DSTV Legal Suit Takes Off in Lusaka High Court

Power Media Limited has been granted leave to commence court proceedings in South Africa in a matter it has sued DSTV Media Sales for payment of US$10 million for loss of business opportunities.

Power Media Limited and its chief executive officer Luckie Chiyowele have in this case sued DSTV Media Sales, a company that operated in Multichoice City 144 Bram Fischer Drive Randburg, Gauteng 2194, in the Lusaka High Court principal registry,.
Power Media is claiming US$10 million as damages for loss of business opportunities, US$2,000 as damages for defamation of character and reputational damage of Mr Chiyowele.
They are also claiming damages for breach of contract and payment of US$2 million for defamation of character and reputational damage of Mr Chiyowele and a US$15,000 which ITE is owed.
In a statement of claim filed in court, the plaintiffs are further claiming damages from DSTV Media Sales, a company incorporated in South Africa, for breach of contract, any other relief the court may deem fit and costs.

They stated that in April 2017, they introduced to the defendants a firm known as PROMASIDOR, who agreed to pay a sponsorship sum of US$50,000 to DSTV Media Sales to sponsor the Mnet’s Zambezi Magic aired talent show called “Dreams” and that PROMASIDOR ‘s adverts were to be flighted in the Dreams Show between November 2017 and March 2018.

The plaintiffs stated that the defendant failed to air the adverts “Dreams” for PROMASIDOR as per contract throughout the duration of the show without giving Power Media and their client PROMASIDOR an explanation.

“This made the plaintiff’s client PROMASIDOR to reduce the sponsorship of US$50,000 to US$35,000 but DStv Media Sales collected the full payment of US$50,000 after having been aware of the payment reduction by PROMASIDOR…DSTV Media Sales owes the 1st plaintiff US$15,000,” the statement of claim further read in part.

The plaintiffs have further stated that they were falsely and maliciously accused by the defendant in various meetings held with ROMASIDOR and Zamtel that Mr Chiwoyele was using sponsorship money for personal use and not the intended purpose.

The plaintiffs stated that the said words in their natural and ordinary meaning meant and were taken to mean that they were fraudulent and dishonest and were seriously injured by the said words and have suffered considerable stress.


  1. Hammer

    Did anyone understand anything about this law suit! Like if I am not reading English?

  2. SpartA

    i cant get the sense what the fuck is this law suit thing

  3. The Swordsman

    DStv is a pro-homosexual company for whom I feel no sympathy. I hope they lose this case.

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