE!! To old for such activities woman.

  7. treason

    The police in mwinilunga nabed 3 guys for protecting their homes,this happened when gasmen entered the area.



  9. Daniel Temwani Phiri Youth Educator

    Where was the police👮 when that woman acquired all that stuff? Candidly speaking, there’s weak enforcement of laws in this nation. We need to wake up😴⏰ now!!!

  10. milambo kanenen

    The Zambian police service is under the arm of corruption and crime, this is the end of this story. it will never be concluded till the second return of Jesus…but remember you are not the first ones in those positions ..time will tell

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