MUZ Goes Ahead To Sign 7% Salary Increment For Workers, Despite It Being Rejected.

The Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ) and other unions have signed the 2020 collective agreement with Mopani Copper Mines at 7% despite the percentage being rejected by miners.

This follows a week of rejection, threats to pull out their membership by miners who expressed displeasure with the 7% salary increment and K500 cushion allowance.

MUZ President Joseph Chewe, Friday afternoon addressed mopani workers before proceeding to sign the collective agreement.

Speaking during the signing ceremony, Chewe said the unions were signing the collective agreement unhappy because workers had rejected the percentage.

He was however worried that the displeasure shown by workers could result in low production due to lack of motivation.

Chewe later appealed to Mopani Copper Mine Plc to relook into the new change of shifts which he said has hit miners who used to benefit from overtime pay.

Miners will now work 12 hour shifts of 4 days in a week from 8 hour shifts of 6 days in a week which came with overtime.

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  1. Steve

    Why sign that which your members have rejected

  2. Thomas mwanza

    Oh mopani Mine.why should you even sign if you clearly note that your workers are not agreeing with that.. okay we shall let our government headle the issue..

    • Cadinal


    • EyeseeyouEy

      Its a painfull fact that our government has no say on such issues…. Reasons nest known by them

  3. kings

  4. Razor

    You are even lucky to get that 7%. There are others like civil servants who have got nothing in these harsh economic times.

  5. L.C

    This is really unfair! Why do Africans fail to sympathies with their fellow blacks ? What is really wrong with us,no pity, empathy towards others. Now look at the money these union people are getting. Africans, let’s learn to exercise emphathy and equality on brothers !

  6. Eyeseeyou

    We are in trouble, i mean deep trouble. Whilst our government cares and would like to do the best for its people, its ten percent in this firm”if it still exists” renders them to have litle or no say to whatsoever the firm decides to do. To add lemons to the sour, the government might have taken colosal sums of dollars from the firm which can not be mentioned in kwachas by their nature of goliathness. So when it comes to propper increaments we might just have to forget about them. Another factor might be the unions. Why sign when you aint happy too? They have chunks of kwachas in there pockets and as long as they are satisfied, the suffering employees am afraid will remain unconsidered. Hypothetically .

  7. Curtis

    Unions please, whenever you go for negotiations, demand for a value of food basket as your minimum wage which is at K 6450.00

  8. Herv Rena

    Those still working consider yourselves very lucky.The unemployment rate is really high.If you know how many graduate s are on job lists you would even volunteer to work 24/7.Things aren’t okey no wonder employers are taking advantage. It is be slaved or unemployed!Govt stopped employing enmass long time ago .bucushi.

  9. Original Rock

    Fake unions how do you sign when your members have refused

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